Avr Cura Di Te

Autore: Sophie Fontanel
ISBN: 9788804611448
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Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Avr Cura Di Te

Autore: Massimo Gramellini
Editore: Longanesi
ISBN: 8830441937
Grandezza: 70,83 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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La capacità di Massimo Gramellini di dare risposte incontra il talento di Chiara Gamberale di sollevare dubbi. Gioconda detta Giò ha trentacinque anni, una storia familiare complicata alle spalle, un’anima inquieta per vocazione o forse per necessità e un unico, grande amore: Leonardo. Che però l’ha abbandonata. Smarrita e disperata, si ritrova a vivere a casa dei suoi nonni, morti a distanza di pochi giorni e simbolo di un amore perfetto, capace di fare vincere la passione sul tempo che passa: proprio quello che non è riuscito al matrimonio di Giò. La notte di San Valentino, festa che lei ha sempre ignorato, Giò trova un biglietto che sua nonna aveva scritto all’angelo custode, per ringraziarlo. Con lo sconforto, ma anche il coraggio, di chi non ha niente da perdere, Giò ci prova: scrive anche lei al suo angelo. Che, incredibilmente, le risponde. E le fa una promessa: avrò cura di te. Poi rilancia. L’angelo non solo ha una fortissima personalità, ma ha un nome: Filèmone, ha una storia. Soprattutto ha la capacità di comprendere Giò come Giò non si è mai compresa. Di ascoltarla come non si è mai ascoltata. Nasce così uno scambio intenso, divertente, divertito, commovente, che coinvolge anche le persone che circondano Giò: il puntiglioso ex marito, la madre fricchettona, l’amica intrappolata in una relazione extraconiugale, una deflagrante guida turistica argentina, un ragazzino che vuole rinchiudersi in una comune... Uno scambio che indaga non solo le mancate ragioni di Giò: ma le mancate ragioni di ognuno di loro. Perché a ognuno di loro, grazie a Filèmone, voce dell’interiorità prima che dell’aldilà, sia possibile silenziare la testa e l’istinto. Per ascoltare il cuore. Anche e soprattutto quando è chiamato a rispondere a prove complicate, come quella a cui sarà messa davanti Giò proprio dal suo fedele Filèmone, in un finale sorprendente che sembrerà confondere tutto. Ma a tutto darà un senso.

Io Avr Cura Di Te L Accoglienza Come Terapia

Autore: Marisa Mengarelli
ISBN: 9788878474659
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Sweet Dreams Little One

Autore: Massimo Gramellini
ISBN: 9781846883514
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It's early morning on New Year's Eve, and 9-year-old Massimo wakes up to a long, doleful cry and the disconcerting image of his dad being supported by two strangers. Inexplicably, his mother has disappeared, leaving only a vague trail of perfume in his room and her dressing gown bundled up at the foot of his bed. Where has she gone? Will she ever come back? And will Massimo be able to say sorry, after quarrelling with her the night before?

No Cure For Love

Autore: Peter Robinson
Editore: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1473610931
Grandezza: 50,53 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Before you discovered DCI Banks, Dectective Arvo Hughes was on the case in this vintage standalone crime thriller from Peter Robinson. As a detective in the LAPD Threat Management Unit, Arvo Hughes has dealt with every kind of stalker there is - and in 1990s Hollywood, he's not short of work. Tasked with finding out who has been sending unsettling anonymous letters to beautiful TV star Sarah Broughton, Arvo expects this case to be nothing out of the ordinary - until the actress discovers a strangely mutilated body left in the sand outside her beach house. Certain that Sarah's stalker must have met her before, Arvo realises his only chance to catch the killer before he gets closer to Sarah is to delve into her past. But nothing is straightforward in this case, and the squeaky-clean star seems to be keeping all memories of a shady history locked away . . .

