King Of The Court

Autore: Aram Goudsouzian
Editore: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520269799
Grandezza: 73,10 MB
Formato: PDF
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"George Gund foundation imprint in African American Studies"--P. facing t.p.

Three Finger Zen

Autore: Xiao-Xing Chen
Editore: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462047181
Grandezza: 28,54 MB
Formato: PDF
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With its technical limitations, modern basketball has developed radically to a physical game. A revolution of basketball fundamental skills is needed, and now it is feasible with a break-through technique—Three-Finger Zen, Universal Ball-Handling Mechanism. In 2010, after five-year dedicated research and praxis, Xiaoxing Chen discovered Three- Finger-Zen (3fz), a nature mechanism of human hand and arm for handling the basketball. It benefits every participant of the sport, and has technical capabilities to revolutionize basketball for a perfect game. Chen built his theories and praxes of how basketball should work in 3fz with its unique features: • Integrates all basketball offense skills as one simple mechanism. • Enables unchallengeable shooting with exceptional accuracy. • Improves players’ athletic abilities and prevent passive injuries. • Enhances physical and mental development of children. • Sparks logic and artistic intelligence in youths and adults. • Promotes physical and mental health of the general public. Distinctive from conventional basketball skills, 3fz applies the last three fingers—middle finger, ring finger and pinky—to handle and control the ball. In this method, the ring finger plays a command-and-control role in the ball-handling processes of dribbling, passing, and shooting. The technique is easy to learn when you understand the 3fz mechanism and follow the training instructions. In this book, Chen reveals the steps to 3fz basketball revolution and teaches you how to be the best basketball player you can be.

Under The Boards

Autore: Jeffrey Lane
Editore: Bison Books
ISBN: 9780803280533
Grandezza: 61,52 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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The true story of basketball lives as much off the court as on the hardwood; it is about politics and race and cultural clashes as heated as a final-four buzzer-beater. This story unfolds in all its gritty and colorful detail in Under the Boards. From the birth of the Larry Bird legend to the ascendancy of a hip-hop-infused NBA to the backlash against bling and the contemporary American game, Jeffrey Lane traces the emergence of a new culture of basketball, complete with competing values, attitudes, aesthetics, and racial and economic tensions. The revolution Lane describes resonates in the way Latrell Sprewell's assault on his coach forever changed NBA power relations; in legendary coach Bob Knight's entanglement in high school basketball history; in the dramatic shift in attitude toward European players; in the impact of the deaths of two rappers on rookie Allen Iverson's career; and in conflicting cultural models rooted in ideals of black masculinity and white nostalgia. In these moments Lane's book documents a profound change in basketball and in American culture over the last thirty years. Jeffrey Lane is the founder and director of Schoolhouse Tutors, a mentoring program for middle and high school students in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Basketball R Evolution

Autore: Flavio Tranquillo
Editore: Baldini & Castoldi
ISBN: 8868657872
Grandezza: 15,42 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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Per capire come da una fattoria del Wyoming si possa tracciare una linea che arriva dritta agli Splash Brothers. Come una sala da ballo di Harlem abbia aiutato un intero popolo a trovare dignità. Come giudicare gli arbitri sia molto più facile che essere giudicati da loro. Come il male delle scommesse facesse parte dello sport anche in passato. Come abbiamo dimenticato gli allenatori che hanno davvero innovato il Gioco. Cinque uomini, un ideale quintetto di rivoluzionari del Gioco made in Usa: l’allenatore-uomo d’affari, il giocatore all’avanguardia, lo scommettitore incallito, l’arbitro tutto d’un pezzo e il coach visionario. Storie vere che raccontano come il cambiamento, dentro e fuori dal campo, ha più a che fare con la forza di volontà e la capacità di cogliere delle opportunità che con la tecnica e il talento. LE LEGGENDARIE IMPRESE DI BOB DOUGLAS E DEGLI HARLEM RENS, LA RIVOLUZIONE DEL TIRO OPERATA DA KENNY SAILORS, LA CONTROVERSA FIGURA DI JACK MOLINAS, LA PERSONALITÀ SENZA LIMITI DI EARL STROM E IL GENIO TATTICO DI PETE NEWELL RAPPRESENTANO ALCUNI DEI MOMENTI PIÙ SIGNIFICATIVI DELLO SPORT CHE PIÙ DI TUTTI HA INCARNATO LA LIBERTÀ D’ESPRESSIONE E D’INTERPRETAZIONE, NEL GIOCO COME NEL PENSIERO.

