Johannes Brahms

Author: Jan Swafford
Editor: Vintage
ISBN: 0307809897
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An illuminating new biography of one of the most beloved of all composers, published on the hundredth anniversary of his death, brilliantly written by a finalist for the 1996 National Book Critics Circle Award. Johannes Brahms has consistently eluded his biographers. Throughout his life, he attempted to erase traces of himself, wanting his music to be his sole legacy. Now, in this masterful book, Jan Swafford, critically acclaimed as both biographer and composer, takes a fresh look at Brahms, giving us for the first time a fully realized portrait of the man who created the magnificent music. Brahms was a man with many friends and no intimates, who experienced triumphs few artists achieve in their lifetime. Yet he lived with a relentless loneliness and a growing fatalism about the future of music and the world. The Brahms that emerges from these pages is not the bearded eminence of previous biographies but rather a fascinating assemblage of contradictions. Brought up in poverty, he was forced to play the piano in the brothels of Hamburg, where he met with both mental and physical abuse. At the same time, he was the golden boy of his teachers, who found themselves in awe of a stupendous talent: a miraculous young composer and pianist, poised between the emotionalism of the Romantics and the rigors of the composers he worshipped--Bach, Mozart, Beethoven. In 1853, Robert Schumann proclaimed the twenty-year-old Brahms the savior of German music. Brahms spent the rest of his days trying to live up to that prophecy, ever fearful of proving unworthy of his musical inheritance. We find here more of Brahms's words, his daily life and joys and sorrows, than in any other biography. With novelistic grace, Swafford shows us a warm-blooded but guarded genius who hid behind jokes and prickliness, rudeness and intractability with his friends as well as his enemies, but who was also a witty drinking companion and a consummate careerist skillfully courting the powerful. This is a book rich in secondary characters as well, including Robert Schumann, declining into madness as he hailed the advent of a new genius; Clara Schumann, the towering pianist, tormented personality, and great love of Brahms's life; Josef Joachim, the brilliant, self-lacerating violinist; the extraordinary musical amateur Elisabet von Herzogenberg, on whose exacting criticism Brahms relied; Brahms's rival and shadow, the malevolent genius Richard Wagner; and Eduard Hanslick, enemy of Wagner and apostle of Brahms, at once the most powerful and most wrongheaded music critic of his time. Among the characters in the book are two great cities: the stolid North German harbor town of Hamburg where Johannes grew up, which later spurned him; and glittering, fickle, music-mad Vienna, where Brahms the self-proclaimed vagabond finally settled, to find his sweetest triumphs and his most bitter failures. Unique to this book is the way in which musical scholarship and biography are combined: in a style refreshingly free of pretentiousness, Jan Swafford takes us deep into the music--from the grandeur of the First Symphony and the intricacies of the chamber work to the sorrow of the German Requiem--allowing us to hear these familiar works in new and often surprising ways. This is a clear-eyed study of a remarkable man and a vivid portrait of an era in transition. Ultimately, Johannes Brahms is the story of a great, backward-looking artist who inspired musical revolutionaries of the following generations, yet who was no less a prophet of the darkness and violence of our century. A biographical masterpiece at once wholly original and definitive. From the Hardcover edition.

Johannes Brahms

Author: Jan Swafford
Editor: Vintage
ISBN: 0679745823
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A biography of the nineteenth-century German composer looks at his daily life, his associates--including his relationships with Robert Schumann, Clara Shumann, Richard Wagner, and Eduard Hanslick--and his achievements as a composer

Johannes Brahms

Author: Jan Swafford
ISBN: 9780333725894
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In an expansive study Johannes Brahms emerges from Jan Swafford's book is not a bearded eminence but rather an assemblage of contradictions. He grew up in grinding poverty and as a teenager was forced to play the piano in brothels. Recognized by his teachers as a stupendous talent, Robert Schumann proclaimed Brahms at only twenty-years-old to be the saviour of German music. Brahms spent the rest of his life living up to the that prophecy. He experienced triumphs few artists have enjoyed in their lifetime, yet lived with a relentless loneliness and a growing fatalism about the future of music and the world.

Johannes Brahms

Author: Heather Platt
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1135847088
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First published in 2011. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Recollections Of Johannes Brahms

Author: Albert Hermann Dietrich
Editor: The Minerva Group, Inc.
ISBN: 0898751411
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Johannes Brahms studied the piano from the age of seven and theory and composition (with Eduard Marxsen) from 13, gaining experience as an arranger for his father's light orchestra while absorbing the popular all zingarese style associated with Hungarian folk music. In 1853, on a tour with the Hungarian violinist Reményi, he met Joseph Joachim and Liszt; Joachim, who became a lifelong friend, encouraged him to meet Robert Schumann. Fundamentally reserved, logical and studious, Brahms was fond of taut forms in his music, though he used genre distinctions loosely. In the piano music, for example, which chronologically encircles his vocal output, the dividing lines between ballads and rhapsody, and capriccio and intermezzo, are vague, such terms refer more to expressive character than to musical form. As in other media, his most important development technique in the piano music is variation, whether used independently (simple melodic alteration and thematic cross-reference) or to create a large integrated cycle in which successive variations contain their own thematic transformation (as in the Handel Variations).

The Music Of Brahms

Author: Michael Musgrave
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198164012
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This contemporary view of Brahms, 150 years after his birth, concentrates on his music, with a brief discussion of his life in the Introduction. A list of works includes recent discoveries and a calendar outlines the pattern of his musical life.

Brahms Clarinet Quintet

Author: Colin Lawson
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521588317
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Regarded by many as Brahms' first real chamber work, the Clarinet Quintet is here placed in the context of chamber music in general, Brahms' own earlier music, and the history and repertory of the clarinet generally. In addition to providing a detailed analysis, Colin Lawson pays special attention to performance traditions and also to the influence of Brahms' music on later composers. This handbook is the first comprehensive study of this work and it reflects the author's wide experience both as performer and scholar.

Johannes Brahms

Author: Johannes Brahms
Editor: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780199247738
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'Styra Avins's massive selected letters, scrupulously translated in collaboration with Josef Eisinger has rapidly established itself as the classic text, with her linking narrative and annotations virtually doubling as a biography' -BBC Music Magazine'Occasionally a book comes along which changes perceptions of its subject. This is such a book. Her annotations are not only scholarly but often witty and always full of common sense' - Michael Kennedy, Sunday Telegraph'Delightful and absorbing. It is going to become an absolutely central work of reference: I expect to be using it for the rest of my life' -Calum MacDonald, BBC Music MagazinePublished to mark the centenary of Brahms's death in 1897, this is the first comprehensive English language collection of Brahms's letters. It contains over 550 letters, including more than a dozen previously unpublished in any language. The letters are woven together with an extended biographical narrative, and span the entire life of the composer. The book is written for the general music-lover, but is documented with scholarly care. Brahms enthusiasts will enjoy learning from his own words about the man who wrote such great music.

Brahms And His Four Symphonies

Author: Julius Harrison
Editor: Da Capo Pr
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Author: Hans Adolf Neunzig
Editor: Haus Publishing
ISBN: 9781904341178
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Accessible and affordable biography illustrated throughout with over 30 full-color plates