Anatomia Del Best Seller

Author: Stefano Calabrese
Editor: Gius.Laterza & Figli Spa
ISBN: 885812166X
Size: 19,99 MB
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Twilight, Hunger Games, L'Alchimista, Il codice da Vinci:come si costruisce un successo editoriale di dimensioni planetarie? Non era mai accaduto che i romanzi – certi romanzi – avessero tanto successo e generassero volumi di vendite così possenti come negli ultimi vent'anni. La serie di Harry Potter, le trilogie di Twilight e Hunger Games, i romanzi di Coelho, le detective story diStieg Larsson e Dan Brown, da Il codice da Vinci a Inferno, i romanzi di Murakami o opere come Il cacciatore di aquiloni e Cinquanta sfumature di grigio, sono diventati successi mondiali da milioni di copie vendute. Quali sono i motivi di questo successo? Bisogni profondi a cui queste narrazioni si ispirano ma anche fattori produttivi impensabili solo pochi anni fa: dalla tendenza intermediale per cui un libro viene concepito da subito per essere adattato a film, videogame, graphic novel, allo sviluppo di comunità di lettori-fan che danno vita a un flusso continuo di prodotti paralleli all'opera originaria – prequel, sequel, spin off, fake, fanzine.

Anatomy Physiology A Complete Introduction Teach Yourself

Author: David Le Vay
Editor: Teach Yourself
ISBN: 1473608678
Size: 20,83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Anatomy & Phsiology: A Complete Introduction is designed to give you everything you need to succeed, all in one place. It covers the key areas that students are expected to be confident in, outlining the basics in clear, jargon-free English and providing added-value features like summaries of key books and even lists of questions you might be asked in your seminar or exam. The book uses a structure that mirrors the way anatomy & physiology is taught on many university courses, providing a comprehensive introduction to the structure and function of the human body. Extensively illustrated, the book also covers modern methods of investigation, relevant aspects of modern genetics, sports injuries, environmental and evolutionary considerations, and the physiological aspects of AIDS. Topics covered include: cells and tissues; the skeleton; muscle; body coverings and body systems; the upper limb; the lower limb; the abdomen; tThe thorax; the head and neck; basic biophysics and chemistry; foodstuffs and vitamins; digestion; absorption, utilization and storage of digested food; blood, lymph and reticuloendothelial (immune) system; the heart and circulation; respiration; excretion; nervous system and sense organs; the endocrine system; reproduction and development; environmental considerations; evolution . Anatomy & Physiology employs the 'Breakthrough Method' to help you advance quickly at any subject, whether you're studing for an exam or just for your own interst. The Breakthrough Method is designed to overcome typical problems you'll face as learn new concepts and skills. - Problem: "I find it difficult to remember what I've read."; Solution: this book includes end-of-chapter summaries and questions to test your understanding. - Problem: "Lots of introductory books turn out to cover totally different topics than my course."; Solution: this book is written by a university lecturer who understands what students are expected to know.

Woelfel S Dental Anatomy

Author: Rickne C. Scheid
Editor: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 1608317463
Size: 13,37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A market-leading dental anatomy textbook for dental, dental hygiene, and dental assisting students, Woelfel's Dental Anatomy focuses on anatomy of the human mouth and teeth, and is designed to help the student understand the relationship of the teeth to one another, and to the bones, muscles, nerves, and vessels associated with the teeth and face. This text does more than simply explain dental anatomy; it links the anatomy to clinical practice, giving readers a stronger and more practical understanding of tooth structure and function, morphology, anatomy, and terminology. Chapters have been revised and reorganized into three parts—Comparative Tooth Anatomy, Application of Tooth Anatomy in Dental Practice, and Anatomic Structures of the Oral Cavity—to make the material more accessible to dental hygiene programs. The companion website offers Student Resources for an enhanced learning experience with an interactive image bank, image labeling exercises, and PowerPoint presentations. Instructor Resources include a test generator, an interactive image bank, PowerPoint presentations, and answers to the book's critical thinking questions.

Computational And Cognitive Approaches To Narratology

Author: Ogata, Takashi
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522504338
Size: 16,48 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Studying narratives is often the best way to gain a good understanding of how various aspects of human information are organized and integrated—the narrator employs specific informational methods to build the whole structure of a narrative through combining temporally constructed events in light of an array of relationships to the narratee and these methods reveal the interaction of the rational and the sensitive aspects of human information. Computational and Cognitive Approaches to Narratology discusses issues of narrative-related information and communication technologies, cognitive mechanism and analyses, and theoretical perspectives on narratives and the story generation process. Focusing on emerging research as well as applications in a variety of fields including marketing, philosophy, psychology, art, and literature, this timely publication is an essential reference source for researchers, professionals, and graduate students in various information technology, cognitive studies, design, and creative fields.

Anatom A Del Esp Ritu

Author: Caroline Myss
ISBN: 8490705429
Size: 16,19 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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El long seller que nos enseña que la curación del cuerpo llega a través del alma. El aclamado programa de sanación a través de los siete pilares del poder energético. Este mítico libro resume más de dos décadas de investigación de Caroline Myss, una de las mayores voces de la espiritualidad mundial, en el campo de la medicina energética. En él muestra cómo cada enfermedad responde a un patrón de estrés emocional y psicológico vinculado a distintas áreas del cuerpo humano. Pero también ofrece un revolucionario programa que sintetiza la antigua sabiduría de tres religiones (los sacramentos cristianos, los chakras hindúes y el árbol de la vida de la Cábala) para demostrar los siete puntos energéticos de nuestro cuerpo, sus correspondencias y el modo en que nos afectan sus disfunciones. Al descubrirlo, se abre el camino de la autocuración, un milagro que muestra cómo interpretar las dolencias físicas y desarrollar los poderes latentes de la intuición para cultivar el crecimiento espiritual.. Reseña: «Una de las mejores voces de la espiritualidad.» Publishers Weekly

