The Island Of Amami Shima In The Northern Ry Ky S

Autore: Douglas Gilbert Haring
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The Return Of The Amami Islands

Autore: Robert D. Eldridge
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"State Department's desire to uphold the Atlantic Charter by rejecting territorial expansion; Amamian activists' assertive argument for reversion to Japanese rule; and the Japanese government's work to reach an agreement with the United States. Eldridge draws on original documents from the reversion movement, several volumes of memoirs and remembrances written by participants in the movement, and numerous declassified documents of the Japanese and U.S. governments.

Amami E Taci

Autore: Francesca Malusa
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Marta è una ragazza troppo giovane per aver già provato la delusione dell'Amore e per questo si ritroverà, tra le nuove esperienze che la vita le propone, a dover fare delle scelte. Sarà il Destino, però, a scegliere per lei.

Sistem Aplikasi Mypomen

Autore: Arith Amami Mislan
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Amami Islands

Autore: United States
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Leprosy In Japan

Autore: Source Wikipedia
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 33. Chapters: Amami Wakoen Sanatorium, Cornwall Legh, Forced Hospitalization at Honmy ji, Hakaru Miyagawa, Hannah Riddell, Heibei Okamura, Hoshizuka Keiaien Sanatorium, Isamu Masuda, Keisai Aoki, Kensuke Mitsuda, Kikuchi Keifuen Sanatorium, Koyama Fukusei Hospital, Kuryu Rakusen-en Sanatorium, Leprosy stigma, Masako Ogawa, Masasue Suho, Matsuki Miyazaki, Matsuoka Hoyoen Sanatorium, Miyako Nanseien Sanatorium, Mosuke Murata, Nagashima Aiseien Sanatorium, National Hansen's Disease Museum (Japan), Okinawa Airakuen Sanatorium, Oku-Komyo-En Sanatorium, Ooshima Seishoen Sanatorium, Ryumyo Tsunawaki, Suruga Sanatorium, Tama Zenshoen Sanatorium, Tatsudaryo Incident, Tohoku Shinseien Sanatorium, Yae Ibuka. Excerpt: As of 2009, 2600 former leprosy patients were living in 13 national sanatoriums and two private hospitals in Japan. Their mean age is 80. There were no newly diagnosed Japanese leprosy patients in 2005, but one in 2006, and one in 2007. According to a legend, Empress Komyo washed a leprosy patient in the 8th century.In medieval times, people with leprosy were discriminated against and lived separately from the main dwelling areas of the villages. This discrimination was bolstered by religion -one of the sutras of the Nichiren sect stated that "those who do not respect this sutra will get leprosy in the next stage of life."During the short period (1549-1611) when Catholic priests were allowed to preach Christianity, they built special hospitals where they treated leprosy patients. But this came to an end when the Tokugawa Government enacted the death penalty for the crime of being a Catholic.Otani Yoshitsugu a famous samurai of the sengoku era also suffered from Leprosy. It was said to be one of the factors that led to his defeat at the battle of Sekigahara Article 6. When the Prefectural Governor finds that a patient may...


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Chapters: Cuniculture, Amami Rabbit, Sumatran Striped Rabbit, Riverine Rabbit, Collared Pika, Alba, Sardinian Pika, Prolagus, Turkestan Red Pika, New England Cottontail, Cape Hare, Northern Pika, American Rabbit, Minorcan Giant Lagomorph, Tapeti, Palaeolagus, Ethiopian Highland Hare, Lagomorphs Discovered in the 2000s, Annamite Striped Rabbit, Scrub Hare, Indian Hare, Nesolagus, Herman, Havana, Bunyoro Rabbit, Afghan Pika, African Savanna Hare, American Sable, Omilteme Cottontail, Mexican Cottontail, Majorcan Hare, Venezuelan Lowland Rabbit, Abyssinian Hare, Enderby Island Rabbit, Steppe Pika, Plateau Pika, Helan Shan Pika, Hoffmann's Pika, Ladak Pika, Yarkand Hare, Blue of Sint-Niklaas, Daurian Pika, Natal Red Rock Hare, Large-Eared Pika, Alaskan Hare, Gaoligong Pika, Appalachian Cottontail, Tres Marias Rabbit, Silver Fox Rabbit, Yunnan Hare, Muli Pika, Koslov's Pika, Thomas's Pika, Smith's Red Rock Hare, Moupin Pika, Nubra Pika, Chinese Red Pika, Alpine Pika, San Jose Brush Rabbit, Royle's Pika, Ili Pika, Gansu Pika, Black Jackrabbit, Glover's Pika, Forrest's Pika, Himalayan Pika, Burmese Hare, Woolly Hare, Ethiopian Hare, Dice's Cottontail, Chinese Hare, Manzano Mountain Cottontail, Tolai Hare, Turuchan Pika, Desert Hare, Tsing-Ling Pika. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 169. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: The Amami Rabbit (Pentalagus furnessi; Amami: ), or Amami no kuro-usagi, lit. "Amami black rabbit"), also known as the Ryukyu Rabbit, is a primitive dark-furred rabbit which is only found in Amami shima and Toku-no-Shima, two small islands between southern Kysh and Okinawa in Kagoshima Prefecture (but actually closer to Okinawa) in Japan. Often called a living fossil, the Amami Rabbit is a living remnant of ancient rabbits that once lived on the Asian mainland, where they d...More: http: //

The Most Daring Raid Of The Samurai

Autore: Stephen R. Turnbull
Editore: The Rosen Publishing Group
ISBN: 1448818729
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Describes the 1609 raid from Satsuma against Ryåukyåu, detailing the events leading up to the raid, the strategic plans over both land and sea, and the aftermath of the successful raid.

Language Crisis In The Ryukyus

Autore: Patrick Heinrich
Editore: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443873462
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Long denigrated as dialects of Japanese, the Ryukyuan languages are today recognized as languages in their own right. However, speakers of Ryukyuan languages have suffered from stigmatization, oppressive language policies and domination from outside the Ryukyu Archipelago. As a result, the Ryukyuan languages are now severely endangered. This volume depicts, roughly in chronological order, aspects which have led to the language crisis in the Ryukyus today. Taking account of these factors is important because endangered languages can only be maintained and revitalized on the basis of a comprehensive understanding of why these languages became endangered in the first place. The chapters of this book have been written by leading experts in Ryukyuan sociolinguistics and the scope encompasses the entire field. It sheds light on the dark side of language modernization, on a misplaced obsession with monolingualism, and on Japan’s difficulties in surmounting its invented self-image.