Geography For The Lost

Autore: Kapka Kassabova
Editore: Auckland University Press
ISBN: 1869406141
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In Geography for the Lost, travelling poems speak from different parts of the world and different moments in time, but always of the many ways to be lost and disoriented: in a place, in the past, in fear, in the very quickness of life. The voices here - from a Roman housewife to a Chinese bar-owner in Berlin or an Argentine DJ - are of the heartsick, the culturally jet-lagged, people from photographs, the 'tenants' of lives, cities and destinies. This is what we all are, have been, or will be. Colourful, haunting, funny, bitter-sweet, the poems in Geography for the Lost mirror the restlessness of the human condition in Kassabova's best book yet.


Autore: Gabriele D'Annunzio
Editore: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781530784547
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Men And Not Men

Autore: Elio Vittorini
ISBN: 9780910395144
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"A novel about the Resistance in Milan toward the end of World War II."--Cover.

Arts Foods

Autore: Germano Celant
Editore: Mondadori Electa
ISBN: 9788891803313
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Arts & Foods. Rituals since 1851 is an exhibition curated by Germano Celant, which will be held at the Triennale in Milan from April 9 to November 1, 2015. Under the architectural direction of Studio Italo Rota, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves physically in a spectacular route where works of art, drawings and architectural models, films, objects, documents, books, menus, and album covers bring to life a narrative that set works and images in their own historical, sociological and anthropological context ... The itinerary follows the topic of food though its preparation, distribution and sharing, in both the private and public spheres. More than 15 spaces host the exhibition dedicated to the places of food and its representation in paintings, furniture, objects, sculptures, appliances, photographs, menus, books and record covers ... In the interior and exterior spaces of the Triennale - about 7,000 square meters, comprising building and garden - Arts & Foods will focus on the plurality of visual language and models, as objects and environmental representations that since 1851, the year of the first Expo in London, have to date revolved around food, nutrition and eating together. It is a global panorama of the interwoven aesthetics and design of eating rituals. It is also an international exhibition that uses a variety of media to offer a view across time, from the historical to the contemporary, of all levels of expression, creativity and communication from all areas of

Behaviour And Ecology Of Riparian Mammals

Autore: Nigel Dunstone
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521631013
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Many mammals, such as otters, live in close association with rivers and streams, feeding in them, or using them as a place of safety or means of escape from predators. The distinct adaptations that riparian mammals have evolved in order to live in these environments also handicap them for living elsewhere. These animals are therefore threatened by alterations to their environment. In recent years, our rivers have become highly polluted, and have been subject to bankside modifications for agriculture and forestry, enhanced or decreased water flow, and recreation. As a result, they have become less and less suitable for these highly specialized animals. This book looks at the habitat utilization, adaptation, feeding ecology, and conservation status of a range of riparian mammals. It gives insights into the problems facing these fascinating animals, and how they might be overcome.