Materiality Techniques And Society In Pottery Production

Author: Daniel Albero Santacreu
Editor: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110410206
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Daniel Albero Santacreu presents a wide overview of certain aspects of the pottery analysis that can be obtained through archaeometric approaches along with the theoretical concepts and a deep contextual analysis. The book provides an adequate framework for understanding the way pottery production is organised and clarifies the meaning and role of the pottery in archaeological and traditional societies.

The Survivor

Author: Felipe Albero Gomez
Editor: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 1785385089
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This is the incredible account of Felipe Albero Gomez, who fought for both sides in the Spanish Civil War. When it ended, he was placed on a troop train, given a new blue uniform and told he would be fighting for General Franco's friend, Mr Adolf Hitler. Upon arrival at the German border he was told to alight and the next stage of his journey would be on foot. He would be walking 1500 kilometres to the Russia front, just in time for winter. At ninety seven years of age Felipe has decided to tell his personal story of survival.

30 Sonatas For Harpsichord

Author: Sebasti‡n de Albero
ISBN: 1329660285
Size: 11,50 MB
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The 30 Sonatas of Sebastian de Albero (1722-1756), who worked for the Spanish court in Madrid along with Italian-born Domenico Scarlatti and fellow-Spaniard Antonio Soler, is a remarkable contribution to the vital Iberian keyboard literature of the 18th century. Lively, colorful, melancholy - with the Spanish-style harmonic and melodic inflections, irregular phrases, dissonances, and ingenious modulations characteristic of the best work of his contemporaries - Albero's 30 Sonatas displays his distinctive personality. While enriching the repertoire of pianists and harpsichordists, Albero's work affords new insights into the vivid and expressive music of the Iberian keyboard tradition, as well as many hours of delightful music for performance and practice. The 30 Sonatas are newly edited from the manuscript source, clearly typeset and formatted for optimal page turns, and prefaced with a biographical and editorial introduction.

Tesoro Della Lingua Greca Volgare Ed Italiana

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Barefoot On The Himalayas

Author: G. Albero
Editor: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781503108301
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Barefoot On The Himalayas is autobiographical, edited and proofread only by the author, i.e. myself, and may any goddess strike me dead anytime, if all that I wrote in the novel is not the truth and nothing but the truth. Wanting to make a clear break from the past, I move out of the house I have been renting in South Anjuna for the previous nine years and with all my possession slashed to what can fit into a medium size travel bag, I turn into some sort of wandering religious mystic, moving throughout India in search of real peace and solace without finding either one in any of the ashrams and temples I visit. The holy wandering spell comes to an end a little over a year later, around the middle of January 2001. I am at the Mahakumbamela in Allahabad and here the serious doubts I have been nurturing about what I am doing become preponderant. In October of the same year I end up in the Kullu sub-jail in Himachal Pradesh charged with the illegal possession of cannabis resin. Seven months go by in the company of more or less serious criminals before I am released, and three more before the police give me back my passport and order me to leave the country within fifteen days. Unable to fly to Europe because I hardly have any money left, I decide to go Nepal. The last time I was in the once fabulous destination of the hippies was twenty five years earlier and the changes I see in Kathmandu are abominably depressing. Months go by before I manage to sort out a way to get on a flight back to Europe, and towards the end of April 2003 I land in Rome. One whole year passes while, moving between Amsterdam, Innsbruck, and Barcelona, I look for a way to make some relevant amount of money that will allow me to fly back to the East. It gets to be February 2004 when finally I do, landing a job in a tourist information office on Dam Square in Amsterdam, and six months later, by the end of August, I am ready to go back East, but this time as my old self again. ..."Because, you know," he says, "God is a big man. A very big man." Now, this is a chance to nail a fanatic Muslim that I am not going to miss. Staring down at him with a reproachful expression, as if I were the All-mighty Himself doing it from up in the deep blue sky, I tell him, "God is not a man." His reaction is very funny and I quite enjoy it. Realizing, all of a sudden, that he has made a blasphemous statement, and that I am not just another stupid kefir, he becomes very scared. "Yes, yes," he says in a hurry. "Yes, of course, God is not a man." He looks very distraught. "I must go now," he adds. "Excuse me, but I must go back to work." And walks away. I watch him while he retreats, feeling a bit mean for having caused the poor man so much anguish. After all, his intentions were good. Although, as it is said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions... ...While we smoked, Fluffon said, in a particularly over-enthusiastic way, "What I would like you to do is go around India to interview holy men and gurus. You'll have a crew, of course, a cameraman, a sound technician, and whoever else is needed, plus all the latest equipment. And you will be traveling first class and staying in the best hotels." And that was the moment I started wondering if I'd done the right things accepting Fluffon's offer. "Hu, yes," I said, "that sounds great." Evidently, Fluffon had picked up the Indian predilection for hyperbolic fantasies. "I want to call the TV station Get Up TV, you know, because people need to wake up." I knew that Fluffon was a rich kid, but I hadn't realized he was that kind of a rich kid. You know, the one who believes he's on a mission...

Albero Genealogico

Author: Piero Bianconi
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La Mantide Sull Albero

ISBN: 1447719271
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Il Test Del Disegno Dell Albero

Author: Leonardo Roberti
Editor: FrancoAngeli
ISBN: 8891756350
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A Warrior Bishop Of The Twelfth Century

Author: Balderich (of Florennes)
Editor: PIMS
ISBN: 9780888442949
Size: 18,22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This translation of the Gesta Alberonis provides an exciting record of a remarkable prelate and of the tumultuous age in which he lived.

Aurora E L Albero Del Sorriso

Author: Susy Infanti
Editor: Youcanprint Self-Publishing
ISBN: 9788891198358
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Format: PDF, Mobi
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Aurora, fata bambina protegge gli abitanti del suo regno con l'amore, la strega Civetta malvagia vuole conquistare il regno delle stelle. Il mostro fangoso inganna Aurora. Solo l'albero del sorriso potrà cambiare il suo destino. Età di lettura: da 5 anni.