Prohibido Excavar En Este Pueblo

Autore: Óscar Fábrega
Editore: Grupo Planeta Spain
ISBN: 8408131206
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A finales del siglo XIX un párroco de una pequeña aldea del Languedoc francés, zona de leyendas y herejías, de la noche a la mañana, se hizo enormemente rico, tanto que compró numerosas tierras, realizó construcciones fastuosas y comenzó a vivir como un marqués. ¿Cuál fue la fuente de su riqueza? ¿Fue la venta ilegal de misas, como afirmaron sus superiores eclesiásticos? ¿Encontró un tesoro escondido, como afirman otros? Sea como fuere, la historia de aquel sacerdote y de aquel bello pueblo, Rennes-Le-Château, se convirtió en un mito moderno, en el que el protagonismo lo comparten, a partes iguales, los actores del drama y los escritores que lo investigaron. Además, la aldea se convirtió en el lugar preferido para los buscadores de tesoros, que durante años se dedicaron a excavar en el pueblo en busca de una riqueza que nunca encontraron. Por desgracia en esta historia hay más mentiras que verdades. Y todo gracias a un señor que desde la sombra manipuló la Historia e inventó una extraña trama que fue poco a poco haciendo pública. Un verdadero embaucador que reclamaba el trono de Francia al considerarse último heredero de aquella estirpe real de la Edad Media, los merovingios... aquellos que, según “El Código da Vinci”, de Dan Brown, se mezclaron con los descendientes de Cristo. Lo que convertía a esta éminence grise en descendiente de Jesús... Prologado por Jesús Callejo.

Slow Writing

Autore: Thom Andersen
ISBN: 9780992837723
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¿Slow Writing¿ is a collection of articles by Thom Andersen that reflect on the avant-garde, Hollywood feature films, and contemporary cinema. His critiques of artists and filmmakers as diverse as Yasujirō Ozu, Nicholas Ray, Andy Warhol, and Christian Marclay locate their work within the broader spheres of popular culture, politics, history, architecture, and the urban landscape. The city of Los Angeles and its relationship to film is a recurrent theme. These writings, which span a period of five decades, demonstrate Andersen¿s social consciousness, humour and his genuine appreciation of cinema in its many forms. Thom Andersen¿s films include the celebrated documentary essays ¿Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer¿ (1975), ¿Los Angeles Plays Itself¿ (2003), and ¿The Thoughts That Once We Had¿ (2015). Together with Noël Burch, he produced primary studies of the Hollywood Blacklist in the form of the book ¿Les communistes de Hollywood: Autre chose que des martyrs¿ (1994) and film ¿Red Hollywood¿ (1996).

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

Autore: William Kamkwamba
Editore: Harper Collins
ISBN: 006193769X
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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is the immensely engaging and inspiring true account of an enterprising African teenager who constructed a windmill from scraps to create electricity for his entire community. William Kamkwamba shares the remarkable story of his youth in Malawi, Africa—a nation crippled by intense poverty, famine, and the AIDS plague—and how, with tenacity and imagination, he built a better life for himself, his family, and his village. The poignant and uplifting story of Kamkwamba’s inspiration and personal triumph, co-written with Bryan Mealer, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind has already won ringing praise from former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore as well as Paolo Coelho, internationally bestselling author of The Alchemist.


Autore: Cornelia Funke
Editore: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780316122917
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Ever since Jacob Reckless was a child, he has been escaping to a hidden world through a portal in his father's abandoned study. Over the years, he has made a name for himself as a finder of enchanted items and buried secrets. He's also made many enemies and allies--most important, Fox, a beautiful shape-shifting vixen whom Jacob cares for more than he lets on. But life in this other world is about to change. Tragedy strikes when Jacob's younger brother, Will, follows him through the portal. Brutally attacked, Will is infected with a curse that is quickly transforming him into a Goyl--a ruthless killing machine, with skin made of stone. Jacob is prepared to fight to save his brother, but in a land built on trickery and lies, Jacob will need all the wit, courage, and reckless spirit he can summon to reverse the dark spell--before it's too late.

The Garden And The Fire

Autore: Nerina Rustomji
Editore: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231140851
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Islamic conceptions of heaven and hell began in the seventh century as an early doctrinal innovation, but by the twelfth century, these notions had evolved into a highly formalized ideal of perfection. In tracking this transformation, Nerina Rustomji reveals the distinct material culture and aesthetic vocabulary Muslims developed to understand heaven and hell and identifies the communities and strategies of defense that took shape around the promise of a future world. Ideas of the afterworld profoundly influenced daily behaviors in Islamic society and gave rise to a code of ethics that encouraged abstinence from sumptuous objects, such as silver vessels and silk, so they could be appreciated later in heaven. Rustomji conducts a meticulous study of texts and images and carefully connects the landscape and social dynamics of the afterworld with earthly models and expectations. Male servants and female companions become otherworldly objects in the afterlife, and stories of rewards and punishment helped preachers promote religious reform. By employing material culture as a method of historical inquiry, Rustomji points to the reflections, discussions, and constructions that actively influenced Muslims' picture of the afterworld, culminating in a distinct religious aesthetic.

Riding The Bullet

Autore: Stephen King
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743204670
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From international bestseller Stephen King the first ebook ever published—a novella about a young man who hitches a ride with a driver from the other side. Riding the Bullet is “a ghost story in the grand manner” from the bestselling author of Bag of Bones, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, and The Green Mile—a short story about a young man who hitches a ride with a driver from the other side.

On Murder

Autore: Thomas De Quincey
Editore: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191604755
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'For if once a man indulges himself in murder, very soon he comes to think little of robbing; and from robbing he comes next to drinking and Sabbath-breaking, and from that to incivility and procrastination' Thomas De Quincey's three essays 'On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts' centre on the notorious career of the murderer John Williams, who in 1811 brutally killed seven people in London's East End. De Quincey's response to Williams's attacks turns morality on its head, celebrating and coolly dissecting the art of murder and its perfections. Ranging from gruesomely vivid reportage and brilliantly funny satiric high jinks to penetrating literary and aesthetic criticism, the essays had a remarkable impact on crime, terror, and detective fiction, as well as on the rise of nineteenth-century decadence. The volume also contains De Quincey's best-known piece of literary criticism, 'On the Knocking at the Gate in Macbeth', and his finest tale of terror, 'The Avenger', a disturbing exploration of violence, vigilantism, and religious persecution. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

A Street Through Time

Autore: Anne Millard
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 1465407731
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Steve Noon's award-winning A Street Through Time has been revised and updated for a new generation. In a series of fourteen unique illustrations, A Street Through Time tells the story of human history by exploring a street as it evolves from 10,000 BCE to the present day. Readers will see how the landscape and the daily lives of people changed as a small settlement grows into a city, is struck by war and plague, and gains trade and industry.