De Orthographia Consuetudini Non Serviente Commentatio

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When The Shooting Stops The Cutting Begins

Autore: Ralph Rosenblum
Editore: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 9780306802720
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The film editor responsible for editing Annie Hall, The Pawnbroker, The Producers, and other successful films, describes the challenges, frustrations, and triumphs of this crucial but rarely appreciated art

The Longest Trip Home

Autore: John Grogan
Editore: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0733626793
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Told with the same blend of humour and poignancy that made Marley & Me beloved by millions around the world, this is John Grogan's story of a boy and his family and of life long before that dog. Finding your place in the world can be the longest trip home... In his international bestseller Marley & Me, John Grogan perfectly described the love of a family for their wondrously neurotic dog. He made us laugh and cry, and showed how love can come in many forms. Now, in The Longest Trip Home, John writes with the same honesty, openness and humour about the relationship between a boy and his parents. As a 'bad' boy in a good family, John didn't always live up to his parents' expectations, but as a man he came to understand the unconditional love they gave him. In this book, John describes his painful, funny and poignant journey into adulthood. A fateful call from his father would lead him on the next leg of his journey - the trip back home. As warm and moving as Marley & Me, The Longest Trip Home is a lyrical tribute to the power of family and love. PRAISE for The Longest Trip Home: 'Grogan follows up Marley & Me with a hilarious and touching memoir of his childhood in suburban Detroit.' Publishers Weekly (starred) 'If you enjoyed Marley & Me, you'll be equally amused and moved by this story' The Weekend Australian 'The strength of this book is the poignancy of the father-son relationship.' Sun-Herald 'moving and written with humour' The Age 'sentences that are lyrical and observations that are wry and witty' The Washington Post 'It's easy to think of John Grogan as your new best friend after reading this memoir.' Herald Sun

Radio Wave Propagation

Autore: Lucien Boithias
Editore: McGraw-Hill Companies
ISBN: 9780070064331
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Recycle This Book

Autore: Dan Gutman
Editore: Yearling
ISBN: 0375891765
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With essays from renowned children’s book authors such as Ann Brashares, Jeanne DuPrau, Caroline B. Cooney, Laurie Halse Anderson, Bruce Coville, Gennifer Choldenko, and over 100 others, each piece is an informative and inspiring call to kids of all ages to understand what’s happening to the environment, and to take action in saving our world. Helpful tips and facts are interspersed throughout. This book will be a great classroom tool to teach young readers how they can help to make the Earth a greener place.

Molecular Biological Methods For Bacillus

Autore: Colin R. Harwood
Editore: Wiley
ISBN: 9780471923930
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Molecular Biological Methods for Bacillus Edited by C. R. Harwood, Department of Microbiology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and S. M. Cutting, The Biological Laboratories, Harvard University, USA This volume represents the first major attempt to produce a compendium of the experimental methods used for the analysis of Bacillus, one of the most important procaryotic genera. Since the pioneering work on the transformation and genetic analysis of Bacillus subtilis by John Spizizen and his colleagues in the late 1950s this microorganism has been extensively studied and is now one of the best understood. More than forty of the world’s leading researchers in the field have generously contributed experimental procedures—devised and used in their laboratories—to this book. The aim throughout has been to present methods as simple step-by-step protocols which have been thoroughly tried and tested. The context in which the methods are used is discussed in detail and relevant information provided on the physiology and genetics of Bacillus. In addition valuable support is provided in the form of troubleshooting tips and advice on safety, the preparation of reagents, and the use of equipment. The book will be invaluable to those working with the genus Bacillus and related genera—both established researchers and those wishing to use this important microorganism for the first time.

The Siege

Autore: Troy Denning
Editore: Wizards of the Coast
ISBN: 078695969X
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For Evereska, the last elven refuge on Faerûn, it’s a battle for survival. For the Chosen of Mystra, it’s a potent rival for their goddess’s dominion over magic. For the human realms of Faerûn, it’s a permanent shift in the balance of power. For a lost race of powerful archwizards, it’s a flying mountain they call home. From the author of The Summoning, Beyond the High Road, and Death of the Dragon (with Ed Greenwood), the Realms-shaking Return of the Archwizards series continues!

The Lost Art Of Disciple Making

Autore: LeRoy Eims
Editore: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780310372813
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The fruit of many years of personal experience and seminars on disciple making, this is an extremely helpful book for Christian leaders and laypersons desiring to have personal discipling ministries.