A Companion To The Etruscans

Author: Sinclair Bell
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118352742
Size: 12,48 MB
Format: PDF
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This new collection presents a rich selection of innovative scholarship on the Etruscans, a vibrant, independent people whose distinct civilization flourished in central Italy for most of the first millennium BCE and whose artistic, social and cultural traditions helped shape the ancient Mediterranean, European, and Classical worlds. Includes contributions from an international cast of both established and emerging scholars Offers fresh perspectives on Etruscan art and culture, including analysis of the most up-to-date research and archaeological discoveries Reassesses and evaluates traditional topics like architecture, wall painting, ceramics, and sculpture as well as new ones such as textile archaeology, while also addressing themes that have yet to be thoroughly investigated in the scholarship, such as the obesus etruscus, the function and use of jewelry at different life stages, Greek and Roman topoi about the Etruscans, the Etruscans’ reception of ponderation, and more Counters the claim that the Etruscans were culturally inferior to the Greeks and Romans by emphasizing fields where the Etruscans were either technological or artistic pioneers and by reframing similarities in style and iconography as examples of Etruscan agency and reception rather than as a deficit of local creativity

Christian Muslim Relations A Bibliographical History Volume 9 Western And Southern Europe 1600 1700

Editor: BRILL
ISBN: 9004356398
Size: 19,27 MB
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Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History 9 (CMR 9) is a history of everything that was written on relations in the period 1600-1700 in Western and Southern Europe. Its detailed entries contain descriptions, assessments and comprehensive bibliographical details about individual works.

The Great Sea

Author: David Abulafia
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019971732X
Size: 11,15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Connecting Europe, Asia, and Africa, the Mediterranean Sea has been for millennia the place where religions, economies, and political systems met, clashed, influenced and absorbed one another. In this brilliant and expansive book, David Abulafia offers a fresh perspective by focusing on the sea itself: its practical importance for transport and sustenance; its dynamic role in the rise and fall of empires; and the remarkable cast of characters-sailors, merchants, migrants, pirates, pilgrims-who have crossed and re-crossed it. Ranging from prehistory to the 21st century, The Great Sea is above all a history of human interaction. Interweaving major political and naval developments with the ebb and flow of trade, Abulafia explores how commercial competition in the Mediterranean created both rivalries and partnerships, with merchants acting as intermediaries between cultures, trading goods that were as exotic on one side of the sea as they were commonplace on the other. He stresses the remarkable ability of Mediterranean cultures to uphold the civilizing ideal of convivencia, "living together." Now available in paperback, The Great Sea is the definitive account of perhaps the most vibrant theater of human interaction in history.

Schiavit Mediterranee Corsari Rinnegati E Santi Di Et Moderna

Author: Giovanna Fiume
Editor: Bruno Mondadori
ISBN: 886159560X
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Roma Citt Mediterranea

Author: Aa.Vv.
Editor: Gangemi Editore spa
ISBN: 8849262914
Size: 13,18 MB
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Quali sono i caratteri della mediterraneità che Roma esprime? In che modo si manifesta la struttura urbana del territorio romano? Quali sono le dinamiche in atto, le relazioni, le articolazioni di questa capitale euromediterranea? L'esigenza di spostare l'ottica con cui osservare le formazioni urbane contemporanee e l'opportunità di ri-descrivere la metropoli diffusa sono alcune delle premesse che presiedono a una ricerca su Roma Contemporanea intesa come possibile Città Mediterranea.

Bitter Lemons

Author: Lawrence Durrell
Size: 16,61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Lawrence Durrell's autobiographical story of growing tensions in Cyprus. Cyprus, 1953-1956, Lawrence Durrell, a UK ex-pat living in the country records his memoirs of a time when Turks and Greeks lived side-by-side in a beautiful and laid-back atmosphere. Written during the gradual uprising of Greek Cypriots who wanted union with Greece, Durrell's memories paint a poignant, picturesque and sad picture of the happy realities of a time that now seems hard to imagine, and draws contrasts between his images of a past society and the segregated situation of the country at present"--Publisher's description.

