La Profezia Del Paladino

Author: Mark Frost
Editor: Fanucci Editore
ISBN: 8834724178
Size: 11,86 MB
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NON ATTIRARE L’ATTENZIONE. NON CONFONDERE LA FORTUNA CON UN BUON PIANO. NON COMINCIARE MAI UN COMBATTIMENTO SE NON PUOI PORTARLO A TERMINE. IN FRETTA. Queste sono solo alcune delle regole che Will West ha imparato a seguire. Perciò ha sempre fatto di tutto per passare quasi inosservato, proprio come gli hanno insegnato i suoi genitori. Ma una mattina si sveglia con la sensazione che stia per succedere qualcosa. Durante la sua consueta corsa mattutina, si accorge di essere seguito da una berlina nera con vetri oscurati e uomini vestiti di nero: spaventato, corre talmente veloce da seminare l’auto superando ogni suo record. Arrivato a scuola, Will scopre con sorpresa di aver ottenuto uno stupefacente risultato a un esame e di essere stato reclutato da una scuola più che esclusiva, quasi segreta, il Centro di apprendimento integrato. Da quel momento la vita di Will non sarà più la stessa: una serie di eventi e rivelazioni lo condurranno nel bel mezzo di una lotta millenaria tra forze titaniche, e a quel punto sarà molto difficile rimanere fuori dalla mischia...


Author: Mark Frost
Editor: Ember
ISBN: 037587108X
Size: 12,20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Readers of I Am Number Four, The Maze Runner, and Legend will love this exciting new adventure series by the co-creator of the groundbreaking television show Twin Peaks, with its unique combination of mystery, heart-pounding action, and the supernatural. Will West is a student of the Center—a school for an elite group of students. After exposing a sinister underground society of students known as the Knights of Charlemagne, Will discovers that he is developing supernatural physical and mental abilities. As he explores his new powers, he and his roommates investigate the Knights' shadowy purpose and soon uncover a plot that could destroy life as we know it. The newly formed alliance will have to separate friend from foe as they prepare for the biggest fight of their lives. From the Hardcover edition.

Postmodernism And The Holocaust

Author: Alan Milchman
Editor: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042005914
Size: 12,99 MB
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This book is the first sustained inquiry into the ways in which postmodern thinkers have grappled with the historical bases, implications, and methodological problems of the Holocaust. The book examines the thinking of Arendt, Levinas, Foucault, Lyotard, and Derrida, all of whom have recognized the centrality of the Nazi genocide to the epoch in which we live. The essays written for this volume constitute a wide-ranging study of the efforts of postmodernism to articulate the Holocaust.

Hope Or Hype

Author: Richard A. Deyo
Editor: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn
ISBN: 9780814428597
Size: 16,39 MB
Format: PDF
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Annotation Medical science has always promised -- and often delivered -- a longer, better life. But as the pace of science accelerates, do our expectations become unreasonable, fueled by an industry bent on profits and a media desperate for big news?Hope or Hype is a taboo-shattering look at what drives the American obsession with medical "miracles," exposing the equipment manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies; doctors and hospitals too quick to order surgery; the politicians; the press; and our own "technoconsumption" mindset. The authors spread blame for the parade of so-called miracle cures that too often are marginally effective at best -- and sometimes downright dangerous. They examine consumers? eager embrace of medical advances, and present riveting stories of the conscientious doctors and researchers who blew the whistle on ineffective treatments. Finally, they provide sane, practical recommendations for the adoption of new developments. The consequences of questionable practices include costly recalls, billions in wasted money, and the pain and suffering of innumerable patients and their families. In short, they must stop.

Dragmalogia Johannis De Ravenna De Eligibili Vite Genere

Author: Giovanni (Conversini)
Editor: Bucknell University Press
ISBN: 9780838718971
Size: 17,42 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This volume provides an insight into the intellectual concerns and social thought of a great Paduan humanist. This is the first complete scholarly edition of the major work of Giovanni di Coversino da Ravenna, statesman and successor to Petrarch and Boccaccio, who lived from 1343 to 1408.

Fire In The Heart

Author: Deepak Chopra
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439108031
Size: 11,32 MB
Format: PDF
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A fifteen-year-old boy is walking through a swirling fog on his way to school when a voice calls out, "Come here. We need to talk." Out of the mist emerges an old man with a white beard. He is a fantastic figure, as wizardly as Merlin, as wise as Socrates, as peaceful as Buddha. Whoever he is, the old man has appeared on that very day to change the boy's life. "You are old enough to learn about things," he says mysteriously. "And who is going to teach you but me?" The old man gives the boy four days of "soul training," a time of riddles, tricks, parables, and incredible twists that brings out surprising answers to each of four burning questions about spirituality: Do I have a soul? How do wishes come true? What is the supreme force in the universe? How can I change the world? "The old man with the white beard showed me the spiritual side of life," writes Deepak Chopra, "where real passion and excitement come from. So before you begin, take a deep breath. This story could turn out to be yours."

In Search Of Stability

Author: Charles S. Maier
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521346986
Size: 14,27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In Search of Stability: Explorations in Historical Political Economy ponders the issue of how Western industrial societies overcame major challenges to political and economic stability in the twentieth century. Successive essays ask: what ideological messages did American influence transmit to Europe after World War I, then again after World War II? Did Nazis and Italian fascists share an economic ideology or impose a unique economic system in the interwar period and during World War II? How do their accomplishments stack up comparatively against those of the liberal democracies? After 1945, what was the relationship between concepts of productivity and class division? How have the major experiences of twentieth-century inflation arisen out of class and interest-group rivalry? Most generally, what has been the representation of interests in capitalist political economies?

Sainthood In The Later Middle Ages

Author: Andri Vauchez
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521619813
Size: 11,97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This is a standard work of reference for the study of the religious history of western Christianity in the later middle ages which, since its original publication in French in 1981, has come to be regarded as one of the great contributions to medieval studies of recent times. Hagiographical texts and reports of the processes of canonisation - a mode of investigation into saints' lives and their miracles implemented by the popes from the end of the twelfth century - are here used for the first time as major source materials. The book illuminates the main features of the medieval religious mind, and highlights the popes' attempts to gain firmer control over the wide variety of expressions of faith towards the saints in order to promote a higher pattern of devotion and moral behaviour among Christians.

Medieval And Renaissance Lactations

Author: Jutta Gisela Sperling
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317098110
Size: 17,38 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The premise of this volume is that the ubiquity of lactation imagery in early modern visual culture and the discourse on breastfeeding in humanist, religious, medical, and literary writings is a distinct cultural phenomenon that deserves systematic study. Chapters by art historians, social and legal historians, historians of science, and literary scholars explore some of the ambiguities and contradictions surrounding the issue, and point to the need for further study, in particular in the realm of lactation imagery in the visual arts. This volume builds on existing scholarship on representations of the breast, the iconography of the Madonna Lactans, allegories of abundance, nature, and charity, women mystics' food-centered practices of devotion, the ubiquitous practice of wet-nursing, and medical theories of conception. It is informed by studies on queer kinship in early modern Europe, notions of sacred eroticism in pre-tridentine Catholicism, feminist investigations of breastfeeding as a sexual practice, and by anthropological and historical scholarship on milk exchange and ritual kinship in ancient Mediterranean and medieval Islamic societies. Proposing a variety of different methods and analytical frameworks within which to consider instances of lactation imagery, breastfeeding practices, and their textual references, this volume also offers tools to support further research on the topic.