Pilates Anatomy

Editor: Human Kinetics 10%
ISBN: 0736092277
Size: 11,30 MB
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The Anatomy Of Healing

Author: Erica Francesca Poli
Editor: Anima Srl
ISBN: 886365428X
Size: 14,21 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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What is healing? What really determines it? How can we make it happen? It is increasingly clear that there is not just one single kind of medicine and that paths to healing flow through the integration of multiple pieces of knowledge and the combination of many perspectives. In light of the latest research into neurophysiology, psyche science and quantum physics, this book outlines the seven principles of the powerful interaction between psyche and body in healing processes, providing scientific answers to questions about the mechanisms which trigger it and identifying therapies that allow us to turn these internal switches on. This is demonstrated through reflections, examples, and real cases shared by the author, a psychiatrist and doctor who has completed several rigorous trainings but maintains an open mind and has been committed for more than 15 years to seek healing of serious illnesses in the psychosomatic unit by using therapeutic synergies that strengthen official care practices with innovative treatments, with her passionate work to painlessly repair suffering, with the patient, or rather the person, always and constantly at the centre.

Anatomy Of A Scandal

Author: Sarah Vaughan
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501172182
Size: 14,87 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Instant International Bestseller “A nuanced story line perfectly in tune with our #metoo times.” —People, Book of the Week “One of the season’s most buzzed-about thrillers.” —Bookish “A strong choice for book clubs. Former political correspondent Vaughan makes an impressive debut with this savvy, propulsive courtroom drama.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “Vaughan offers gripping insight into a political scandal’s hidden machinations and the tension between justice and privilege…Absorbing, polished.” —Booklist (starred review) “Skillfully interweaving the story of the unfolding scandal, Vaughan gradually reveals just how shockingly high the stakes are…Sinewy…engrossing, twist-filled.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) Some people’s secrets are darker than others. Sophie Whitehouse has a lovely home, two adorable children, and a handsome, successful husband. In other words, she has the “perfect” life. But everything changes the night her husband James comes home and confesses an indiscretion. Suddenly, her neat, ordered world is turned upside down. Did she ever really know the man she married? James’s revelation, as it turns out, is just the tip of the iceberg: a larger scandal is about to explode. James stands accused of a terrible crime, and their family is shoved into the spotlight as his trial begins. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, another woman is working to destroy Sophie’s husband. Sophie remains convinced of James;s innocence and is desperate to protect her precious family from the rumors that threaten to rip them apart. She’s kept his darkest secret ever since their university days. And if she stood by him then, she can do it now. But, the truth is even more shocking than anyone ever could have thought. Is James the guilty perpetrator or an innocent victim of a toxic agenda? In this riveting story of power, revenge, and deception, no one’s motives are pure, but some people’s secrets are much darker than others.

Una Guia Para La Practica De La Meditacion Introspectiva De La Sabiduria Tranquila

Author: Bhante Vimalaramsi
ISBN: 9781540632715
Size: 10,56 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 151

En esta gu�a encontrar�s las instrucciones para la pr�ctica de la meditaci�n Metta o del Amor Benevolente. Es practicada como parte de la pr�ctica completa de los cuatro Brahmaviharas. A esta pr�ctica la hemos denominado Meditaci�n Introspectiva de la Sabidur�a Tranquila (T.W.I.M. en ingles) Durante m�s de 20 a�os, Bhante Vimalaramsi investig� y practic� diversas t�cnicas de meditaci�n, pero el resultado nunca lleg� a satisfacerle. Finalmente decidi� volver a las escrituras budistas m�s antiguas y fue ah� en d�nde encontr� finalmente lo que buscaba.El m�todo de pr�ctica de las 6 Erres de Bhante est� basado en las ense�anzas del Buddha sobre el Recto Esfuerzo y es clave para el cese del Ansia. Su pr�ctica lleva a la eliminaci�n de la Ignorancia y a la consecuci�n del Nibanna.Bhante Vimalaramsi tiene una experiencia de m�s de 40 a�os de meditaci�n, y c�mo monje desde 1986. Durante su dilatada experiencia estudi� con los m�s prominentes maestros budistas en Asia. Es fundador y Abad del centro de meditaci�n Dhamma Sukha situado cerca de St. Louis, Missouri. Bhante es autor de "The Anapanasati Sutta: A Guide to Tranquil Wisdom Meditation", "Life is Meditation, Meditation is Life" and "Moving Dhamma Volume 1". Ense�a meditaci�n a nivel mundial y es el representante americano del World Buddhist Summit en Kobe, Jap�n.

The Anatomy Of Pilates

Author: Paul Massey
Editor: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1556437803
Size: 20,90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 182

Created by Joseph Pilates during the early 20th century, Pilates is used by millions today to improve their physical and mental well-being. Much of its appeal lies in its simple, low-impact approach, which is ideal for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and general physical health. Based on a series of precise movements and the employment of equipment such as rubber balls and exercise bands, Pilates emphasizes concentration, control, alignment, core stability, and proper breathing. The Anatomy of Pilates shows what actually happens to the body’s muscles and joints during Pilates exercises. Each two-page spread features detailed anatomical illustrations of an exercise (with muscle actions highlighted in red), a detailed description of the exercise and its objectives, the particular breathing pattern to be used, a list of the specific muscles being worked, visualization techniques, complementary exercises, and more. The Anatomy of Pilates is an accessible, authoritative guide for current and prospective teachers of Pilates, practitioners at all skill levels, physical therapists, and other health professionals.