Author: Thomas Grüner
Editor: Bergverlag Rother GmbH
ISBN: 3763361006
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Vom stolzen, bis zu 250 Kilo schweren Rothirsch über das seltene Alpenschneehuhn bis zur schillernden Torf-Mosaikjungfer: Wer mit offenen Augen in den Alpen unterwegs ist, begegnet einer faszinierenden Tierwelt. Der Rother Naturführer »Alpentiere« ist ein Bestimmungsbuch für unterwegs. Über 240 bekannte und weniger bekannte Arten werden durch genaue Beschreibungen und erstklassige Fotos mit markierten Merkmalen vorgestellt. In den weitgehend unzugänglichen Bergen mit ihrem rauen Klima finden viele Tiere einen ungestörten Lebensraum, wie er im zersiedelten Flachland so nicht mehr zur Verfügung steht. So konnte sich im Alpenraum eine erstaunliche Biodiversität erhalten. In diesem Bestimmungsbuch werden Säugetiere, Vögel, Reptilien, Amphibien, Fische und Insekten präsentiert. Den größten Raum nehmen die Vögel ein. Sie sind leicht zu beobachten und faszinieren mit ihrem mühelosen Flug. Jeweils drei Merkmale oder Verhaltensweisen, die für die jeweilige Tierart typisch sind, werden besonders hervorgehoben. Sie sind, soweit sichtbar, in den Fotos markiert – eine hervorragende Hilfe bei der Identifizierung. Die Beschreibung der äußeren Merkmale, von Lebensweise, Lebensraum und Verbreitung liefert genauere Hinweise. Die Abgrenzung von ähnlich aussehenden Arten macht eine Verwechslung unmöglich. Beim Betrachten der Bildtafeln wird Begeisterung für die Vielfalt der Alpenfauna geweckt. Und wer noch tiefer in das Thema einsteigen möchte, findet im Literaturverzeichnis zahlreiche Hinweise auf weiterführende Fachliteratur.

Charged Particles In Oncology

Author: Marco Durante
Editor: Frontiers Media SA
ISBN: 288945391X
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High-energy charged particles represent a cutting-edge technique in radiation oncology. Protons and carbon ions are used in several centers all over the world for the treatment of different solid tumors. Typical indications are ocular malignancies, tumors of the base of the skull, hepatocellular carcinomas and various sarcomas. The physical characteristics of the charged particles (Bragg peak) allow sparing of much more normal tissues than it is possible using conventional X-rays, and for this reason all pediatric tumors are considered eligible for protontherapy. Ions heavier than protons also display special radiobiological characteristics, which make them effective against radioresistant and hypoxic tumors. On the other hand, protons and ions with high charge (Z) and energy (HZE particles) represent a major risk for human space exploration. The main late effect of radiation exposure is cancer induction, and at the moment the dose limits for astronauts are based on cancer mortality risk. The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) measured the dose on the route to Mars and on the planet’s surface, suggesting that a human exploration missions will exceed the radiation risk limits. Notwithstanding many studies on carcinogenesis induced by protons and heavy ions, the risk uncertainty remains very high. In this research topic we aim at gathering the experiences and opinions of scientists dealing with high-energy charged particles either for cancer treatment or for space radiation protection. Clinical results with protons and heavy ions, as well as research in medical physics and pre-clinical radiobiology are reported. In addition, ground-based and spaceflight studies on the effects of space radiation are included in this book. Particularly relevant for space studies are the clinical results on normal tissue complications and second cancers. The eBook nicely demonstrates that particle therapy in oncology and protection of astronauts from space radiation share many common topics, and can learn from each other.

Solid Electrolytes

Author: Paul Hagenmuller
Editor: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483191656
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Solid Electrolytes: General Principles, Characterization, Materials, Applications presents specific theories and experimental methods in the field of superionic conductors. It discusses that high ionic conductivity in solids requires specific structural and energetic conditions. It addresses the problems involved in the study and use of solid electrolytes. Some of the topics covered in the book are the introduction to the theory of solid electrolytes; macroscopic evidence for liquid nature; structural models; kinetic models; crystal structures and fast ionic conduction; interstitial motion in body-centered cubic structures; and materials with the fluorite and antifluorite structures. The diffraction studies of superionic conductors are covered. The significance of defects and disorder to ionic conductivity are discussed. The text describes the transport mechanisms and lattice defects. A study of the diffusion and ionic conductivity equations is presented. A chapter is devoted to the quasi-elastic neutron scattering. Another section focuses on the complex conductivity in the microwave range. The book can provide useful information to scientists, physicists, students, and researchers.

International Catalogue Of Scientific Literature

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World Cheese Book

Author: Juliet Harbutt
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 146544372X
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The finest selection: Tasting notes - Over 750 cheeses - How to enjoy The most comprehensive guide to cheese. Discover the flavor profile, shape, and texture of every cheese. World Cheese Book is for the adventurous cheese lover. It takes you on a tour of the finest cheese-producing countries in the world, revealing local traditions and artisanal processes. Images of each cheese (inside and out), step-by-step techniques that show how to make cheese, and complimentary food and wine pairings make this a truly exhaustive, at-a-glance reference.

New York S Fabulous Luxury Apartments

Author: Andrew Alpern
Editor: Dover Pubns
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Magnificently illustrated directory of 70 of Manhattan's most splendid addresses, with history, commentary, floor plans, more. 221 photographs and drawings.

