Atlantide L Ottavo Continente

Autore: Charles Berlitz
Editore: Edizioni Mediterranee
ISBN: 9788827217870
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Autore: Maurizio Stasi
Editore: Armando Editore
ISBN: 9788860811004
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Autore: Bruno Martinis
ISBN: 9788822005274
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L Atlantide

Autore: Dmitrij Sergeevič Merežkovskij
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La Porta Di Atlantide

Autore: Giulio Leoni
Editore: Edizioni Mondadori
ISBN: 8852019383
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Vanja è bellissima. Alta come una modella, lo sguardo di ghiaccio e i lunghi capelli completamente bianchi... il suo fascino enigmatico spicca nella sala semivuota dove è in corso una conferenza sulla leggendaria isola di Atlantide...


Autore: Marco Ciardi
ISBN: 9788843024308
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L Elenco Telefonico Di Atlantide

Autore: Tullio Avoledo
Editore: Sironi Editore
ISBN: 9788851800123
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Autore: Nicola Santamaria
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I Have Discovered Atlantide

Autore: Skender Hushi
Editore: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477125779
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The translation of the scripts in the zmeraldi plates of Thoti of Atlantide, the last king of Atlantide, made me curious to know more about it, so I started consulting a voluminous material, which gave me more information about Atlantide. Every material read reinforced my view that people of Atlantide, with the Albanian people and those from other countries of Europe known as people of Illyrian origin, had links between them. The very great closeness of twelve-thousand-year-old words that were in Thoti’s writings with Albanian words, impressed and gave me the incitement to go deeper in these studies. At the end of the study, the opinion that Albanian people and all Albanian-speaking people around the world deserves more attention and respect from other nations for being the only people in Europe to have maintained pure the language of Atlantide was reinforced. In the writing below, I think I have achieved the goal, and I discovered Atlantide. The beginning of the existence of Atlantide is thought to have started around 50000 BC and to have finished around 10000 BC. Plato, the great scholar of Athens, who was thought to have lived in the years 428–348 BC, offers full details about Atlantide. Until the early twentieth century these books were seen as Plato’s fantasy, but the discovery of the zmeraldi plates of Thoti added more interest to his books. He, in his books “Timeo” and “Crisis,” makes a detailed description of Atlantide based on the data that the lawmaker and his predecessor, Soloni (638–554 BC) had received from priests in Sais, the capital of Egypt. They had told him about Atlantide. Works, greater than Athens’, wonder us. Very great was the development and military power there, which occupied all of Europe and Asia, coming from the Atlantic Ocean with their ships and passing through the strait where the columns of Hercules were. In an island that was bigger than Libya and Asia (referring to Asia Minor, I think) existed Atlantide. It was easy to pass from Atlantide to the great land that was on the other side. (It is thought to be referred to the continent of America). The Atlantide kingdom laid partly facing the continent of America, and in the part of columns of Hercules, including Libya, Egypt, and almost all of the Europe. Soloni was proud in front of priests, telling them about the development of Greece, but one of them, laughing at him, had said that Greek civilization is as a baby compared to the civilization of Atlantide, and for these they possessed many documents. According to them, in Atlantide existed, for centuries, very advanced civilization and development (believed to have existed for forty thousand years). In the dialogues of “Timeo” and “Crisis,” from the data taken from the priests, Plato describes the capital of Atlantide like this: The island had a field, which was the most beautiful and productive one. The territory had a nearly oval shape, measuring 530 km long and 355 km wide. The writing says that the length of the island is 530 km on two sides, surrounded on three sides by mountains protecting it from cold winds, while on the south side of the island was the capital, surrounded by three circular channels. A more detailed description will be read below. The field was worked and carefully arranged, divided with many channels perpendicular to each other that shared the field in 600 m, which is called Klerosu (a name decided by Plato), which contained the wholesale plants sown. (This description and this very dimension corresponds more to the description of Ireland, the former Albanian-speaking country that used to be called Erin. There it rains whenever the land wants it and it becomes juvenile). England’s old name was Za-Zana or Za-Zane (fairy). To me, in Albanian, it means the place where you find fairies, where you can catch them, or the place where fairies sing, which can be explained totally with the Albanian language. Fabulous places like the island of Erin (Ireland) and the