Tv Peaks

Author: Andreas Halskov
ISBN: 9788776749064
Size: 15,52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 997

In 1990, American television was in the midst of a transition, but the three major networks still dominated the American TV landscape: CBS, NBC, and ABC. CBS and NBC had a financial stronghold, and ABC was "languishing in last place." The crisis of ABC called for something new, for something that would break the mold and reposition the network. Executives like Robert Iger were willing to take a risk, even if network television was largely conservative, and the willingness to push the envelope made way for a new and edgier type of television drama. Meanwhile, producer and agent Tony Krantz had talked to David Lynch, the director of Eraserhead (1977) and Blue Velvet (1986), about going into television. This was the beginning of the show Twin Peaks (ABC, 1990-1991), a drama series which was created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, and which would come to push the boundaries of TV drama in many different ways. This book explores the last 25 years of American and Scandinavian television and argues that Twin Peaks was a game changer, pointing to a more transgressive, genre-bending, and serialized type of TV drama. Structural changes in the TV landscape were an important factor, as were the rise of new outlets, new media, and new modes of viewing. The way we watch TV has, indeed, changed during the last 25 years, but so has the way we view television, and, in this context, Twin Peaks has been a small but important factor. Based on interviews with numerous TV scholars, fans, and cast/crew members, TV Peaks investigates the recent changes in television, at a time when Twin Peaks might be coming back. *** "A wonderful account of Twin Peaks and its place in the history of television." -- Angelo Badalamenti, composer (Twin Peaks, Fire Walk with Me, Lost Highway, Mulholland Dr.) *** "For anyone interested in Twin Peaks, the history of television, and how a band of artists came to the Pacific Northwest in the fall of 1989 and changed that history, Andreas Halskov's new book, TV Peaks: Twin Peaks and Modern Television Drama, will be a must-read." -- Wendy Robie, actor (Nadine Hurley in Twin Peaks) *** "Once upon a time, television was an insular, geographically-bound medium. Then, as TV increased exponentially in quality, many of its greatest series jumped borders and became international phenomena. David Lynch and Mark Frost's Twin Peaks was one of the first to obsess the world. Now Denmark's Andreas Halskov has turned his fascination with Lynch and Twin Peaks into an extraordinary book, one that not only sets the scene for the cultural and industry context that produced Peaks but the endless intricacies of the series itself. With Peaks now likely to return to TV after a twenty five year hiatus, Halskov's sustained visit to our favorite TV town will yield dividends for old and new viewers all over the world for many years to come." -- David Lavery, editor of Full of Secrets: Critical Approaches to Twin Peaks (1995) and co-editor of Twin Peaks in the Rearview Mirror (2012) *** "Andreas Halskov has written a thoughtfully analytic look at how the seminal television series Twin Peaks contributed to the paradigm shift in televised storytelling. He presents a well-supported argument for the show's game-changing position, which led to future breakthrough shows. A must read for fans and students of the medium." -- Paul Trejo, editor (Twin Peaks and Black Sails) (Series: University of Southern Denmark Studies in Art History - Vol. 9) [Subject: Television, Media Studies, Popular Culture]

Vertical Readings In Dante S Comedy

Author: George Corbett
Editor: Open Book Publishers
ISBN: 1783742569
Size: 16,42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This collection – to be issued in three volumes – offers an unprecedented repertoire of vertical readings for the whole poem. As the first volume exemplifies, vertical reading not only articulates unexamined connections between the three canticles but also unlocks engaging new ways to enter into core concerns of the poem. The three volumes thereby provide an indispensable resource for scholars, students and enthusiasts of Dante. The volume has its origin in a series of thirty-three public lectures held in Trinity College, the University of Cambridge (2012-2016) which can be accessed at the Cambridge Vertical Readings in Dante’s Comedy website.

Press And Public

Author: Leo Bogart
Editor: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780805804317
Size: 18,24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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First published in 1989. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Total Engagement

Author: Byron Reeves
Editor: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 9781422155134
Size: 16,74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 224

Can the workplace be more productive by including avatars, three-dimensional environments, and participant-driven outcomes? This grounded and thought-provoking book by Byron Reeves and Leighton Read proves that it is not only possible, it is inevitable. Implementing components of multiplayer computer games in the workplace will address a host of age-old problems. Games can not only stem boredom and decrease turnover, but also enhancee collaboration and encourage creative leadership. Games require extraordinary teamwork, elaborate data analysis and strategy, recruitment and retention of top players, and quick decision making. Recreating some elements of games - such as positioning tasks within stories, creating internal economies, and implementing participant-driven communication systems - can not only boost employee engagement but overall productivity. Of course, the strong psychological power of games can have both positive and negative consequences for the workplace. That's why it's important to put them into practice correctly from the beginning - and Reeves and Read explain how by showing which good design principles are a powerful antidote to the addictive and stress-inducing potential of games. Supported by specific case studies and years of research, Total Engagement will completely change the way you view both work and play.