Artisan Cheese Making At Home

Author: Mary Karlin
Editor: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 1607740443
Size: 18,94 MB
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Just a century ago, cheese was still a relatively regional and European phenomenon, and cheese making techniques were limited by climate, geography, and equipment. But modern technology along with the recent artisanal renaissance has opened up the diverse, time-honored, and dynamic world of cheese to enthusiasts willing to take its humble fundamentals—milk, starters, coagulants, and salt—and transform them into complex edibles. Artisan Cheese Making at Home is the most ambitious and comprehensive guide to home cheese making, filled with easy-to-follow instructions for making mouthwatering cheese and dairy items. Renowned cooking instructor Mary Karlin has spent years working alongside the country’s most passionate artisan cheese producers—cooking, creating, and learning the nuances of their trade. She presents her findings in this lavishly illustrated guide, which features more than eighty recipes for a diverse range of cheeses: from quick and satisfying Mascarpone and Queso Blanco to cultured products like Crème Fraîche and Yogurt to flavorful selections like Saffron-Infused Manchego, Irish-Style Cheddar, and Bloomy Blue Log Chèvre. Artisan Cheese Making at Home begins with a primer covering milks, starters, cultures, natural coagulants, and bacteria—everything the beginner needs to get started. The heart of the book is a master class in home cheese making: building basic skills with fresh cheeses like ricotta and working up to developing and aging complex mold-ripened cheeses. Also covered are techniques and equipment, including drying, pressing, and brining, as well as molds and ripening boxes. Last but not least, there is a full chapter on cooking with cheese that includes more than twenty globally-influenced recipes featuring the finished cheeses, such as Goat Cheese and Chive Fallen Soufflés with Herb-Citrus Vinaigrette and Blue Cheese, Bacon, and Pear Galette. Offering an approachable exploration of the alchemy of this extraordinary food, Artisan Cheese Making at Home proves that hand-crafting cheese is not only achievable, but also a fascinating and rewarding process. From the Hardcover edition.

The Julian Alps Of Slovenia

Author: Justi Carey
Editor: Cicerone Press Limited
ISBN: 178362194X
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This guidebook contains 58 walking routes which explore the best of the Julian Alps of Slovenia. The walks and treks in this guidebook are organised around five bases in the Julian Alps - Kranjska Gora, Bovec, Kobarid, Bled and Bohinj - all of which have a range of accommodation and public transport facilities. There is something here for everyone - from easy valley walks and rougher forest trails to high-mountain protected routes, some of which require Alpine mountaineering experience. Several possibilities for multi-day walks are included. The Julian Alps are situated in the small independent republic of Slovenia, at the south-eastern end of the Alpine chain. Their highest peak, Triglav, at 2864m, may be smaller than some of the better-known western giants, but what the mountains lack in stature they make up for in interest and accessibility. The dramatic limestone peaks drop steeply through forests to flower meadows, and will give you a feast for the eyes no matter which direction you turn.

Reading Books And Prints As Cultural Objects

Author: Evanghelia Stead
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319538322
Size: 12,10 MB
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This book contributes significantly to book, image and media studies from an interdisciplinary, comparative point of view. Its broad perspective spans medieval manuscripts to e-readers. Inventive methodology offers numerous insights into visual, manuscript and print culture: material objects relate to meaning and reading processes; images and texts are examined in varied associations; the symbolic, representational and cultural agency of books and prints is brought forward. An introduction substantiates methods and approaches, ten chapters follow along media lines: from manuscripts to prints, printed books, and e-readers. Eleven contributors from six countries challenge the idea of a unified field, revealing the role of books and prints in transformation and circulation between varying cultural trends, ‘high’ and ‘low’. Mostly Europe-based, the collection offers book and print professionals, academics and graduates, models for future research, imaginatively combining material culture with archival data, cultural and reading theories with historical patterns.

A Life Less Anxious

Author: Steve Pavilanis
Editor: Alpen Publishing Company
ISBN: 0982140126
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Do you have a tremendous fear of public speaking, flying, or other social situations? Do you live in fear of having another panic attack? Do you depend on antidepressants, alcohol, or other medications to calm you down or help you sleep? If so, you're not alone. Tens of millions of Americans are affected by anxiety disorders and many more worldwide. I personally struggled for five years with extreme social anxiety and panic attacks, constantly battling my own scary and seemingly uncontrollable thoughts. I finally found the path to freedom from excessive worry, medication, and fear. I have overcome these problems and now live my life with a greater sense of inner peace and calmness. I'm not a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist of any sort. I am simply a normal guy whose life was once overrun with constant worry, fear, and depression. With great determination, research, and trial and error, I have returned to a healthy state of wholeness and optimism. My book details many of the problems I encountered daily, struggles that anyone suffering from anxiety can certainly relate to. I expand in detail upon my journey towards personal freedom, the valuable lessons I learned along the way, and how to apply them to your own life. I discuss why I had several severe relapses with my progress, and how you can avoid the same pitfalls. Some of the highlights of the book include: Education - Explanations of what anxiety is, and how it affects your body and mind. Strategy - How to formulate a plan to overcome your own fears and self-created limitations. Techniques - Discussions of the various physical and mental techniques I found most helpful in my recovery and still practice today, including meditation. Inspiration - I show you how to gain a sense of urgency and inspiration to change your life. Life Changes - Adjustments to your lifestyle to help encourage a peaceful mind and body. Are you ready to get your life back?