Caffe Cino

Author: Wendell C. Stone
Editor: SIU Press
ISBN: 9780809388318
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“It’s Magic Time!” That colorful promise began each performance at the Caffe Cino, the storied Greenwich Village coffeehouse that fostered the gay and alternative theatre movements of the 1960s and launched the careers of such stage mainstays as Sam Shepard, Lanford Wilson, Robert Heide, Harry Koutoukas, Robert Patrick, Robert Dahdah, Helen Hanft, Al Pacino, and Bernadette Peters. As Off-Off-Broadway productions enjoy a deserved resurgence, theatre historian and actor Wendell C. Stone reopens the Cino’s doors in this vibrant look at the earliest days of OOB. Rife with insider interviews and rich with evocative photographs, Caffe Cino: The Birthplace of Off-Off-Broadway provides the first detailed account of Joe Cino’s iconic café theatre and its influence on American theatre. A hub of artistic innovation and haven for bohemians, beats, hippies, and gays, the café gave a much-sought outlet to voices otherwise shunned by mainstream entertainment. The Cino’s square stage measured only eight feet, but the dynamic ideas that emerged there spawned the numerous alternative theatre spaces that owe their origins to the risky enterprise on Cornelia Street.

Caffe Lena

Author: Jocelyn Arem
Editor: powerHouse Books
ISBN: 1576876942
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In 1960, burgeoning actress and defiant dreamer Lena Spencer opened a small, grassroots coffeehouse in the quaint upstate New York town of Saratoga Springs. Within her then-husband’s plan to start the Caffè as a means for the couple to artistically flourish while “making enough money to retire in Europe” lay the seed of a more impactful cultural contribution that would change music history forever. It was a time in America when a coffeehouse could be something more—a focal point for a different sort of people, radical new ideas, and notably, emerging artists. Caffè Lena’s humble stage regularly welcomed musicians such as a young Bob Dylan in 1961, the singer/activist Bernice Johnson Reagon in 1962, and a pre-”American Pie” Don McLean in 1965. Quickly, Caffè Lena took its place among the nation’s foremost incubators of an American folk movement that inspired a generation of musicians, artists, and thinkers and a country in need of a new vision of equality, freedom, and understanding. Fortunately for posterity, camera shutters were often snapping in time to the music, and so an intimate visual record of Caffè Lena’s early years exists. Now, thanks to years of dedicated digging by the Caffè Lena History Project—to unearth Lena’s secret memoirs, collaborating with photographers to identify and rescue mysterious negatives, and collecting stories from the original artists to highlight these materials—the time has come to share this treasure trove of authentic and rare Americana with the world. Caffè Lena: Inside America’s Legendary Folk Music Coffeehouse brings more than 200 never before seen, evocative images and stories to the public. Early 1960s photographs of Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger and modern-day images of Rufus Wainwright and Patty Larkin blend with rare memorabilia and an oral history derived from more than 100 original interviews of artists who have graced Caffè Lena’s stage over the decades, including Ani DiFranco, Utah Phillips, Dave Van Ronk, Spalding Gray, and other luminaries of the folk, blues, jazz, and theater worlds. This exclusive time capsule chronicling the heyday of Caffè Lena—now the country’s oldest continuously operational folk music coffeehouse—provides an insightful look at the many artists whose poetic lyrics cast a mesmerizing spell over a generation, and who remain beloved today. Alongside the release of Caffè Lena: Inside America’s Legendary Folk Music Coffeehouse, San Francisco’s Tompkins Square label will release the 3-CD box set, ‘Live at Caffè Lena: Music From America’s Legendary Coffeehouse, 1967–2013′ on September 24, 2013. “Caffè Lena holds an important place in the folk and traditional music communities. For me it was the gateway to so many things I hold dear about music.” —Scott Goldman, The GRAMMY Foundation “The story of Caffè Lena is the secret history of the folk-music scene. Lena was a pioneering woman in a man's world and her story needs to be told.” —Holly George-Warren, The Road to Woodstock “Lena Spencer was a rare person with a shining spirit who created a small world of her own. The magic of her Caffè cannot be analyzed, computerized, or explained.” —David Amram, Musician

