Diario De Oaxaca

Author: Peter Kuper
Editor: PM Press
ISBN: 1629634573
Size: 10,21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Painting a vivid, personal portrait of social and political upheaval in Oaxaca, Mexico, this unique memoir employs comics, bilingual essays, photos, and sketches to chronicle the events that unfolded around a teachers' strike and led to a seven-month siege. When award-winning cartoonist Peter Kuper and his family moved to the 16th-century colonial town of Oaxaca in 2006, they planned to spend a quiet year or two enjoying a different culture and taking a break from the U.S. political climate under the Bush administration. What they hadn't counted on was landing in the epicenter of Mexico's biggest political struggle in recent years. Timely and compelling, this extraordinary firsthand account presents a distinct artistic vision of Oaxacan life, from explorations of the beauty of the environment to graphic portrayals of the fight between strikers and government troops that left more than 20 people dead, including American journalist Brad Will. This expanded paperback edition includes 32 pages of new material.

The Diario Of Christopher Columbus S First Voyage To America 1492 1493

Editor: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 9780806123844
Size: 17,32 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 902

This definitive edition of Columbus's account of the voyage presents the most accurate printed version of his journal available to date. Unfortunately both Columbus's original manuscript, presented to Ferdinand and Isabella along with other evidence of his discoveries, and a single complete copy have been lost for centuries. The primary surviving record of the voyage-part quotation, part summary of the complete copy-is a transcription made by Bartolome de las Casas in the 1530s. This new edition of the Las Casas manuscript presents its entire contents-including notes, insertions, and canceled text-more accurately, completely, and graphically than any other Spanish text published so far. In addition, the new translation, which strives for readability and accuracy, appears on pages facing the Spanish, encouraging on-the- spot comparisons of the translation with the original. Study of the work is further facilitated by extensive notes, documenting differences between the editors' transcription and translation and those of other transcribers and translators and summarizing current research and debates on unanswered current research and debates on unanswered questions concerning the voyage. In addition to being the only edition in which Spanish and English are presented side by side, this edition includes the only concordance ever prepared for the Diario. Awaited by scholars, this new edition will help reduce the guesswork that has long plagued the study of Columbus's voyage. It may shed light on a number of issues related to Columbus's navigational methods and the identity of his landing places, issues whose resolution depend, at least in part, on an accurate transcription of the Diario. Containing day-by-day accounts of the voyage and the first sighting of land, of the first encounters with the native populations and the first appraisals of his islands explored, and of a suspenseful return voyage to Spain, the Diario provides a fascinating and useful account to historians, geographers, anthropologists, sailors, students, and anyone else interested in the discovery-or in a very good sea story. Oliver Dunn received the PH.D. degree from Cornell University. He is Professor Emeritus in Purdue University and a longtime student of Spanish and early history of Spanish America. James E. Kelley, Jr., received the M.A. degree from American University. A mathematician and computer and management consultant by vocation, for the past twenty years he has studied the history of European cartography and navigation in late-medieval times. Both are members of the Society for the History of Discoveries and have written extensively on the history of navigation and on Columbus's first voyage, Although they remain unconvinced of its conclusions, both were consultants to the National geographic Society's 1986 effort to establish Samana Cay as the site of Columbus's first landing.


Author: Junípero Serra
Size: 18,65 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Diario I

Author: J. Krishnamurti
Editor: Editorial Kairós
ISBN: 9788472454415
Size: 13,53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Un documento único dentro de la producción del genial autor; si toda su obra anterior nace de transcripciones de charlas y conferencias, aquí es él mismo quien escribe acerca de sus vivencias personales más profundas. Una fuente natural rebosante de espontaneidad y frescor.


Author: Ken Wilber
Editor: Editorial Kairós
ISBN: 847245438X
Size: 14,26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 344

«Si estos diarios contienen un tema, es que el cuerpo, la mente y el alma no se excluyen mutuamente. Los deseos de la carne, las ideas de la mente y las luminosidades del alma son expresiones del Espíritu radiante que habita el universo, gestos sublimes de la Gran Perfección que, ella sola, deslumbra más que el mundo. Hay sólo un sabor en todo el Cosmos, y ese sabor es divino, aparezca en la carne, la mente o el alma.» Ken Wilber.

Diario De Navegacion

Author: Vicente Vila
Size: 11,63 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Diario De Una Adolescente

Author: Anne Frank
Editor: Vintage Espanol
ISBN: 0307832376
Size: 18,37 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 830

Un testimonio único sobre el horror y la barbarie, y una celebración del espíritu humano y las ganas de vivir Diario de una adolescente es una de las biografías más queridas de todos los tiempos, además de uno de los documentos más perdurables del siglo XX. Desde su publicación en 1947, continua cautivando a lectores de todas las edades y ha sido leído por millones de personas en todo el mundo. En junio de 1942, tras la invasión Nazi de Holanda, los 8 miembros de la familia Frank, se ocultaron en una buhardilla anexa al edificio donde el padre de Anne tenía sus oficinas. Allí permanecieron recluidos hasta agosto de 1944, fecha en que fueron detenidos y enviados a campos de concentración. En ese lugar y en las más precarias condiciones, Anne Frank, con tan solo trece años, escribió su estremecedor Diario. Descubierto poco tiempo después en ese mismo ático, Diario de una adolescente captura el admirable espíritu de Anne y su familia, mientras sobreviven al horror más grande que el mundo moderno había visto sin jamás perder su sobrecogedora humanidad.

El Diario De Una Bruja

Author: Phyllis Curott
Editor: LD Books
ISBN: 9789707321502
Size: 18,89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 841

Over time, book of shadows has come to refer to a witch's journal, a diary of spells, chants, and rituals. Here Curott, a high priestess of the New York City-based Circle of Ara & the Minoan fellowship and a practicing lawyer, uses 13 chapters to tell the story of her personal encounter with the ways of the Goddess, with insight into the contemporary practice of witchcraft, or Wicca.

El Diario De Julia Y Otras Verdades Sencillas

Author: Julia de Burgos
ISBN: 9780962396854
Size: 13,23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 139

Diario Nomade

Author: Giovanni Cecchetti
Editor: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9780820474021
Size: 17,46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 821

Giovanni Cecchetti's "Nomad Diary" begins with -The Great Valley-, a superb long poem which shows the course of the planet framing the course of humankind and civilization. Following poems feature mesmerizing crocodiles, crazy cypresses, giant mosquitoes, the -pollen of jazz- of New Orleans, drunken islands, and an enchanted teenager in the sea. A short collection of elegant epigrams rounds out the volume. The West and Southwest were dear to Cecchetti and appear throughout the book. His essay -On Writing Poetry in a Foreign Land- has been translated here by Raymond Petrillo."