Cultura Cinese Segno Scrittura E Civilt

Author: Alessandra C. Lavagnino
ISBN: 9788843070022
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The Librarians Of Alexandria

Author: Alessandra Lavagnino
Editor: Steerforth Press
ISBN: 9781586420994
Size: 18,55 MB
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Drawn from actual events and characters in the author’s family history,The Librarians of Alexandriais a multi-generational saga spanning the years from the Unification of Italy in 1870 to the end of the Second World War. The librarians are the two Sisters Canterno: the beautiful, impassioned Marta and the withdrawn yet loving Margherita. Their intertwining stories are told by Marta’s daughter, Adriana, who alternately narrates as a young girl and as a grown woman, reminiscing with the aged and infirm Margherita. Set in Alexandria, Rome, and Palermo, the novel is at once circular and epic, a love song to culture – to languages and books, art and music – told in sensuous prose that evokes the sounds of rustling parchment manuscripts, parlor games, songs, and the strife of antiaircraft fire, while conjuring the scents of old libraries, dusty alleys, silkworm farms, and mandarin oranges.

Description Of American English Phonology A

Author: Pierfranca Forchini
ISBN: 9788883119842
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My Several Worlds

Author: Pearl S. Buck
Editor: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480421235
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The extraordinary and eventful personal account of the life of Pearl S. Buck, the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature Often regarded as one of Pearl S. Buck’s most significant works, My Several Worlds is the memoir of a major novelist and one of the key American chroniclers of China. Buck, who was born to missionary parents in 1892, spent much of the first portion of her life in China, experiencing the Boxer Rebellion first hand and becoming involved with the society with an intimacy available to few outside observers. The book is not only an important reflection on that nation’s modern history, but also an account of her re-engagement with America and the intense activity that characterized her life there, from her prolific novel-writing to her loves and friendships to her work for abandoned children and other humanitarian causes. As alive with incident as it is illuminating in its philosophy, My Several Worlds is essential reading for travelers and readers alike. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Pearl S. Buck including rare images from the author’s estate.


Author: Francesco Verso
Editor: Xou Pty Limited
ISBN: 9781921134906
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'Francesco Verso brings classic cyberpunk attitude to grand romantic obsession . . . a thoughtful meditation on what it means to be human and an exciting peek into a world that is just around the corner.' - James Patrick Kelly (Nebula, Locus and Hugo Award winner) In a future where most of Earth into a junk heap, Peter Payne is a trashformer, a scavenger, a kid under the thumb of a world too brutal to stay human. When his chance to change his fate is violently torn away, he embarks on a quest to rebuild the object of his obsession. Examining themes such as cybernetics, prosthetics, consumerism, robotics and transcendence, Nexhuman expands on classic science fiction to build a world as deep and searching as its main character. First published in Italian by Delos Books in 2013. First English edition published in Fantastica 2014 as Livid, rereleased 2015 as Nexhuman.


Editor: Operina LLC
ISBN: 1934227188
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Lcm Journal Vol 3 2016 No 1 Verso Nuove Frontiere Dell Eteroglossia The New Frontiers Of Heteroglossia

Author: Gabriella Cartago
Editor: LED Edizioni Universitarie
ISBN: 8879167901
Size: 19,47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Table of Contents: Editoriale. “Scrivere in una lingua straniera è un atto pagano”, Gabriella Cartago - L’italiano di Pieter Paul Rubens in qualità di “secretario” di Jan Brueghel dei Velluti, Rosa Argenziano - Letterature e lingue sul confine orientale, Cristina Benussi - Tra le lingue, tra le culture: intorno al manoscritto italiano “Ville romane: in memoriam” di Vernon Lee, Marco Canani - Una lettura ‘bachtiniana’ dell’opera critica di Gao Xingjian 高行健, Simona Gallo - Scrivere “in altre parole” Jhumpa Lahiri e la lingua italiana, Andrea Groppaldi, Giuseppe Sergio - L’heterolinguisme en scene: français et arabe(s) à l’oeuvre dans ‘Junun’ de Jalila Baccar, Chiara Lusetti - Raccontarsi bilingue. “Le Vie di New York” di Martino Iasoni, Martino Marazzi - Due casi limite dell’autotraduzione: ‘Il castello dei destini incrociati’ di Calvino e ‘Il Capitale’ di Marx, Iris Plack - Esempi di eteroglossia nel paesaggio linguistico milanese, Marcella Uberti-Bona - Autori / Authors

A History Of Writing In Japan

Author: Christopher Seeley
Editor: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 9780824822170
Size: 14,16 MB
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This book deals chronologically with the history of writing in Japan, a subject which spans a period of 2,000 years, beginning with the transmission of writing from China in about the first or second century AD, and concluding with the use of written Japanese with computers. Topics dealt with include the adoption of Chinese writing and its subsequent adaptation in Japan, forms of writing employed in works such as the "Kojiki" and "Man'yoshu," development of the "kana" syllabaries, evolution of mixed character-"kana" orthography, historical "kana" usage, the rise of literacy during the Edo period, and the main changes that have taken place in written Japanese in the modern period (ca. 1868 onwards). This is the first full-length work in a European language to provide the Western reader with an overall account of the subject concerned, based on extensive examination of both primary and secondary materials.

Waste Tide

Author: Chen Qiufan
Editor: Tor Books
ISBN: 0765389320
Size: 19,55 MB
Format: PDF
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Mimi is a 'waste girl.’ A member of the lowest caste on Silicon Isle, located off China’s southeastern coast, and home to the world’s largest electronic waste recycling center. There, thousands of miles from home, Mimi struggles to earn a living for her family and dreams of a better life. Luo Jincheng is the head of one of three clans who run the island, a role passed down from his father and grandfather before him. As the government enforces tighter restrictions, Luo in turn tightens the reins on the waste workers in his employ. Ruthlessness is his means of survival. Scott Brandle has come to Silicon Isle representing TerraGreen Recycling, an American corporation that stands to earn ungodly sums if they can reach a deal to modernize the island’s recycling process. Chen Kaizong, a Chinese American, travels to Silicon Isle as Scott’s interpreter. There, Kaizong is hoping to find his heritage, but finds only more questions. The home he longs for may not exist. As these forces collide, a dark futuristic virus is unleashed on the island. Against the backdrop of a gritty near-future Chinese landscape, in a world of body modifications and virtual reality, a war erupts -- between the rich and the poor; between ancient traditions and modern ambition; between humanity’s past and its future. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.