Soccer World 2014 2015 Annuario Del Calcio Internazionale

Autore: Lorenzo Gravela
ISBN: 1326162381
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Nel 2015 SOCCER WORLD torna con forza proponendo un annuario ancora piu ricco. All'interno delle sue 700 potrete trovare: - Risultati delle competizioni internazionali riguardanti la stagione 2013/14: dai Mondiali alla Coppa Libertadores e oltre; - Resoconto dettagliato della stagione calcistica 2013/14 con classifiche finali e risultati di tutte le partite di oltre 32 campionati; - Presenze e reti di tutti i giocatori presenti in ogni campionato nazionale; - Dati societari di circa 500 club calcistici d'Europa, Nord e Sud-America e Asia; - Analisi degli ultimi piazzamenti in campionato per ogni squadra; - Oltre 450 schede degli allenatori protagonisti della stagione 2014/15; - I profili di oltre 16.000 giocatori e relativo ruolo specifico in campo; - Disposizione tattica di ogni squadra e suo stile di gioco; - Principali movimenti di calciomercato 2014/15; e molto altro ancora per soddisfare sia le curiosita dell'esperto del settore che del semplice appassionato di calcio!

Prassi Convenzioni E Consuetudini Nel Diritto Costituzionale

ISBN: 9788824323796
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Smart And Sustainable Planning For Cities And Regions

Autore: Adriano Bisello
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 3319448994
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This book presents cutting-edge work on innovative planning methodologies, tools and experiences aimed at supporting the transition of our cities and regions towards a more smart and sustainable dimension. This book comprises a selection of the best papers presented at the international conference “Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions 2015”, held in November 2015 in Bolzano, Italy. Contributions from different research fields within urban and regional planning from the scientific as well as the professional community are presented: energy planning for cities and regions, how to couple the energy-climate goals with the development or renovation of the built environment and how to tackle the vulnerability to climate change; smart and sustainable technologies, big data, integrated infrastructures and mobility management, from holistic geospatial tools to innovative apps and Internet of Things; benefits, costs and opportunities of urban transition toward a more smart and sustainable dimension, accounting and assessment of values and trade-offs within the decision making processes; governance for smart and sustainable growth, fostering place-based policy-making, active and effective stakeholders’ participation, co-production and public-private partnerships; cooperation and demonstration projects: their role in fostering the adoption of new approaches and technologies, towards the development of win-win solutions.

Regionalist Parties In Western Europe

Editore: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317068955
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Regionalist parties matter. Over the past 40 years, they have played an ever-larger role in West European democracies. Because of their relevance and temporal persistence, their achievements have increasingly become visible not only in electoral arena, but also as regards holding office and policy-making. Enhancing our understanding of these different dimensions of success, this book analyses various types of regionalist party success. Beyond conventional perspectives, the focus of this book is also on how the dimensions of success are related to each other, and in particular to what extent electoral and office success – jointly or alternatively – contribute to policy success. Adopting a common theoretical framework and combining the in-depth knowledge of country experts, each chapter explores the evolution and impact of regionalist parties in regional or federal states, that is the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Switzerland. This allows for a comprehensive and comparative analysis of one of the main political challenges within West-European democracies.

The European External Action Service And National Foreign Ministries

Autore: Rosa Balfour
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1317033302
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Based on extensive empirical work by a cross-European group of researchers, this book assesses the impact of the creation of the European External Action Service (EEAS) on the national foreign policy-making processes and institutions of the EU member states. As such, the contributions cover both the involvement of the national diplomatic and foreign policy actors in shaping the outlook of the EEAS and its mission, as well as the changes (or not) it has produced for those actors of the member states. The analysis draws in theoretical frameworks from Europeanization and socialization, but also from intergovernmental frameworks of policy-making within the European Union. An introduction by the editors outlines the issues and trends examined in the book and establishes the theoretical and methodological framework. Split into 2 sections, Part I: EEAS and national diplomacies as part of global and European structures has contributions by Richard Whitman, Rosa Balfour, Christian Lequesne, Caterina Carta and Simon Duke. Part II: National diplomacies shaping and being shaped by the EEAS is covered by Daniel Fiott, Fabien Terpan, Cornelius Adebahr, Andrea Frontini, Ignacio Molina and Alicia Sorroza, Laura C. Ferreira-Pereira, Alena Vysotskaya G. Vieira and Louise van Schaik, Grzegorz Gromadzki, Mark Rhinard, Jakob Lewander and Sara Norrevik, Sabina Kajnc Lange, Ruby Gropas and George Tzogopoulos, Vit Beneš and Kristi Raik. This book is much needed, especially in an era when the EU is trying to pull its weight in the international sphere (e.g. Syria, Iran, the Arab Spring, Chinese relations and emerging powers) but also at a time when the EU is trying to recalibrate its institutional structure in light of the current financial predicaments and questions on the democratic legitimacy of the European project.

Annuario Del Contratto 2016

Autore: Andrea D'Angelo
Editore: G Giappichelli Editore
ISBN: 8892167545
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Annuario Diocesano 2017 Arcidiocesi Di Ferrara Comacchio

Autore: José-Apeles Santolaria de Puey y Cruells
Editore: Archidiocesis Ferrariensis
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Saia Annuario Della Scuola Archeologica Di Atene E Delle Missioni Italiane In Oriente Volume Xciv Serie Iii 16 2016

Editore: SAIA, Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene
Grandezza: 72,99 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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L’Annuario della Scuola Archeologica di Atene e delle Missioni Italiane in Oriente è pubblicato dal 1914. Presenta articoli originali e di sintesi sull’arte, l’archeologia, l’architettura, la topografia, la storia, le religioni, l’antropologia del mondo antico, l’epigrafia e il diritto. L’interesse è rivolto alla Grecia e alle aree della grecità attraverso il tempo, dalla preistoria all’età bizantina e oltre, nonché alle interazioni con l’Oriente, l’Africa e l’Europa continentale. L’Annuario è composto da tre sezioni: Saggi, Recensioni, Scavi e Ricerche della SAIA. Gli articoli vengono approvati dal Comitato Editoriale e da due valutatori anonimi. I contributi sono pubblicati in una delle seguenti lingue: italiano, greco, francese, inglese, spagnolo e tedesco, con riassunti in italiano, greco e inglese.

Caring For A Living

Autore: Francesca Degiuli
Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199989362
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Today's world is aging at a great speed, and although increased longevity represents one of the greatest achievements of the last century, the extension of life expectancy does not necessarily correspond to an extension of healthy lives. Aging populations, particularly those with a high percentage of the oldest old, are often burdened with chronic conditions that require extended long-term care. Deciding who provides said care, and in what forms, are key problems that will soon affect a growing number of post-industrial high- and mid-income countries. Caring for a Living contributes to this debate by exploring the organization of long-term care in Italy, a country already in the midst of an eldercare crisis. There, the answer to this problem has taken the shape of home eldercare assistance, an arrangement whereby long-term care services are bought in the market in the form of private and individualized assistance by families sometimes with economic support provided by the State. The providers of these services, commonly known as "badanti" (minders), are, for the most part, im/migrant women coming from different areas of the world. Caring for a Living analyzes the emergence and development of this arrangement and the role that the state, Italian families, and workers themselves play in shaping and in defining it. The author provides timely insights on: the nature of long-term care and its requirements; the specific needs of families facing this issue; the changing role of the neoliberal State; and the ways in which global political and economic processes influence and shape an apparently individually based solution to long-term care. This book is ideal for graduate courses in sociology and anthropology, specifically in courses related to gender and migration, work and women, social inequality, and immigration studies.