Cara Italia Tutta La Nostra Storia Dall Unit Ad Oggi

Autore: Giovanni Delle Donne
Editore: Simonelli Editore
ISBN: 8876475842
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L'autore, Giovanni Delle Donne, narrando gli eventi della nostra storia dall'Unit ai nostri giorni, desidera esortare il lettore a riflettere su quanto sia stato difficile e tortuoso il percorso verso la democrazia, segnato da specifiche difficolt interne e da condizionamenti internazionali. In particolare, nel trattare gli aspetti economici e sociali intrecciati al processo politico, sono state messe a fuoco le tappe evolutive da una societ rurale a una societ industrialmente avanzata con il suo benessere e le sue opportunit .On March 2011 Italy celebrates 150 years from its unification. The eBook tells the Histoy of Italy from the Reign to the Republic till to-day.

Catalogo Generale Della Libreria Italiana Dall Anno 1847 A Tutto Il 1899

Autore: Attilio Pagliaini
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Cara Massimina

Autore: Tim Parks
Editore: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1628726199
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The first Duckworth novel is "Better than Silence of the Lambs . . . Macabre fun orchestrated with immaculate precision. It's a killer" (Los Angeles Times) Morris Duckworth teaches English to the pampered rich of Verona, and Morris is not pleased. Living a meager existence in a squalid apartment, he regards his privileged students with envy and disdain, first wreaking revenge by petty theft, and then, like all good criminals, graduating to grander larceny. When one of those students, a beautiful but vapid heiress named Massimina, falls in love with him, Morris can almost smell upward mobility. However, after the girl's mother—much to his chagrin—unequivocally forbids her from seeing him, he hits upon a perfect scheme: he convinces the besotted girl to run off with him, then sends ransom notes to her family. Following a frightening logic, Morris's subversions become deeper and darker. Soon events are spiraling with eerie momentum into a nightmare of deception and violence. The first novel in what has become the Duckworth in Verona trilogy, Cara Massimina is a comic thriller that will leave readers laughing out loud in mortified delight.

Fisiologia Del Gusto

ISBN: 9789875460652
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Autore: Richard Turner
Editore: Richard Turner
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The Foundation Of Rome

Autore: Alexandre Grandazzi
Editore: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801482472
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Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Over the course of centuries, many stories on the origin of Rome have arisen. Sorbonne professor of classics Alexandre Grandazzi places these accounts in their contemporary contexts to produce a depiction of Rome's origins that is both up-to-date and provocative. The methodological and historiographical dimensions of the book-- first published in France in 1991--have endeared it to many even outside the field of ancient history.

Spectacle And Society In Livy S History

Autore: Andrew Feldherr
Editore: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520919693
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Public spectacle—from the morning rituals of the Roman noble to triumphs and the shows of the Arena—formed a crucial component of the language of power in ancient Rome. The historian Livy (c. 60 B.C.E.-17 C.E.), who provides our fullest description of Rome's early history, presents his account of the growth of the Roman state itself as something to be seen—a visual monument and public spectacle. Through analysis of several episodes in Livy's History, Andrew Feldherr demonstrates the ways in which Livy uses specific visual imagery to make the reader not only an observer of certain key events in Roman history but also a participant in those events. This innovative study incorporates recent literary and cultural theory with detailed historical analysis to put an ancient text into dialogue with contemporary discussions of visual culture. In Spectacle and Society in Livy's History, Feldherr shows how Livy uses the literary representation of spectacles from the Roman past to construct a new sense of civic identity among his readers. He offers a new way of understanding how Livy's technique addressed the political and cultural needs of Roman citizens in Livy's day. In addition to renewing our understanding of Livy through modern scholarship, Feldherr provides a new assessment of the historian's aims and methods by asking what it means for the historian to make readers spectators of history.


Autore: Carl East
Editore: Carl East
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Alice is at a loss to find work that is both enjoyable and worth pursuing, until the day she is led to one that seems too good to be true. What follows is an adventure concerning hermaphrodites with super powers and an ability to read minds she never knew she possessed. ***Authors Note*** Please be aware that this is an erotic thriller with Futa girls, if you don’t like such stories, stay away as you won’t like it. If, on the other hand, you have no problem with imaginative storylines, you will enjoy this tale. This tale is graphic in nature and is intended for adults only. All characters depicted are 19 or older.

The Age Of Innocence

Autore: Edith Wharton
Editore: Windsor Editions
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Science In The Kitchen And The Art Of Eating Well

Autore: Pellegrino Artusi
Editore: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442690968
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First published in 1891, Pellegrino Artusi?s La scienza in cucina e l?arte di mangier bene has come to be recognized as the most significant Italian cookbook of modern times. It was reprinted thirteen times and had sold more than 52,000 copies in the years before Artusi?s death in 1910, with the number of recipes growing from 475 to 790. And while this figure has not changed, the book has consistently remained in print. Although Artusi was himself of the upper classes and it was doubtful he had ever touched a kitchen utensil or lit a fire under a pot, he wrote the book not for professional chefs, as was the nineteenth-century custom, but for middle-class family cooks: housewives and their domestic helpers. His tone is that of a friendly advisor ? humorous and nonchalant. He indulges in witty anecdotes about many of the recipes, describing his experiences and the historical relevance of particular dishes. Artusi?s masterpiece is not merely a popular cookbook; it is a landmark work in Italian culture. This English edition (first published by Marsilio Publishers in 1997) features a delightful introduction by Luigi Ballerini that traces the fascinating history of the book and explains its importance in the context of Italian history and politics. The illustrations are by the noted Italian artist Giuliano Della Casa.