Mediterranean Harlequins

Autore: Egidio Trainito
Editore: Taphros Editrice
ISBN: 9788874320202
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Introduction To Italian Public Law

Autore: Giuseppe Franco Ferrari
Editore: Giuffrè Editore
ISBN: 8814143889
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Fao General Fisheries Commission For The Mediterranean Report Of The Thirty Eighth Session Fao Headquarters Rome Italy 19 24 May 2014

Autore: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Editore: Fao
ISBN: 9789251085622
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The thirty-eighth session of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM), including the fifth session of the Committee on Administration and Finance (CAF) and the eighth session of the Compliance Committee (CoC), was attended by representatives from 22 Members, 3 non-Members, 15 intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. In the light of the outcomes of its third extraordinary session (Greece, April 2014), the Commission endorsed its amended Agreement, which sets ambitious goals based on principles such as the subregional approach, multiannual management and stakeholders involvement. In recognition of the importance attached by the Commission to cooperation with partner organizations, three memoranda of understanding were officially entered into with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the International Union for Conservation of Nature Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation (IUCN-Med) and the Centre for Marketing Information and Advisory Services.


Autore: David Besanko
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470563583
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Business professionals that struggle to understand key concepts in economics and how they are applied in the field rely on Microeconomics. The fourth edition makes the material accessible while helping them build their problem-solving skills. It includes numerous new practice problems and exercises that arm them with a deeper understanding. Learning by Doing exercises explore the theories while boosting overall math skills. Graphs are included throughout the mathematical discussions to reinforce the material. In addition, the balanced approach of rigorous economics gives business professionals a more practical resource.

Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Autore: F. W. Fifield
Editore: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 9780632053834
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The first edition of this book established a niche as the only volume with a wide ranging review of analytical chemistry having a focus specific to environmental science. This new edition has been thoroughly revised to take full account of the rapid changes and development in the field over the past five years. Separation science, atomic spectroscopy and speciation determinations are areas in which significant developments have been made, and these are reflected in the new edition. The importance of the assessment of the effects of pollutants on real systems has been recognised by the restructuring of the chapter on biological testing and incorporation of a new one on environmental toxicology. Self-assessment questions have been added. Environmental science was one of the key concerns of the latter part of the twentieth century and will continue to be into the twenty-first. Concerns for environmental protection and public health worldwide have led to extensive legislation. The investigation and modelling of environmental systems, together with the implementation of laws and regulations, has led to a demand for a large number of environmental measurements, many of which are made by techniques falling within the broad range of analytical chemistry. Many professionals make regular use of data obtained by techniques of analytical chemistry. Thus, although not primarily analytical chemists or even chemists, they need sufficient knowledge of the background of analytical chemistry to judge the quality and limitations of the environmental data obtained. Very much the same situation arises in the academic world, where students are involved in environmental science studies or projects in which they need appropriate analytical chemistry information. Both analytical chemistry and environmental science have an extensive literature at varying levels of sophistication. However, there have been few attempts to link the two. This book sets out the background to analytical chemistry and covers the principles of its most important techniques. This is done in a way that enables a user to grasp the strengths and weaknesses of a technique, together with its principles of operation, without becoming enmeshed in the chemical small print. Links to environmental uses are indicated in broad terms and then exemplified in more detail by accounts of specific and important environmental problems. Written for students of chemistry, environmental science and related disciplines, the book is also an essential reference source for those who use environmental information and need to be aware of the factors affecting its quality and reliability. This is still the only book to focus exclusively on the analytical chemistry methods relevant to environmental studies. As useful to chemists as it is to non-specialists who require an understanding of the techniques employed to collect data in their disciplines (e.g. environmental researchers, ecotoxicologists, etc).

Principles Of Applied Mathematics

Autore: James P. Keener
Editore: Westview Press
ISBN: 9780738201290
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A long-awaited revision of one of the most respected primers on applied mathematics.

A Europe Of Rights

Autore: Helen Keller
Editore: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199535264
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This title examines the process through which the European Convention on Human Rights, along with the case law of the European Court of Human Rights, has been interpreted and applied in the Member States, and how this has impacted upon their domestic legal orders.

Partial Differential Equations In Action

Autore: Sandro Salsa
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 3319150936
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The book is intended as an advanced undergraduate or first-year graduate course for students from various disciplines, including applied mathematics, physics and engineering. It has evolved from courses offered on partial differential equations (PDEs) over the last several years at the Politecnico di Milano. These courses had a twofold purpose: on the one hand, to teach students to appreciate the interplay between theory and modeling in problems arising in the applied sciences, and on the other to provide them with a solid theoretical background in numerical methods, such as finite elements. Accordingly, this textbook is divided into two parts. The first part, chapters 2 to 5, is more elementary in nature and focuses on developing and studying basic problems from the macro-areas of diffusion, propagation and transport, waves and vibrations. In turn the second part, chapters 6 to 11, concentrates on the development of Hilbert spaces methods for the variational formulation and the analysis of (mainly) linear boundary and initial-boundary value problems.