Child Of The Ghosts

Autore: Jonathan Moeller
Editore: Azure Flame Media, LLC
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Here is a new story of a woman's fight against an ancient evil in a world of swords, sorcery, intrigue, and danger. When her life is torn apart by sorcery and murder, young Caina Amalas joins the Ghosts, the legendary spies and assassins of the Emperor of Nighmar. She learns the secrets of disguise and stealth, of assassination and infiltration. But even that might not be enough to save her. For the evil that destroyed her family seeks to devour the entire world... Available for free in ebook format.

My Child Sees Ghosts

Autore: Gypsy Garcia
ISBN: 1257067540
Grandezza: 73,29 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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"My Child Sees Ghosts" by Gypsy Garcia is a complete manual for parents and children of the paranormal. Full of information for parents with children who see ghost and spirits, have nightmares and paranormal experiences. This book helps you understand what is happening, how to deal with it, and things you and your child can do to assist you along your journey. Living with gifts is a blessing and when you learn how to deal and control the gifts your journey becomes an adventure.

The Ghost S Child

Autore: Sonya Hartnett
ISBN: 1459621239
Grandezza: 64,36 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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This is a romantic tale about a young girl's love for a boy named Feather. At the beginning, Maddy comes home to find a teenage boy sitting in her living room. She does not know him, but tells the boy the story of her life and her life with Feather. At the story's end we find the boy is Maddy's unborn child and she is dead. Ages 13+. Winner of Children's Book Council of Australia Awards: Book of the Year - Older Readers 2008. Shortlisted for Commonwealth Writers' Prize Best Book - SE Asia and South Pacific 2008.

A Child S Eye View Of Ghosts And Hauntings

Autore: Alan Leddon
ISBN: 1312682035
Grandezza: 71,85 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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People all over the world have long believed that the dead can come back to visit the living. Worldwide, people envision see-through, airy, frightening beings who return to point out killers, complete unfinished work, visit loved ones, or seek vindication. Why does everyone imagine the same thing? Maybe it is not imagination... In this latest Child's Eye View Book, Alan Leddon presents information on 60 types of Ghosts from world mythology, as well as thirty-eight mythological figures associated with ghosts and their journeys. A long vocabulary list of terms related to ghost studies and a list of fifteen fairly well known hauntings round out the superb research of this excellent book. The author discusses why funerals are important (it is not why you think ) and explains why different cultures have a similar view of the restless dead. This is not a collection of almost spooky stories...this is a textbook of real world beliefs and practices.

Ghost Child

Autore: Barbara Norton
ISBN: 0557389704
Grandezza: 80,14 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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This is a gripping novel, set in the small Colorado mountain town of Sprucehaven. A family, newly transplanted from Chicago, discovers that the old house they have moved into is apparently haunted. But not by any ordinary ghost. Together with her new school friends, Jenny, the 12 year old daughter, forms the Paranormal Club to see if there really is some spirit or something more explainable. What they uncover is a shocking trail of events linking to World War II, Nazi Germany, spies, a tragic accident ' and the ghost. As the mystery unfolds, the revelations will haunt Jenny, her friends and her family for the rest of their lives.This is the first book of a series by Barbara Norton about the mysteries and hauntings of a small Colorado mountain town.

Ghost Child

Autore: Caroline Overington
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 1448164540
Grandezza: 44,99 MB
Formato: PDF
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From the bestselling author of I Came to Say Goodbye. Can you ever escape the secrets of your past? Perfect for fans of Susan Lewis The photograph shows four smiling children. But look closer and you can tell that one of the boys has been crying. Weeks later, that little boy is dead. His mother and her boyfriend are in prison for his murder, and his brother and sisters have been fostered to separate families. No one knows for sure what happened that day, except, possibly, the three remaining children, and they’re not talking. But the past cannot be buried forever, and years later, when the truth about what happened is revealed, will it bring a final healing? Or will the legacy of fear that the children have lived with for so long, finally destroy them?


