The Life Of Costa Rica

Autore: Benjamín Villegas Jiménez
Editore: Villegas Asociados
ISBN: 9588156009
Grandezza: 77,66 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 6389
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The 'rich coast' of the conquistadores remains an abundant land both geographically and in humanity - here is a vibrant democratic society flourishing in spectacular natural settings. Native photographer Calderon shows the true life of the country in spontaneous photographic moments-over 300-like the smiles of its children, colorful processions, the indefatigable tenacity of everyday Costa Ricans at work and play set in a variety of urban, rural, historical and natural scenes.

Lonely Planet Diary Planner 2017

Autore: Lonely Planet Publications
ISBN: 9781760340827
Grandezza: 15,50 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 3761
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With a week view on every page spread and packed with useful information for the global traveller, including time zones, conversions, plug socket information, a world tipping chart and more. Lonely Planet's 2017 Diary/Planner is a practical organisational tool. With uplifting and entertaining travel quotes on every page, this planner promises to inspire and organise in equal measure.

The Magic

Autore: Rhonda Byrne
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451673450
Grandezza: 22,64 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 4635
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One word changes everything... For more than twenty centuries, words within a sacred text have mystified, confused, and been misunderstood by almost all who read them. Only a very few people through history have realized that the words are a riddle, and that once you solve the riddle—once you uncover the mystery—a new world will appear before your eyes. In The Magic, Rhonda Byrne reveals this life-changing knowledge to the world. Then, on an incredible 28-day journey, she teaches you how to apply this knowledge in your everyday life. No matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what your current circumstances, The Magic is going to change your entire life!

Life And Death Are Wearing Me Out

Autore: Mo Yan
Editore: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1611454271
Grandezza: 23,36 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 1756
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Stripped of his possessions and executed as a result of Mao's Land Reform Movement in 1948, benevolent landowner Ximen Nao finds himself endlessly tortured in Hell before he is systematically reborn on Earth as each of the animals in the Chinese zodiac.


Autore: TJ Klune
Editore: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 1634771656
Grandezza: 54,79 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 4888
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When the little boy—now a man—from the end of the lane returns, can Ox ignore the song that howls between them?

New Testament Commentary Survey

Autore: D. A. Carson
Editore: Baker Academic
ISBN: 0801031249
Grandezza: 11,91 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 7971
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Provides pastors and students with expert guidance on choosing a commentary for any book of the New Testament.

A Tuesday Evening

Autore: Gema Sola
Editore: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479739820
Grandezza: 36,58 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 1115
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Alice Kelson, a twenty-fi ve year old Broadway actress, has an ideal life: a job she loves, friends she can count on, a supportive family... Everything seems to be perfect for her in New York City, until one evening outside the theater, a short yet captivating encounter with an admirer shows Ali there is a hole in her heart that needs to be filled. But can she handle her own success mixed with the ups and downs of a relationship that will test her strength and ultimately teach her to fi nd hope in darkness? Join Ali as she faces the unique challenge of balancing her budding career and an intense, life-changing romance.

La Cristiada

Autore: Jean Meyer
Editore: Square One Pub
ISBN: 9780757003158
Grandezza: 41,31 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 2043
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Provides a pictorial history of the little-known Mexican religious war waged as a result of anti-Catholic oppression, examining the events, personalities, and politics involved and how support from the U.S. helped end the conflict.

Saint Joan

Autore: Bernard Shaw
Editore: Bloomsbury Methuen Drama
ISBN: 9780713679960
Grandezza: 50,80 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 6358
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The New Mermaids series is first choice for univeristy courses.

Flower Fairies Journal

Autore: Cicely Mary Barker
Editore: Frederick Warne Publishers
ISBN: 9780723258162
Grandezza: 74,66 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 9350
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The year is 1920, and a young (and as yet unpublished) Cicely Mary Barker is staying at a friend's cottage in Storrington, West Sussex, for the spring and summer. Over the months as she sketches and writes in the gardens and grounds, she starts to suspect the presence of fairies in the flowers all around her. Her journal reveals her thoughts and musings, and includes sketches, research into general fairy folklore and many more extra items, as she searches for evidence that the Flower Fairies exist! Although a fictional account, the Flower Fairies Journal ties in with real dates and events, uses Cicely Mary Barker's sketches, artwork and samples from her poems, and contains many beautiful design elements from the 1920's and 1930's.