General Fisheries Commission For The Mediterranean

Autore: Food and Agriculture Organization
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In its thirtieth session the Commission reviewed the intersessional activities of its Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and its Committee on Aquaculture (CAQ). Based on the advice emanating from SAC and proposals by Members, the GFCM adopted respectively: three binding recommendations on fisheries management measures, including on fishing effort and on the protection of sensitive habitats; two recommendations on illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, including on the establishment of a black list of vessels and on data confidentiality procedure. It also endorsed three recommendations from the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), including on the establishment of a programme for transshipment by large-scale longliners. The GFCM reiterated its satisfaction with progress made in the implementation of the five regional projects executed by FAO in support of the Commission. The Commission ascertained its financial situation and agreed to use arrears to build a Working Capital Fund. In the Secretariat, it established a post of Statistician and a post of Programmer/System Analyst. Work progress related to the new headquarters of the Commission was reviewed. The Commission decided to postpone the adjustments to its Rules of Procedure to its next plenary. The Commission established a Compliance Committee. It formalized the Environment Aquaculture Mediterranean Network (EAM) and the Statistical Information System on Aquaculture (SIPAM) as subsidiary bodies of CAQ, and endorsed the guidelines prepared by the Joint GFCM/ICCAT Working Group on Sustainable Tuna Farming. The Commission agreed on its programme of work and adopted its autonomous budget for the year 2006. The GFCM elected its new Bureau

In The Kitchen With Love

Autore: Sophia Loren
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Paris Along The Nile

Autore: Cynthia Myntti
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So impressed was Khedive Ismail after a visit to Haussman's "new" Paris in 1867 that he decided to build a modern city along the same architectural lines and aesthetics, and brought European architects to Cairo to initiate Egypt's most dynamic building period since medieval times. The stunning buildings of late 19th- and early 20th-century Cairo remain, but they are in a state of neglect, threatened by pollution, and are being pulled down for concrete highrises and parking lots. Paris along the Nile captures in 200 black-and-white photographs the architectural jewels of "modern" Cairo.

Who Monographs On Selected Medicinal Plants

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This book contains 28 monographs on widely used medicinal plants, selected for inclusion on the basis of scientific evidence for both safety and efficacy. Each monograph contains two parts, the first of which provides pharmacopoeial summaries for quality assurance purposes, including botanical features, identity tests, purity requirements, chemical assays and major chemical constituents. The second part, drawing on an extensive review of scientific research, describes the clinical applications of the plant material, with detailed pharmacological information and sections on contraindications, adverse effects and dosage. The monographs are intended to promote international harmonization in the quality control and use of herbal medicines and to serve as models for the development of national formularies.