Encyclical Letter Deus Caritas Est Of The Supreme Pontiff Benedict Xvi To The Bishops Priests And Deacons Men And Women Religious And All The Lay Faithful On Christian Love

Autore: Pope Benedict XVI
Editore: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 9781586171636
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Formato: PDF
Vista: 1979
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Presents an encyclical letter from the Pope on the subject of love, discussing different kinds of love and their natures, describing the vital importance of God's love, and exploring how the Church practices love.

The Way Of Love

Autore: Livio Melina
Editore: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 9781586171674
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Formato: PDF, Docs
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In response to Benedict XVI's first encyclical, the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies and Marriage and Family reflects, together with the Holy Father, on love. From the very beginning, the fundamental work of the Institute has been pursuing a deeper understanding of God's plan for marriage and family. In these tewnty-five years various generations of students and professors, following the legacy of John Paul II, have been able to discover and communicate the beauty of the vocation for which all men have been created: the call to love. Twenty-six professors from the Institute's various sessions express what in their understanding are the main themes of the document, approaching the topics raised by the Holy Father with different theological and philosophical perspectives; by so doing they have highlighted the significance and fecundity of the lines of thought suggested by the Pope. This book is offered as a path towards a fuller understanding the profunditiy and richness of the love with which God fills us and wants us to communicate in our turn.

Deus Caritas Est

Autore: Papa Benedicto XVI
Editore: Encuentro
ISBN: 9788474908022
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Vista: 3071
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«Hemos creído en el amor de Dios: así puede expresar el cristiano la opción fundamental de su vida. No se comienza a ser cristiano por una decisión ética o una gran idea, sino por el encuentro con un acontecimiento, con una Persona, que da un nuevo horizonte a la vida y, con ello, una orientación decisiva». La primera encíclica de Benedicto XVI, introducida y comentada, apartado a apartado, por uno de los teólogos más próximos al Papa: el cardenal Angelo Scola, patriarca de Venecia.

La Identidad De Caritas A La Luz De La Enc Clica Deus Caritas Est

Editore: Cáritas Española
ISBN: 848440501X
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Vista: 6399
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Este primer título de la colección Documentos de trabajo aborda la identidad de Caritas al hilo de la encíclica Deus Caritas est que el Papa Benedicto XVI publicó hace tres años.

Deus Caritas Est

ISBN: 9788388843723
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Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 1356
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El Dios Visible

Autore: Juan Antonio Martínez Camino
Editore: Ediciones San Dámaso
ISBN: 8496318265
Grandezza: 64,82 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 4671
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Dio Amore Commento E Guida Alla Lettura Dell Enciclica Deus Caritas Est Di Benedetto Xvi

Autore: Elena Lea Bartolini
Editore: Paoline
ISBN: 9788831530262
Grandezza: 36,23 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 2118
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Connecting Jesus To Social Justice

Autore: S. J. Hughson
Editore: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442223960
Grandezza: 20,97 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 8131
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Many Christians see the societal dimension of their faith as a matter of biblical and social ethics. Returning to classical Christology, Connecting Jesus to Social Justice explores messianic potential in the Council of Chalcedon on the divine identity of Christ. Who Jesus is makes all the difference to Christian entrance into the public sphere on behalf of a just society. The Messiah’s divinity bears on social mission directed toward a just social order. Theological appropriation of Chalcedon overcomes a gap between the professing the Creed and interpreting social existence in light of a just social order. Connecting Jesus to Social Justice argues a doctrinally traditional, orthodox basis for Christian participation in the public sphere on behalf of social justice. The book addresses a situation internal to churches in the U.S. from a Catholic perspective yet not without analogies in other churches and Christian movements. Applying traditional Christology to contemporary social mission solidifies an answer to adversarial queries on the appropriateness of a social agenda. Implications in the classical Christology also confirm churches and discipleship in commitment to social justice promoted through a subaltern counter-public and then by word and deed in the public sphere.

At The Limits Of The Secular

Autore: William A. Barbieri
Editore: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 1467440280
Grandezza: 26,17 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 9838
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This volume presents an integrated collection of constructive essays by eminent Catholic scholars addressing the new challenges and opportunities facing religious believers under shifting conditions of secularity and "post-secularity." Using an innovative "keywords" approach, At the Limits of the Secular is an interdisciplinary effort to think through the implications of secular consciousness for the role of religion in public affairs. The book responds in some ways to Charles Taylor's magnum opus, A Secular Age, although it also stands on its own. It features an original essay by David Tracy -- the most prominent American Catholic theologian writing today -- and groundbreaking contributions by influential younger theologians such as Peter Casarella, William Cavanaugh, and Vincent Miller. CONTRIBUTORS William A. Barbieri Jr. Peter Casarella William T. Cavanaugh Michele Dillon Mary Doak Anthony J. Godzieba Slavica Jakelic J. Paul Martin Vincent J. Miller Philip J. Rossi Robert J. Schreiter David Tracy

Deus Caritas Est Dieu Est Amour

Autore: Benoit Xvi
Editore: Les Editions Blanche de Peuterey
ISBN: 2368780548
Grandezza: 60,93 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 8325
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Deus caritas est - Dieu est amour - est la première encyclique de Benoît XVI Un texte dans lequel le pape expique la différence entre l'amour "eros" et l'amour "agapé", l'amour de don de soi. Après une première partie théorique, le pape s'arrête à "l'exercice de l'amour de la part de l'Eglise", partie dans laquelle il détaille son action caritative