Die Beginnende Schizophrenie

Author: Klaus Conrad
ISBN: 9783884145258
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Das Ringen Um Das Selbst

Author: Sandra Schmitt
Editor: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110529246
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Schizophrenie – kaum ein anderer psychiatrischer Krankheitsbegriff wurde in der zweiten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts so intensiv und kritisch diskutiert. Auch innerhalb der Psychiatrie herrschte alles andere als Einigkeit über den Begriff, die Ursachen und Behandlungsmethoden. Von den ersten Berichten psychotherapeutischer Behandlungen bis hin zu den Erfahrungsschilderungen von Betroffenen rekonstruiert Sandra Schmitt, wie sich die Vorstellungen von Schizophrenie nach 1945 veränderten, welche Rolle die Psychoanalyse dabei spielte und wie die Psychiatrie darüber in eine Krise geriet und sich durch methodische Verwissenschaftlichungen wieder stabilisierte. Die Studie beschreibt die Zirkulation von Wissen und die Etablierung neuer Deutungen des Schizophreniekonzeptes und liefert so einen Beitrag zur Wissens- und Kulturgeschichte der Psychiatrie in Ost- und Westdeutschland.

Editor: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3476039366
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Das R Tsel Schizophrenie

Author: Heinz Häfner
Editor: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 9783406524585
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Hidden Resources

Author: Dan Zahavi
Editor: Imprint Academic
ISBN: 9780907845966
Size: 16,91 MB
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The essays reflect the interests of the Center for Subjectivity Research and seek to address the following issue: To what extent can the current discussion of consciousness in mainstream cognitive science and analytical philosophy of mind profit from insights drawn from the investigations of subjectivity found in the Kantian and post-Kantian tradition as well as in the phenomenological and hermeneutical tradition. The contributions include some that are philosophical, while others relate to issues in empirical science, such as pscyhopathology, cognitive neuroscience, and developmental psychology.

Negative Versus Positive Schizophrenia

Author: Andreas Marneros
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642768415
Size: 16,21 MB
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Der Schizophrene Patient In Der Rztlichen Sprechstunde

Author: Gerhard A.E. Rudolf
Editor: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 332285177X
Size: 18,34 MB
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Das Buch hilft dem Allgemein- oder Hausarzt, den ihm überwiesenen schizophrenen Erkrankten besser zu verstehen und die Krankheit gegebenenfalls auch erstmalig diagnostizieren zu können.

The Oxford Handbook Of Philosophy And Psychiatry

Author: KWM Fulford
Editor: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191666807
Size: 12,77 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Philosophy has much to offer psychiatry, not least regarding ethical issues, but also issues regarding the mind, identity, values, and volition. This has become only more important as we have witnessed the growth and power of the pharmaceutical industry, accompanied by developments in the neurosciences. However, too few practising psychiatrists are familiar with the literature in this area. The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry offers the most comprehensive reference resource for this area ever published. It assembles challenging and insightful contributions from key philosophers and others to the interactive fields of philosophy and psychiatry. Each contributions is original, stimulating, thorough, and clearly and engagingly written - with no potentially significant philosophical stone left unturned. Broad in scope, the book includes coverage of several areas of philosophy, including philosophy of mind, science, and ethics. For philosophers and psychiatrists, The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry is a landmark publication in the field - one that will be of value to both students and researchers in this rapidly growing area.

La Schizophr Nie D Butante

Author: Henri Grivois
Editor: John Libbey Eurotext
ISBN: 9782742001712
Size: 17,53 MB
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Depuis une dizaine d'années, la schizophrénie débutante constitue un chapitre crucial de la clinique psychiatrique. Lors d'un premier épisode psychotique, la connaissance des manifestations initiales et la mise en œuvre précoce de soins sont susceptibles d'en transformer l'évolution. Après un bref rappel d'ordre nosographique, les auteurs abordent les aspects épidémiologiques et les principales hypothèses étiopathogéniques. Ils décrivent de façon détaillée l'entrée dans la psychose. Sans dissocier leur approche clinique de leur action thérapeutique, ils illustrent avec clarté les différentes phases de la maladie. Ils complètent leur exposé de nombreux tableaux récapitulatifs qui en facilitent la lecture. Cet ouvrage unique en son genre constitue une introduction aux multiples questions posées par la psychose naissante. Il définit la nécessité d'une stratégie thérapeutique volontariste auprès des patients et des familles. L'utilité de ce livre est immédiate. Il s'adresse avant tout aux médecins généralistes souvent consultés en première intention, mais aussi aux psychiatres et aux chercheurs. Tous ceux qui exercent une activité auprès des adolescents, et plus particulièrement les enseignants et les éducateurs, y trouveront des réponses à leurs nombreuses interrogations.

Psychiatry And Philosophy

Author: Erwin W. Straus
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642879845
Size: 14,26 MB
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The three essays reprinted in this book were first published in 1963 as individual chapters of a psychiatric treatise entitled Psychiatrie der Gegen wart (Psychiatry of the Present Day). The editors, W. H. GRUHLE (Bonn), R. JUNG (Freiburg/Br. ), W. MAYER-GROSS (Birmingham, England), M. MUL LER (Bern, Switzerland), had not planned an encyclopedic presentation; they did not intend to present a "handbook" which would be as complete as possible in details and bibliographic reference. Their intention was to "raze the walls" separating Continental and Anglo-Saxon psychiatries and to offer a synopsis of developments in psychiatry during the last decades on an international basis. The editors requested, therefore, cooperation of scholars from many foreign countries, large and small, on both sides of the Atlantic. A section entitled "Borderlands of Psychiatry", in which MARGARET MEAD (New York) discusses the relation of "Psychiatry and Ethnology", HANS HEIMAN (Bern), the relation of "Religion und Psychiatrie", and ROBERT VOLMER (Paris), "Art et Psychiatrie", is a good illustration of the trilingual character of the whole work. Two of the editors, GRUHLE and MAYER-GROSS, died before the publi cation had been completed. In a kind of posthumous eulogy, Professor JUNG and Professor MULLER praised the initiative and accomplishments of MAYER-GROSS, "who during the last five years of his life had given a great deal of his time to this work. He had set his mind on a synthesis of German and Anglo-Saxon psychiatry.