We Animals

Autore: Jo-Anne McArthur
Editore: Lantern Books
ISBN: 1590565207
Grandezza: 13,58 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 6692
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Drawn from a thousand photos taken over fifteen years, We Animals illustrates and investigates animals in the human environment: whether they're being used for food, fashion and entertainment, or research, or are being rescued to spend their remaining years in sanctuaries. Award-winning photojournalist and animal advocate Jo-Anne McArthur provides a valuable lesson about our treatment of animals, makes animal industries visible and accountable, and widens our circle of compassion to include all sentient beings.

Into The Killer Sphere

Autore: Stefania Mattana
ISBN: 9781519087218
Grandezza: 14,16 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 7200
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What if a former British detective from Scotland Yard is called to solve a murder mystery in Italy? What if a domestic accident turns into a murder case? Mystery, conspiracy, drugs, family intrigues. Life is not easy in Tursenia. Chase Williams is looking forward to a solitary week off, away from the office, when he is dragged into a strange murder mystery by his friend, Inspector Angelo Alunni.Piero Galli has died as a result of a chandelier falling on him and breaking his neck. It looks like an accident, but Alunni is not convinced: so who killed Galli?Despite his plans for a vacation, Chase ends up in a detective story; he has to unravel the knots in a high ranking family of Tursenia, a Medieval city in the heart of Italy, where appearances always come first and foremost, especially if you are wealthy.As well as rough-necked youths, an interrupted wedding and a handful of noisy dogs, Chase has to cope with that Italian classic: meddling neighbours. This is a cozy mystery novella where attention to even the tiniest detail could make the difference between leaving a killer on the loose or bringing him or her to justice.Will Chase take down the assassin before there are more deaths?*** A Highly Rated Read Voted To The Following Positions on Goodreads: 1. 5 Stars Kindle Mysteries and Thrillers 2. Best Cozy Mysteries Under 3 Dollars 3. Favorite Fun Mysteries Find other Chase Williams detective stories on Amazon Kindle Store! From the same series: Pull The Trigger, a Chase Williams murder mystery #2Other Chase Williams's detective short stories:- Cutting Right To The Chase Vol.1, 6x1000k word stories of unusual crimes- Cutting Right To The Chase Vol.2, 10x1000k word stories of unusual crimes- Cutting Right To The Chase Vol.3, 10x1000k word stories of unusual crimes

The Branches Of Time

Autore: Luca Rossi
Editore: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781497438682
Grandezza: 39,72 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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The population of the island of Turios is mercilessly exterminated by the workings of black magic. Only Bashinoir, badly wounded, his wife Lil, and the Priestess Miril have survived. Determined to give their loved ones a worthy burial, the three soon discover that the corpses have disappeared. Their only hope for salvation now lies in the magical protection of the Temple, as sinister threats continue to pursue them. A shadow spreads over their hearts, dividing and destroying them, as their bodies appear to be fading away. Feeling increasingly isolated, Bashinoir watches as the two women grow closer... In the Kingdom of Isk, wizards and wisemen alike must bow down before the insatiable King Beanor, whose greed for power and war is matched only by his hunger for sex. A young woman he has chosen as his next bride does not, however, wish to surrender her freedom to love and live. Will games and tricks under the sheets turn the tide in a war that has lasted thousands of years?

For The Win

Autore: Cory Doctorow
Editore: Tor Teen
ISBN: 9781429989046
Grandezza: 65,48 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 2430
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In the virtual future, you must organize to survive At any hour of the day or night, millions of people around the globe are engrossed in multiplayer online games, questing and battling to win virtual "gold," jewels, and precious artifacts. Meanwhile, others seek to exploit this vast shadow economy, running electronic sweatshops in the world's poorest countries, where countless "gold farmers," bound to their work by abusive contracts and physical threats, harvest virtual treasure for their employers to sell to First World gamers who are willing to spend real money to skip straight to higher-level gameplay. Mala is a brilliant 15-year-old from rural India whose leadership skills in virtual combat have earned her the title of "General Robotwalla." In Shenzen, heart of China's industrial boom, Matthew is defying his former bosses to build his own successful gold-farming team. Leonard, who calls himself Wei-Dong, lives in Southern California, but spends his nights fighting virtual battles alongside his buddies in Asia, a world away. All of these young people, and more, will become entangled with the mysterious young woman called Big Sister Nor, who will use her experience, her knowledge of history, and her connections with real-world organizers to build them into a movement that can challenge the status quo. The ruthless forces arrayed against them are willing to use any means to protect their power—including blackmail, extortion, infiltration, violence, and even murder. To survive, Big Sister's people must out-think the system. This will lead them to devise a plan to crash the economy of every virtual world at once—a Ponzi scheme combined with a brilliant hack that ends up being the biggest, funnest game of all. Imbued with the same lively, subversive spirit and thrilling storytelling that made LITTLE BROTHER an international sensation, FOR THE WIN is a prophetic and inspiring call-to-arms for a new generation At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Donadieu S Will

Autore: Georges Simenon
Editore: Harcourt
Grandezza: 63,70 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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After the death of Oscar Donadieu, a wealthy shipbuilder and tyrannical patriarch, his family--oldest son Michel, wife, Eva, and daughter Martine--begins to disintegrate, a process enhanced by the arrival of ambitious, angry Phillipe Dargens

The Fbi Killer

Autore: Aphrodite Jones
Editore: Pinnacle Books
ISBN: 0786037369
Grandezza: 56,76 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 3415
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Dirt poor, divorced, the mother of two young children, Susan Daniels Smith, 27, prayed for a handsome Prince Charming who would take her away from the squalor of her rural Kentucky community to live in romance and luxury. When a good-looking, big city FBI agent named Mark Putnam entered her life, Susan thought her prayers had been answered. She was dead wrong. Their relationship began when Susan agreed to be Putnam's paid informant in an investigation of her ex-husband's criminal friends, then quickly grew into an illicit affair that consumed their lives for nearly two years – until she became pregnant and threatened to expose Putnam, ruining his career and his marriage. On June 8, 1989, Putnam took her for a drive into the hills to discuss her demands of marriage. She was never heard from again. The FBI Killer recounts the bizarre events that forced Mark Putnam to confess to brutally killing his lover, then covering up his crime for over one year. The first agent in FBI history to be convicted of homicide, Putnam is now serving sixteen years in a federal prison.

The Year Of Voting Dangerously

Autore: Maureen Dowd
Editore: Twelve
ISBN: 1455539244
Grandezza: 70,88 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 1227
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Maureen Dowd's incendiary takes and takedowns from 2016--the most bizarre, disruptive and divisive Presidential race in modern history. Trapped between two candidates with the highest recorded unfavorables, Americans are plunged into The Year of Voting Dangerously. In this perilous and shocking campaign season, The New York Times columnist traces the psychologies and pathologies in one of the nastiest and most significant battles of the sexes ever. Dowd has covered Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton since the '90s. She was with the real estate mogul when he shyly approached his first Presidential rope line in 1999, and she won a Pulitzer prize that same year for her penetrating columns on the Clinton impeachment follies. Like her bestsellers, Bushworld and Are Men Necessary?, THE YEAR OF VOTING DANGEROUSLY will feature Dowd's trademark cocktail of wry humor and acerbic analysis in dispatches from the political madhouse. If America is on the escalator to hell, then THE YEAR OF VOTING DANGEROUSLY is the perfect guide for this surreal, insane ride.