A Guide To Hindu Spirituality

Autore: Arvind Sharma
Editore: World Wisdom, Inc
ISBN: 9781933316178
Grandezza: 55,34 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 1388
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"Renowned scholar of Hinduism, Arvind Sharma, presents a concise and highly accessible introduction to the essence of Hindu spirituality which includes 13 black-and-white illustrations. His study begins with an outline of the major schools of Hinduism and then investigates key philosophical topics and spiritual methods. A useful Appendix provides the reader with a more in-depth explanation of Hindu doctrines."--BOOK JACKET.

The Complete Idiot S Guide To Hinduism 2nd Edition

Autore: Linda Johnsen
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 1101052570
Grandezza: 73,14 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 977
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A new look at an ancient religion. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Hinduism, Second Edition, contains updated and expanded information on how the religion developed from its very fragmented origins, the basic Hindu beliefs, and the multiple Hindu deities, as well as the sociological aspects of the religion including ethics, sacraments, dietary habits, the caste system, and much more. ? Hinduism is the third-largest religion in the world, with over 765 million followers worldwide ? Updated information on the state of Hinduism today ? An exploration of the Hindu paths to enlightenment including karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga, tantra and laya yoga ? Expanded information on the Hindu Reformation

Spirituality A Guide For The Perplexed

Autore: Philip Sheldrake
Editore: A&C Black
ISBN: 1441187219
Grandezza: 29,31 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 7136
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'Spirituality' is a word that is used increasingly these days yet it is often ill-defined. What exactly is spirituality? Is it distinct from religion and can we separate it from beliefs and traditions? Does spirituality mainly focus on spiritual experiences and practices or is it something more? This book suggests that, while there may be common features in the use of the word, 'spirituality' is not a single reality. Different 'spiritualities' reflect particular religious or philosophical viewpoints, as well as the cultural contexts in which they arise and develop. Spirituality: A Guide for the Perplexed provides students and general readers with a reliable and comprehensive guide to 'spirituality' as an area of study, religiously, historically, philosophically and in the social sciences. It explores the tools that are used to study the subject and to interpret spiritual classics (whether these are written texts or other forms such as art) from different times and cultures. Attention is paid to spirituality in a variety of religious and non-religious forms in their own terms and comparatively. However, for the sake of simplicity greatest attention is given to the study of spirituality within a religious perspective with illustrations drawn from texts, personalities and themes associated with five major world religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. The book concludes with an exploration of spirituality in contemporary perspective - in particular how spirituality is currently employed in areas such as health-care, education and business among other examples.

A Walk With Four Spiritual Guides

Autore: Andrew Harvey
Editore: SkyLight Paths Publishing
ISBN: 1594731381
Grandezza: 67,89 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 7255
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A Walk with Four Spiritual Guides is Andrew Harvey's very personal introduction to Krishna's lessons on the immortality of the soul, Buddha's description of the fundamental role of mental conditioning in making us who we are, Jesus' portrayal of the Kingdom of God as a present fact about the world, and Ramakrishna's teachings on the truth of all religions. Enhanced with accessible translations of each guide's essential teachings and facing pages of guided commentary from experts, Harvey offers his own experiences of learning from their wisdom and gives you deeper insight into their message for today.

Introduction To Hindu Dharma

Autore: Michael Oren Fitzgerald
Editore: World Wisdom, Inc
ISBN: 1933316489
Grandezza: 24,72 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 2297
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"Introduction to Hindu Dharma consists of selections from the more than 4,000 discourses of Kanchi Sankaracharya (1894-1994). It covers the topics of prayer and virtue, metaphysical truth, and the conflict between traditional Hindu dharma and modernity. A sage in the Sankara tradition, the Jagadguru was one of the most beloved and honored spiritual figures of the twentieth century in India and much of Asia and Europe. This book has the distinction of introducing both the sage and his spiritual legacy to the Western world in the form of an irreplaceable introduction to Hinduism."--BOOK JACKET.

The Four Yogas

Autore: Swami Adiswarananda
Editore: SkyLight Paths Publishing
ISBN: 1594731438
Grandezza: 51,80 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 1999
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An accessible and comprehensive guide to the message and practice of each of the four Yogas as well as philosophy and psychology, preparatory practices, common obstacles and ways to overcome them as you seek to realize the goal of Self-knowledge.

Divining The Body

Autore: Jan Phillips
Editore: SkyLight Paths Publishing
ISBN: 1594730806
Grandezza: 46,79 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 6840
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Award-winning author Jan Phillips offers a joyful and liberating alternative to the degrading, socially constructed views of the body held by most of us today. She takes the reader on an energizing pilgrimage of their own bodies, exploring each part as a portal through which vital, creative, divine energy is received and released. This book fosters self-love, spiritual empowerment, and social consciousness by allowing readers to see their bodies as channels for expressing the Divine. Divining the Body leads readers into a milieu of reverence, mystery, and delight, helping them discover a redeemed sense of self. Readers will learn to trade self-defeating thoughts and behaviors for actions that are healing for themselves and others.

Sacred Attention

Autore: Margaret D. McGee
Editore: SkyLight Paths Publishing
ISBN: 1594732914
Grandezza: 41,70 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 671
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Just One Moment of Close Attention Can Be a Prayer to God "Does God communicate through the natural world? Through the slug on the compost pile, the leaf on the lawn, the stone tumbled on the beach, the air that feeds my lungs, the dreams that fill my nights? How will I know unless I pay attention?" from the Introduction Paying attention is rarely easy to do. It requires focus, patience and a willingness to slow down traits that are hard to come by in this hurry-up world. But close attention to even one small piece of creation, one object, person, routine, image, word or scripture, can become a prayer to God, opening a channel of communication between you and the Divine to allow for deep spiritual growth. In this inspiring guide, you will discover ways to develop a practice of attention as a means of talking and listening to God. Framed on the Christian liturgical year and paired with images of the seasons of the earth, each chapter includes an insightful and poignant narrative which illustrates the surprising richness to be found in every attention-getting moment. Following each narrative is a prayer, suggested scripture readings and a specific exercise you can use to develop your own practice of attention as a means to better connect with God. Accessible, humorous and meaningful, these words and practices will lead you further along your path toward discovering a deeper awareness of yourself and your relationship to all that is around you and within you."

Finding Grace At The Center

Autore: M. Basil Pennington
Editore: SkyLight Paths Publishing
ISBN: 1594731829
Grandezza: 52,98 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 6618
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Introduces the practice of silent prayer and offers both a practical guide to beginning the meditative process and a vision of the deeper life of the soul that centering prayer can bring about.

Secrets Of Prayer

Autore: Nancy Corcoran
Editore: SkyLight Paths Publishing
ISBN: 1594732159
Grandezza: 59,88 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 2296
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Equips believers with the tools they need to speak directly to God in prayer, without relying on traditional written prayers or formulas, encouraging them to engage in various forms of prayer involving the spirit and the physical body. Original.