Autore: Robert Harris
Editore: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641108314
Grandezza: 53,62 MB
Formato: PDF
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Hochbrisant, Topaktuell Der britische Ex-Premierminister Adam Lang will seine Memoiren veröffentlichen. Nach dem dubiosen Tod seines Ghostwriters recherchiert dessen Nachfolger genauer als verlangt und macht eine Entdeckung, die zu einem weltpolitischen Chaos führen kann. War der Premier im „Krieg gegen den Terror“ eine Marionette der CIA? Niemand zuvor hat Großbritannien so lange regiert wie Premierminister Adam Lang. Nun ist er aus dem Amt geschieden, und alle Welt erwartet sehnsüchtig die Memoiren des charismatischen Machtmenschen. Sensationelle zehn Millionen Dollar Vorschuss hat ihm sein amerikanischer Verleger geboten. Unter zwei Bedingungen: Das Buch muss binnen zwei Jahren auf dem Markt sein, und der Ex-Premier soll in Sachen Krieg gegen den Terror kein Blatt vor den Mund nehmen. Ein halbes Jahr vor dem Termin passiert das Undenkbare: Am Ufer der US-amerikanischen Insel Martha’s Vineyard, wohin sich Adam Lang zum Arbeiten an seinen Erinnerungen zurückgezogen hat, wird die Leiche seines Ghostwriters angeschwemmt. War es Mord? Schnell wird ein Ersatzmann gefunden, der auf eigene Faust noch genauer als sein Vorgänger in der Vergangenheit des Machtpolitikers recherchiert. Und dabei stößt er auf Dinge, die so brisant sind, dass deren Veröffentlichung zu einem weltpolitischen Chaos führen würde.

Child Of The Holy Ghost

Autore: Robert Laxalt
Editore: University of Nevada Press
ISBN: 9780874171969
Grandezza: 76,67 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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private scandal, the villagers who will keep from the world what is dear to them.

Kids Who See Ghosts

Autore: Caron B. Goode
Editore: Weiser Books
ISBN: 9781609251680
Grandezza: 43,12 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 6186
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Nothing frightens a parent more than feeling totally helpless when their child reports, “I’m scared. There’s a ghost in my room. I won’t sleep there.” Onerous questions come to mind, “Is my kid nuts? Am I nuts for believing them? How can I help with something invisible? How am I supposed to fight a phantom?” For the first time, Kids Who See Ghosts provides the answers to these questions, and offers adults guidance in tackling the subject with children. The highly intuitive child is empathic, psychic, or sensitive and can see ghosts. Parental responses to such events range from abject fear, to supporting their child, being unable to act, to visiting doctors and therapists. This guide bridges the gap from mainstream to the metaphysical, providing answers and guidance. It doesn’t matter whether parents believe in ghosts to know how to help children through frightening experiences. Goode challenges readers to open their minds for the journey through ghost tales and to learn empowerment strategies for their kids. Kids Who See Ghosts includes interviews with experts from diverse backgrounds, from Dr. Bruce Lipton to Lynn Andrews, from science to shamanism, to give a well rounded perspective on our perception of the afterlife, intuition, psychic abilities, and belief.

Ghosts In The Middle Ages

Autore: Jean-Claude Schmitt
Editore: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226738888
Grandezza: 53,35 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 2803
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Using many different medieval texts, Schmitt examines medieval religious culture and the significance of the widespread belief in ghosts, asking who returned, to whom, from where, in what form, and why. Through this vivid study, we can see the ways in which the dead and the living related to each other. Schmitt focuses on everyday ghosts - recently departed ordinary people who were a part of the complex social world of the living. Schmitt argues that beliefs and the imaginary depend above all on the structures and functioning of society and culture, and he shows how the Christian culture of the Middle Ages enlarged the notion of ghosts and created many opportunities for the dead to appear. Schmitt also points out that the church happily proliferated ghost stories as a way to promote the liturgy of the dead, to develop pious sentiments among parishioners, and to solicit alms on behalf of a relative or friend's salvation.