Anton Chekhov S Short Stories

Autore: Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Editore: W W Norton & Company Incorporated
ISBN: 9780393090024
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The thirty-four stories in this volume span Chekhov s creative career."

Storia Della Citt Di Montepulciano Di Spinello Del Cap No Marcello Benci Al Serenissimo Sig Principe Giouancarlo Di Toscana

Autore: Spinello Benci
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Italian Crime Filmography 1968 1980

Autore: Roberto Curti
Editore: McFarland
ISBN: 1476612080
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In 1970s Italy, after the decline of the Spaghetti Western, crime films became the most popular, profitable and controversial genre. In a country plagued with violence, political tensions and armed struggle, these films managed to capture the anxiety and anger of the times in their tales of tough cops, ruthless criminals and urban paranoia. Recent years have seen renewed critical interest in the genre, thanks in part to such illustrious fans as Quentin Tarantino. This book examines all of the 220+ crime films produced in Italy between 1968 and 1980, the period when the genre first appeared and grew to its peak. Entries include a complete cast and crew list, home video releases, a plot summary and the author's own analysis. Excerpts from a variety of sources are included: academic texts, contemporary reviews, and interviews with filmmakers, scriptwriters and actors. There are many onset stills and film posters.

The Good Girls Revolt

Autore: Lynn Povich
Editore: PublicAffairs
ISBN: 1610391748
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It was the 1960s--a time of economic boom and social strife. Young women poured into the workplace, but the "Help Wanted" ads were segregated by gender and the "Mad Men" office culture was rife with sexual stereotyping and discrimination. Lynn Povich was one of the lucky ones, landing a job at Newsweek, renowned for its cutting-edge coverage of civil rights and the "Swinging Sixties." Nora Ephron, Jane Bryant Quinn, Ellen Goodman, and Susan Brownmiller all started there as well. It was a top-notch job--for a girl--at an exciting place. But it was a dead end. Women researchers sometimes became reporters, rarely writers, and never editors. Any aspiring female journalist was told, "If you want to be a writer, go somewhere else." On March 16, 1970, the day Newsweek published a cover story on the fledgling feminist movement entitled "Women in Revolt," forty-six Newsweek women charged the magazine with discrimination in hiring and promotion. It was the first female class action lawsuit--the first by women journalists--and it inspired other women in the media to quickly follow suit. Lynn Povich was one of the ringleaders. In The Good Girls Revolt, she evocatively tells the story of this dramatic turning point through the lives of several participants. With warmth, humor, and perspective, she shows how personal experiences and cultural shifts led a group of well-mannered, largely apolitical women, raised in the 1940s and 1950s, to challenge their bosses--and what happened after they did. For many, filing the suit was a radicalizing act that empowered them to "find themselves" and fight back. Others lost their way amid opportunities, pressures, discouragements, and hostilities they weren't prepared to navigate. The Good Girls Revolt also explores why changes in the law didn't solve everything. Through the lives of young female journalists at Newsweek today, Lynn Povich shows what has--and hasn't--changed in the workplace.

Acta Sanctorum Septembris

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Autore: Amy Herzog
Editore: Theatre Communications Group
ISBN: 1559367717
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"A quietly devastating play... Both a perceptive drama depicting the sudden fraying of a young marriage and a nail-biting psychological thriller... Belleville is among the most suspenseful plays I've seen in years." - Charles Isherwood, New York Times "Masterly... Among the new crop of young American playwrights, Herzog is in a class by herself." - Richard Zoglin, Time Abby and Zack, young American newlyweds, have abandoned a comfortable postgraduate life in the states for Belleville, a bustling, bohemian, multicultural Parisian neighborhood. But as secrets both minor and monumental are revealed, their fraught relationship begins to unravel. Belleville examines the limits of trust and dependency in a world where love can turn pathological and our most intimate relationships may not be what they seem. AMY HERZOG’s plays include 4,000 Miles (Pulitzer Prize finalist), After the Revolution and The Great God Pan. Ms. Herzog is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Whiting Writers’ Award, an Obie Award and the Helen Merrill Award for Aspiring Playwrights.

Scatter Search

Autore: Manuel Laguna
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 146150337X
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The book Scatter Search by Manuel Laguna and Rafael Mart! represents a long-awaited "missing link" in the literature of evolutionary methods. Scatter Search (SS)-together with its generalized form called Path Relinking-constitutes the only evolutionary approach that embraces a collection of principles from Tabu Search (TS), an approach popularly regarded to be divorced from evolutionary procedures. The TS perspective, which is responsible for introducing adaptive memory strategies into the metaheuristic literature (at purposeful level beyond simple inheritance mechanisms), may at first seem to be at odds with population-based approaches. Yet this perspective equips SS with a remarkably effective foundation for solving a wide range of practical problems. The successes documented by Scatter Search come not so much from the adoption of adaptive memory in the range of ways proposed in Tabu Search (except where, as often happens, SS is advantageously coupled with TS), but from the use of strategic ideas initially proposed for exploiting adaptive memory, which blend harmoniously with the structure of Scatter Search. From a historical perspective, the dedicated use of heuristic strategies both to guide the process of combining solutions and to enhance the quality of offspring has been heralded as a key innovation in evolutionary methods, giving rise to what are sometimes called "hybrid" (or "memetic") evolutionary procedures. The underlying processes have been introduced into the mainstream of evolutionary methods (such as genetic algorithms, for example) by a series of gradual steps beginning in the late 1980s.

Lexicon Antiquitatum Romanarum In Quo Ritus Et Antiquitates Cum Graecis Ac Romanis Communes Tum Romanis Peculiares Sacrae Et Profanae Publicae Et Privatae Civiles Ac Militares Exponuntur Accedit Bis Auctorum Notatorum Emendatorum Et Explicatorum Index Copiosissimus Auctore Samuele Pitisco Cum Figuris In Aes Incisis Tomus Primus Tomus Tertius

Autore: Samuel Pitiscus
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Pelvic Floor Disorders

Autore: Giulio Santoro
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9788847015425
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Dramatic improvement in imaging techniques (3D ultrasonography, dynamic magnetic resonance) allows greater insight into the complex anatomy of the pelvic floor and its pathological modifications.Obstetrical events leading to fecal and urinary incontinence in women, the development of pelvic organ prolapse, and mechanism of voiding dysfunction and obstructed defecation can now be accurately assessed, which is fundamental for appropriate treatment decision making. This book is written for gynecologists, colorectal surgeons, urologists, radiologists, and gastroenterologists with a special interest in this field of medicine. It is also relevant to everyone who aspires to improve their understanding of the fundamental principles of pelvic floor disorders.