Die Beginnende Schizophrenie

Autore: Klaus Conrad
ISBN: 9783884145258
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Hidden Resources

Autore: Dan Zahavi
Editore: Imprint Academic
ISBN: 9780907845966
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The essays reflect the interests of the Center for Subjectivity Research and seek to address the following issue: To what extent can the current discussion of consciousness in mainstream cognitive science and analytical philosophy of mind profit from insights drawn from the investigations of subjectivity found in the Kantian and post-Kantian tradition as well as in the phenomenological and hermeneutical tradition. The contributions include some that are philosophical, while others relate to issues in empirical science, such as pscyhopathology, cognitive neuroscience, and developmental psychology.

Negative Versus Positive Schizophrenia

Autore: Andreas Marneros
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642768415
Grandezza: 64,95 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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Morality Within The Life And Social World

Autore: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400937733
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The Assessment Of Psychosis

Autore: Flavie Waters
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1134628692
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This book reviews the descriptive features of psychotic symptoms in various medical conditions (psychiatric, early psychosis, general medical, neurological and dementia), non-medical settings (individuals without the need for care or at high risk for psychosis) and age groups (children and adolescents, adults, older adults). Similarly, the perspectives of many disciplines are provided (history, psychiatry, psychology, psychopathology, neurology, phenomenological philosophy) so that readers may become familiar with different approaches that are used to define, evaluate and categorize psychosis, at times independently of clinical diagnosis. This book is a resource book for those requiring an understanding of clinical and conceptual issues associated with psychosis, with chapters written by academics and clinicians who are leaders in their respective fields. The book also provides a guide regarding the methods of assessment for psychosis and its symptoms, with 120 rating scales, which are described and evaluated. The Assessment of Psychosis will be particularly useful to the clinical and research community, but also to readers interested in individual differences and human psychopathology.

Early Detection And Management Of Mental Disorders

Autore: Mario Maj
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470010843
Grandezza: 74,61 MB
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Research evidence concerning the precursors (a sign or symptom that heralds another) and prodromes (an early or premonitory symptom of a disease) of the various mental disorders is growing but is at present widely dispersed and inaccessible. Clinicians have to rely on their own experience, which is often limited, when faced with several delicate diagnostic and treatment issues. This book aims to approach for the first time in a comprehensive way this emerging area of clinical psychiatry. The World Health Organisation has found that mental disorders such as depression and psychosis rank in the top 10 of leading causes of disability in the world, creating a significant social, emotional and economic burden for young people, their families and society. Early detection of these potentially disabling disorders and treatment at the time of initial onset can greatly improve long-term outcomes and effect dramatic cost-savings. The related Birchwood title has sold nearly 2300 copies and is popular at psychiatry conferences. From an R&D perspective, industry have a stake in this area. Obviously, if biomarkers or other prodromal evidence can be determined in various disorders, then drugs will start to be dispensed earlier. The topic has increased in popularity as a subject for satellite symposia e.g Jeffrey Lieberman chaired the Bristol Myers Squibb symposia at the American Psychiatric Association. This dealt with early intervention in schizophrenia and the need for novel approaches in the prodromal phase. In addition, more symposia (and research) look at disorders "across the lifespan." This phrase indicates an approach to research, diagnosis and treatment from a more quality-of-life vantage and early diagnosis is part of this movement.

The Embodied Self

Autore: Thomas Fuchs
Editore: Schattauer Verlag
ISBN: 3794527917
Grandezza: 11,88 MB
Formato: PDF
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Das R Tsel Schizophrenie

Autore: Heinz Häfner
Editore: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 9783406524585
Grandezza: 69,23 MB
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Vista: 6472
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The Oxford Handbook Of Philosophy And Psychiatry

Autore: KWM Fulford
Editore: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191666793
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Philosophy has much to offer psychiatry, not least regarding ethical issues, but also issues regarding the mind, identity, values, and volition. This has become only more important as we have witnessed the growth and power of the pharmaceutical industry, accompanied by developments in the neurosciences. However, too few practising psychiatrists are familiar with the literature in this area. The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry offers the most comprehensive reference resource for this area ever published. It assembles challenging and insightful contributions from key philosophers and others to the interactive fields of philosophy and psychiatry. Each contributions is original, stimulating, thorough, and clearly and engagingly written - with no potentially significant philosophical stone left unturned. Broad in scope, the book includes coverage of several areas of philosophy, including philosophy of mind, science, and ethics. For philosophers and psychiatrists, The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry is a landmark publication in the field - one that will be of value to both students and researchers in this rapidly growing area.

Exploring The Self

Autore: Dan Zahavi
Editore: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 9781556196669
Grandezza: 75,95 MB
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The aim of this volume is to discuss recent research into self-experience and its disorders, and to contribute to a better integration of the different empirical and conceptual perspectives. Among the topics discussed are questions like 'What is a self?, ' 'What is the relation between the self-givenness of consciousness and the givenness of the conscious self?', 'How should we understand the self-disorders encountered in schizophrenia?' and 'What general insights into the nature of the self can pathological phenomena provide us with?' Most of the contributions are characterized by a distinct phenomenological approach.The chapters by Butterworth, Strawson, Zahavi, and Marbach are general in nature and address different psychological and philosophical aspects of what it means to be a self. Next Eilan, Parnas, and Sass turn to schizophrenia and ask both how we should approach and understand this disorder, and, more specifically, what we can learn about the nature of selfhood and existence from psychopathology. The chapters by Blakemore and Gallagher present a defense and a criticism of the so-called model of self-monitoring, respectively. The final three chapters by Cutting, Stanghellini, Schwartz and Wiggins represent anthropologically oriented attempts to situate pathologies of self-experience.(Series B)