Resp Enfaldige Tanckar Om Caff Och De Inhemska W Xter Som Pl Ga Boukas I Des St Lle Pr S P Kalm Etc

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Return To The Caffe Cino

Author: Steve Susoyev
Editor: Moving Finger Press
ISBN: 0977421414
Size: 17,28 MB
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RETURN TO THE CAFFE CINO gives a fresh, exciting portrait of the non-commercial NY theater scene in the 1960's. The scene is painted here by dozens of short essays by the artists that were a part of the creative fission that flared so brightly there and that still influences so much of today's theatre. The eyewitness stories are usually hysterically funny, filled with that sense of freedom that ignited a movement that continues today in small independent theaters. And the editors of the anthology have filled the pages with vintage pictures, including one of a fifteen-year-old Bernadette Peters getting her start at the Caffe Cino!

Ci Prendiamo Un Buon Caff Zapatista

Author: Enrico Massetti
Editor: Enrico Massetti Publishing
ISBN: 1312021101
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“Volete sostenere una società libertaria bevendo caffè? “Signore, Signora, vi piacerebbe bere un buon caffè per sostenere la lotta del popolo Maya messicano che lo ha prodotto e per aiutarlo ad uscire dalla povertà? Loro non vogliono essere costretti a emigrare illegalmente negli Stati Uniti, e non vogliono avere padroni, ma producono un caffè molto buono, è il migliore caffè biologico del mondo! E a voi costa meno del caffè che acquistate al supermercato! Volete provarlo?” Il North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), firmato il 1 gennaio 1994, è stato presentato come l’ascesa del Messico in un moderno stato del primo mondo. Ma, nello stato meridionale del Chiapas in quel Capodanno, una “rivolta armata dei popoli indigeni ha rubato i riflettori dei media, esponendo le enormi disuguaglianze sociali del Messico e l’esclusione della popolazione indigena del paese dal suo sviluppo economico”, (latino-american Press, gennaio 20,1994).

Neapolitan Express Il Caff

Author: Eloisa Crocco
Editor: Rogiosi
ISBN: 8869501957
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Caldo, denso, di colore scuro: è il caffè. Chiamarlo bevanda è riduttivo: il caffè è un rito, una pausa di piacere, qualcosa che fa parte dell’identità partenopea più profonda. Non esiste altro luogo al mondo dove il rito del caffè abbia lo stesso sapore che ha a Napoli. Questo libro racconta la storia del nero infuso, che arriva da lontano, e che all’ombra del Vesuvio ha trovato la sua patria. E accompagna il lettore in un viaggio affascinante tra gli antichi Caffè letterari e quelli di oggi, che con le loro attività culturali sono i germogli di una nuova Primavera per la città.

How To Make Really Good Coffee

Author: Jessica Godfrey
ISBN: 9781775536239
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Learn from the professionals - a must-have guide to making the best coffee. Many people like to kick-start their day with a really good cup of coffee. This is the book for them! It gives a brief outline of how and where coffee is grown and processed and then 'spills the beans' on how to get the best cup your chosen equipment can provide - whether you use a plunger, filter, stovetop or full-blown espresso machine. Caffe L'affare first produced this book for the baristas who take a short training course with them. Then the book was developed for the general market and the home user. Now it has been expanded to add further info on coffee tasting, production sustainability and the roasting process, along with hot tips, new step-by-step preparations, an all-encompassing glossary and a bright new look. Learn from the professionals and enhance your enjoyment of your coffee.

Angeli Caffe Pizza Pasta Panini

Author: Evan Kleiman
Editor: William Morrow Cookbooks
ISBN: 9780688172299
Size: 14,21 MB
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Offers two hundred recipes for fresh pizzas, focaccia, tarts, breads, snacks, and pastas


Author: Olidea
Editor: Edizioni Gribaudo
ISBN: 8850325584
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Il Caff

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