Autore: Joshua Williamson
ISBN: 9781534302181
Grandezza: 45,80 MB
Formato: PDF
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Born during a time of endless war, Rya will do anything to give her child a better future. Whether that's on Earth or back on Terrenos, she fights for that future alongside her new family. Even as they all stet to realize something's not right with Mikey... Collects BIRTHIGHT #21-25.

Liberty Meadows

Autore: Frank Cho
Editore: Image Comics
ISBN: 9781582409290
Grandezza: 48,12 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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See how it all began from the very beginning in this all-new hardcover collection of the first issues of Frank Cho's fan-favorite humor series! Collects Liberty Meadows #1-9.


Autore: Christopher Sebela
Editore: Image Comics
ISBN: 1534303545
Grandezza: 36,72 MB
Formato: PDF
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Detective Scott Graves will do anything to protect his family even bargain away his soul. Now, the only thing to fear isn't New York's worst criminals, but what's already raging inside of him. After all, what's the cost of your soul when it's already damaged? Created by ROBERT KIRKMAN, this vigilante answers to no man, only the demon within. Collects DEMONIC #1-6<

All Through The Night

Autore: Mary Higgins Clark
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0684865823
Grandezza: 20,34 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A desperate mother. Her missing child. A stolen chalice. With Silent Night, Mary Higgins Clark, America's own Queen of Suspense, gave her readers their best Christmas present ever. Now, with All Through the Night, she once again celebrates the Christmas season with a tale of suspense that will keep readers turning the pages -- all through the night. At the center of the novel are two of Mary Higgins Clark's most beloved characters, Alvirah, the lottery winner turned amateur sleuth, and her husband, Willy, both of them caught up in a Christmas mystery that calls on all of Alvirah's deductive powers, as well as Willy's world-class common sense. The story begins when a young unmarried woman leaves her newborn child on the rectory doorstep at a church on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. At the same moment, inside the church, a young man is stealing a treasured artifact, a chalice adorned with a single star-shaped diamond. Both the infant and the chalice disappear. Seven years later, a few weeks before Christmas, Alvirah and Willy are busy helping Willy's sister Cordelia, a nun who runs a thrift shop that doubles as an after-school shelter for neighborhood kids, prepare for the upcoming Christmas pageant. The future of the shelter is threatened, however, when the city condemns the building for that use, and it is further jeopardized when a nearby brownstone to which the shelter was to be moved turns out to have been willed to a young couple who were tenants in the building. Alvirah refuses to believe that the will is genuine and sets out to prove that the couple are con artists. Soon she is involved in the mystery of the chalice and the child. In All Through the Night, Mary Higgins Clark has fashioned a Christmas gift for all her readers.