After You

Autore: Jojo Moyes
Editore: Penguin UK
ISBN: 1405909080
Grandezza: 15,67 MB
Formato: PDF
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***THE SEQUEL TO THE NEW YORK TIMES NUMBER 1 BESTSELLING NOVEL THAT IS LOVED AROUND THE WORLD, AND IS NOW A FILM STARRING EMILIA CLARKE AND SAM CLAFLIN*** 'Matches Me Before You. Funny, sad and wise, you'll be using a hankie as a bookmark' Mail on Sunday 'Moyes totally delivers. With its twisty plot, characters you fall in love with, weepy bits and witty bits, this is pretty much perfect' Glamour Lou Clark has lots of questions. Like how it is she's ended up working in an airport bar, spending every shift watching other people jet off to new places. Or why the flat she's owned for a year still doesn't feel like home. Whether her close-knit family can forgive her for what she did eighteen months ago. And will she ever get over the love of her life. What Lou does know for certain is that something has to change. Then, one night, it does. But does the stranger on her doorstep hold the answers Lou is searching for - or just more questions? Close the door and life continues: simple, ordered, safe. Open it and she risks everything. But Lou once made a promise to live. And if she's going to keep it, she has to invite them in . . . 'This beautiful story is perfect. Will have you brimming with tears and grinning in equal measure. L-O-V-E' Closer 'Wonderfully warm. Moyes manages to break your heart before restoring your faith in love. Unputdownable' Sunday Express 'Classic Jojo - fans will love it' Heat 'Satisfyingly brilliant' Sun 'I read this in one sitting. It is impossible not to root for Lou' Stylist

The Diary Of A Young Girl

Autore: Anne Frank
Editore: Bantam
ISBN: 0307807533
Grandezza: 75,26 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl is among the most enduring documents of the twentieth century. Since its publication in 1947, it has been read by tens of millions of people all over the world. It remains a beloved and deeply admired testament to the indestructible nature of the human spirit. Restored in this Definitive Edition are diary entries that were omitted from the original edition. These passages, which constitute 30 percent more material, reinforce the fact that Anne was first and foremost a teenage girl, not a remote and flawless symbol. She fretted about and tried to cope with her own sexuality. Like many young girls, she often found herself in disagreements with her mother. And like any teenager, she veered between the carefree nature of a child and the full-fledged sorrow of an adult. Anne emerges more human, more vulnerable and more vital than ever. Anne Frank and her family, fleeing the horrors of Nazi occupation, hid in the back of an Amsterdam warehouse for two years. She was thirteen when she went into the Secret Annex with her family. From the Paperback edition.

Where She Went

Autore: Gayle Forman
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101476321
Grandezza: 53,36 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 2044
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The highly anticipated sequel to the New York Times bestselling and critically acclaimed If I Stay Picking up several years after the dramatic conclusion of If I Stay, Where She Went continues the story of Adam and Mia, from Adam's point of view. Ever since Mia's decision to stay - but not with him - Adam's career has been on a wonderful trajectory. His album, borne from the anguish and pain of their breakup, has made him a bona fide star. And Mia herself has become a top-rate cellist, playing in some of the finest venues in the world. When their respective paths put them both in New York City at the same time, the result is a single night in which the two reunite - with wholly satisfying results. And don't miss Gayle's newest novel, JUST ONE DAY and the forthcoming companion, JUST ONE YEAR.

Storia De Ss Barlaam Giosaffatte Ridotta Alla Sua Antica Purit Di Favella Ed By G G Bottari

Autore: Barlaam
Grandezza: 74,52 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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Memoirs Of Hadrian

Autore: Marguerite Yourcenar
Editore: Macmillan
ISBN: 0374529264
Grandezza: 30,61 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 4452
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Both an exploration of character and a reflection on the meaning of history, Memoirs of Hadrian has received international acclaim since its first publication in France in 1951. In it, Marguerite Yourcenar reimagines the Emperor Hadrian's arduous boyhood, his triumphs and reversals, and finally, as emperor, his gradual reordering of a war-torn world, writing with the imaginative insight of a great writer of the twentieth century while crafting a prose style as elegant and precise as those of the Latin stylists of Hadrian's own era.