Immortal Dreams

Autore: Jennifer Sage
ISBN: 9781492342939
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Isabel has had some very unusual experiences when it comes to men. In fact, they typically tend to steer completely clear of her. One lousy tornado and a few storms and she is dubbed 'lighting girl' by all. However, on the eve of her 22nd birthday things change literally, overnight. When Isabel wakes up in a dream with a man not fit for human consumption she can't believe it. And upon waking things go even more haywire. Never could she have imagined the world that she sees once the 'blinders' are off. Abandoned by the very person who sent these gifts to her to see the world for what it is, she is naturally skeptical of it all. Her men problems before were laughable. Enter two of the most gorgeous creatures she had ever laid eyes upon. Add a curse and a requirement to pick one in the next 9 days. Make that nights, since she can only reach them in her dreams. Oh, and it just so happens if she picks the wrong one then the veil between all the magical realms could be destroyed and create ultimate chaos and death. Both men want to seduce her and make her his, but only one will lead to restoring the realms, and her heart. So heavy the burden, so great the stakes. Will she even survive the war that has already begun to rage between the worlds before her choice is made? There are the waking hours too, that are contending for her fate. And very little help is on her side....


Autore: Karl Marx
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Wuthering Heights

Autore: Emily Brontë
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On World Government Or De Monarchia

Autore: Dante Alighieri
Editore: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 1434454142
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A book of religious and political philosophy.

De Profundis

Autore: Oscar Wilde
Grandezza: 25,63 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 1840
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Instructions For The Netherworld

Autore: Alberto Bernabé Pajares
Editore: BRILL
ISBN: 9004163719
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Orphic gold tables are key documents for the knowledge of rites and beliefs of Orphics, an atypical group that configured a highly original creed and that influenced powerfully over other Greek writers and thinkers. The recent discovery of some tablets has forced a noteworthy modification of some points of view and a review ofthe different hypothesis proposed about them. The book presents a complete edition of the texts, their translation and some fundamental keys for their interpretation, in an attempt at updating our current knowledge on Orphic ideas about the soul and the Afterlife stated in those texts. The work is improved with an appendix of iconographic annotations in which some plastic representations in drawings are reproduced related to the universe of tablets, selected and commented on by Ricardo Olmos.

Writings Of Saint Francis Of Assisi

Autore: Saint Francis of Assisi
Editore: Aeterna Press
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The writings of St. Francis may, as is obvious, be considered from more than one point of view. Premising this, we are afforded a clue to the difficulty which has led students of Franciscan sources to divide themselves into two camps as to the objective value of these writings. Indeed, one writer goes so far as to compare the attitude of modern scholars toward them to that of the “Spiritual” and Conventual Friars respectively in the first century of Franciscan history. Aeterna Press

Healing Logics

Autore: Erika Brady
Editore: University Press of Colorado
ISBN: 0874214548
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Scholars in folklore and anthropology are more directly involved in various aspects of medicine—such as medical education, clinical pastoral care, and negotiation of transcultural issues—than ever before. Old models of investigation that artificially isolated "folk medicine," "complementary and alternative medicine," and "biomedicine" as mutually exclusive have proven too limited in exploring the real-life complexities of health belief systems as they observably exist and are applied by contemporary Americans. Recent research strongly suggests that individuals construct their health belief systmes from diverse sources of authority, including community and ethnic tradition, education, spiritual beliefs, personal experience, the influence of popular media, and perception of the goals and means of formal medicine. Healing Logics explores the diversity of these belief systems and how they interact—in competing, conflicting, and sometimes remarkably congruent ways. This book contains essays by leading scholars in the field and a comprehensive bibliography of folklore and medicine.

Dante Encyclopedia

Autore: Richard Lansing
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1136849718
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The Dante Encyclopedia is a comprehensive resource that presents a systematic introduction to Dante's life and works and the cultural context in which his moral and intellectual imagination took shape.


Autore: Josiah Blackmore
Editore: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 0816648328
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Delving into the Portuguese imperial experience, 'Moorings' enriches our understanding of historical and literary imagination during a significant period of Western expansion.