Basketball Jones

Autore: Todd Boyd
Editore: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814713165
Grandezza: 77,14 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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It began with Magic, Bird, and Dr. J. Then came Michael. The Dream Team. The WNBA. And, most recently, "Spree" Latrell Sprewell—American Dream or American Nightmare?—the embodiment of everything many believe is wrong—and others believe is exciting—about the game. Today, despite the NBA strike, despite home run derbies, despite football's headlock on network television ratings, despite the much-heralded return of baseball, basketball has assumed a role in American culture and consciousness impossible to imagine 20 years ago, when arenas were empty and the NBA finals were broadcast via tape delay in the wee hours. So what happened? How did a "black sport," plagued by drug scandal and decimated by white flight, come to achieve such prominence? What are the subtle and not-so-subtle racial codes that define how the game is played and perceived, and the reception of its high-profile stars? What does the shift in popularity from the predominantly white, working-class ethos of baseball to the black, urban ethos of basketball suggest about contemporary life in America? What linkages exist between basketball and hip-hop culture and how did these develop? How has the arrival of women on the scene changed the equation? Bringing together journalists, cultural critics, and academics, this wide-ranging anthology has something for everyone, from hard-core fan to casual observer. Contributors: Todd Boyd, Kenneth L. Shropshire, Gerald Early, James Peterson, Susan J. Rayl, Davis W. Houck, Mark Conrad, Charles J. Ogletree, Jr., Earl Smith, Sohail Daulatzi, Larry Platt, Tina Sloan Green, Alpha Alexander, Tara McPherson, Aaron Baker.

Was The American Revolution A Mistake

Autore: Burton Weltman
Editore: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1481758187
Grandezza: 33,36 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 341
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Why was George Washington dismayed by the outcome of the American Revolution? Would slavery still exist if the South had not seceded from the Union in 1861? Might socialists rule America today if Teddy Roosevelt had not run for President and lost in 1912? History is full of contingencies. People confront problems and debate options for solving them. Then they make a choice and face the consequences of their choice. Often they wonder if a different choice might have been better. Was the American Revolution a mistake? Was racial segregation inevitable? Was the Cold War necessary? Americans have repeatedly asked these sorts of questions as they examined the consequences of their choices. This is a book about revisiting crucial choices people made in history and examining the consequences of those choices for them and for us. It demonstrates a method of teaching history that recreates events as people experienced them, and asks important questions that troubled them but that rarely appear in conventional textbooks. Unlike conventional methods that often reduce history to names, dates and factoids for students to memorize, it is a method that brings past debates to life, the losers' as well as the winners' points of view, and makes the subject exciting. In studying history as choice, students examine the problems people faced, their options for solving them, their decision-making processes, and the choices they made. Then students evaluate the consequences of those choices both for people in the past and us today. They explore what might have happened if different choices had been made. Finally, students relate the consequences of those past choices to problems we face today and the choices we need to make. History as choice is a practical and practicable method. It has been designed to satisfy the curriculum goals of the National Council for the Social Studies, and the book explains how it can be used to satisfy any state or local curriculum standards. The book also identifies and illustrates resources that can be used with this method -- from data bases to popular music -- and explains how teachers can gradually integrate it into their courses. In the first part of the book, the method of history as choice is explained using the question of whether the American Revolution was a mistake as a case in point. The second part of the book explores thirteen other questions about significant issues and events in American history as additional examples of how one might teach history as choice.

