Calendario 2017 Romanico Pared

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Anglo American Cataloguing Rules

Autore: American Library Association
Editore: Amer Library Assn
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Since 1967, Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules has served the profession with highly developed content standards for cataloging the resources that come into your library. It is the one-stop gold standard. AACR2 walks you through the cataloging process with clearly defined rules and practical examples representing standards that apply to any type of resource and all metadata formats. The Joint Steering Committee has brought together a new Update reflecting changes and improvements in effect for 2005. What's new in the 2005 update? New and updated rules, including instructions, for capitalization of single letters used to represent words, and for multiple-letter prefixes in compound terms Changes arising from the preparation of the new edition of Cartographic Materials: A Manual of Interpretation for AACR2 A checklist of updates With 8.5 11 loose-leaf pages that fit a standard 3-ring binder, separately numbered chapters for easy integration of updates, and a design that clearly distinguishes the rules from the examples, AACR2 is the essential resource for descriptive and access cataloging. Libraries can rely on this international standard for flexible, ready-to-apply rules for the fundamental work of developing resource catalogs and bibliographic entries. With annual update releases that easily integrate into this streamlined format, AACR2 continues to be the authoritative choice for achieving consistency, clarity, and accessibility in cataloging resources across all media. The AACR2 2005 update packet can be acquired in one of 3 ways: as a stand alone addendum to a previously purchased AACR2 text block or kit; as an integrated component of the 2005 Text Block, which comprises the complete AACR2 text including annual updates from 2003 to 2005; or as part of the 2005 Kit, which consists of the complete AACR2 text, with all annual updates from 2003 to 2005, and a companion binder with divider tabs.

Gypsy Ballads

Autore: Federico Garci?a Lorca
Editore: Enitharmon Press
ISBN: 1907587829
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Federico García Lorca wrote the Gypsy Ballads between 1924 and 1927. When the book was published it caused a sensation in the literary world. Drawing on the traditional Spanish ballad form, Lorca described his Romancero Gitano as ‘the poem of Andalucía...A book that hardly expresses visible Andalusia at all, but where hidden Andalucía trembles’. Seeking to relate the nature of his proud and troubled region of Spain, he drew on a traditional gypsy form; yet the homely, unpretentious style of these poems barely disguises the undercurrents of conflicted identity never far from Lorca’s work. This bilingual edition, translated by Jane Duran and Glora García Lorca, is illuminated by photos and illustrations of and by Lorca, his own reflections on the poems and introductory notes by leading Lorca scholars: insights into the Romancero and the history of the Spanish ballad form by Andrés Soria Olmedo; notes on the dedications by Manuel Fernández-Montesinos; Lorca's 1935 lecture; and an introduction by Professor Christopher Maurer to the problems and challenges faced by translators of Lorca.

The Etymologies Of Isidore Of Seville

Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521145916
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This work is a complete English translation of the Latin Etymologies of Isidore, Bishop of Seville (c.560-636). Isidore compiled the work between c.615 and the early 630s and it takes the form of an encyclopedia, arranged by subject matter. It contains much lore of the late classical world beginning with the Seven Liberal Arts, including Rhetoric, and touches on thousands of topics ranging from the names of God, the terminology of the Law, the technologies of fabrics, ships and agriculture to the names of cities and rivers, the theatrical arts, and cooking utensils. Isidore provides etymologies for most of the terms he explains, finding in the causes of words the underlying key to their meaning. This book offers a highly readable translation of the twenty books of the Etymologies, one of the most widely known texts for a thousand years from Isidore's time.

Time In History

Autore: G. J. Whitrow
Editore: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780192852113
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Discusses how time was considered and measured in ancient and medieval times, profiles the development of more accurate timepieces, and shows the changes that occured as the new developments spread

The History Of Clocks Watches

Autore: Eric Bruton
Editore: Chartwell Books
ISBN: 9780785818557
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The measurement of time was one of man's earliest obsessions, and the desire to create ever greater precision in timekeeping has inspired generations in the field of mathematics and science. Equally, each advance has produced accompanying works of great c

Border Dialogues

Autore: Iain Chambers
Editore: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415013758
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The essays in Border Dialogues embark on journeys into some of the most challenging territories of contemporary culture, philosophy and criticism. They intervene in the debate on modernism and postmodernism through critical encounters with a diverse range of theoretical and cultural topics. By exploring the interstitial zones where traditional disciplines and discourses overlap, Chambers seeks to widen some of the terms of contemporary critical thought. The common goal of the essays in Border Dialogues is a reading of postmodernity in which the different voices and vocabularies in comtemporary theory come together in an increasingly shared network.