Revolution Im Profifu Ball

Autore: Daniel Memmert
Editore: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3662539101
Grandezza: 44,69 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 9375
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Dieses Buch wird Ihnen dabei helfen, die moderne Spielanalyse von Big Data im Profisport zu verstehen. Diese bildet die Basis dafür, wie man in Sekundenschnelle mit Hilfe von Positionsdaten relevante Informationen aus den Spielen herauslesen kann. Gut verständlich erklären die Autoren die spannenden Ergebnisse, die den Fußball auf der Basis der Spielanalyse 4.0 verändern. Dabei lernen Sie über die Entwicklung der „Positionsdaten-basierten Spielanalyse“ von ihren Kinderschuhen bis hin zum Status quo. Im Zentrum stehen die Erkenntnisse, die uns die moderne Spielanalyse heute liefert: · Anhand von zahlreichen Beispielen aus der Fußball Bundesliga, anderen Ligen des europäischen Spitzensports und der Champions League wird anschaulich gezeigt, wie taktische Aspekte modelliert, einzelne Spiele oder ganze Saisons per Mausklick analysiert und anschließend interpretiert werden können. · &nb sp; Die Ergebnisse sollen dem interessierten (Fußball-)Fan als Leser nicht nur spannende Einblicke hinter die Kulissen des Profifußballs verschaffen, sondern auch die eigenen Vorstellungen und Überzeugungen bezüglich Fußballtaktik auf sportlich höchstem Niveau hinterfragen und zu neuen Überlegungen anregen. Das Buch ist unterhaltsam und leicht lesbar und richtet sich sowohl an Fußball- wie alle Sportspielfans, die sich für neue Entwicklungen und Trends in der Analyse von Sportspielen interessieren. Beispielsweise kommen folgende Experten zu Wort: Ralf Rangnick (Sportdirektor, RB Leipzig), Urs Siegenthaler (Head Scout, Deutsche Nationalmannschaft), Hansi Flick (Sportdirektor, Deutscher Fußball Bund), Johannes Holzmüller (FIFA, Head of Football Technology Innovation), Dr. Holger Broich (Leiter Gesundheit und Fitness, FC Bayern München), Ernst Tanner (Akademie und Nachwuchsleiter, FC Red Bull Salzburg), Lars OD Christensen (Entwicklung Training, FC Midtjylland), Dr. Hendrik Weber (Head of Strategic Projects, Deutsche Fußball-Liga), Tim Bagner (ChyronHego, Account Manager Deutsche Fußball-Liga), Wolfgang Hillmann (Präsident, Deutscher Hockeybund).

The Entertainment Marketing Revolution

Autore: Al Lieberman
Editore: FT Press
ISBN: 9780130293503
Grandezza: 74,65 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 9289
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Entertainment is now a $500 billion industry that reaches into every corner of human life. The Entertainment Marketing Revolution: Bringing the Moguls, the Media, and the Magic to the World profiles that industry, from film to print, music to theme parks—and shows exactly how to find and reach your market in today's insanely competitive marketplace. Discover the driving forces, key synergies, new opportunities, and advanced marketing techniques today's top companies are riding to success... and learn how to create tomorrow's blockbuster properties, starting today.

Unsere Revolution

Autore: Bernie Sanders
Editore: Ullstein Buchverlage
ISBN: 3843715750
Grandezza: 64,46 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 5659
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Bernie Sanders zeigt, dass eine wahre gesellschaftliche Erneuerung nur von links geschehen kann. Seine Ideen eines modernen demokratischen Sozialismus sind wichtiger als je zuvor – für die USA und für die ganze Welt. In der führenden Nation des Westens spielen die Belange der Mittelschicht und der Geringverdiener, aber auch die des Umweltschutzes und der Minder heiten eine empörend geringe Rolle. Doch der Sozialist Bernie Sanders kämpft weiter für eine politische Revolution: für eine Ökonomie, die nicht nur Jobs schafft, sondern auch für gerechte Löhne sorgt; für ein Gesundheitswesen, das allen zugute kommt; für den nachhaltigen Schutz unserer Umwelt — und gegen jede Form von Rassismus. Nur so wird es gelingen, den USA und der ganzen Welt eine bessere Zukunft zu schaffen. Sanders’ Buch ist die linkspolitische Agenda für alle, die mit dem Primat der Profitgier und der Willkür des Establishments nicht einverstanden sind und nach neuen Wegen jenseits des Raubtierkapitalismus suchen.

Die Scrum Revolution

Autore: Jeff Sutherland
Editore: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 3593424266
Grandezza: 77,90 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 7929
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»Scrum« heißt die revolutionäre Methode, die seit den 90er-Jahren große ITProjekte zum Fliegen bringt. Und das schneller und kostengünstiger als geplant: Unternehmen, die mit Scrum arbeiten, schaffen die doppelte Arbeit in der Hälfte der Zeit. Gar nicht auszudenken, was geschähe, wenn jede Firma von dieser Methode profitieren könnte! Genau das ist Jeff Sutherlands Mission. Als Scrum-Erfinder zeigt er in seinem neuen Standardwerk ganz normalen Unternehmen, wie sie Scrum-Teams etablieren, ihre Entwicklungsaufgaben vereinfachen und alle ihre Projekte agil, zügig und kostengünstig durchziehen.