Dizionario Della Lingua Italiana Nuovamente Compilato Dai Signori Nicol Tommaseo E Cav Professore Bernardo Bellini Con Oltre 100000 Giunte Ai Precedenti Dizionarii Raccolte Da Nicol Tommaseo Gius Campi Gius Meini Pietro Fanfani E Da Molti Altri Distinti Filologi E Scienziati Corredato Di Un Discorso Preliminare Dello Stesso Nicol Tommaseo

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Colour And Colour Naming Crosslinguistic Approaches

Autore: João Paulo Silvestre
Editore: Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa / Universidade de Aveiro
ISBN: 9899866628
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The Colour and Colour Naming conference, held in 2015 at the University of Lisbon, offered a chance to explore colour naming processes from a cross-linguistic approach. The conference was an initiative of the working group Lexicography And Lexicology from a Pan-European Perspective, itself part of the COST action European Network of Lexicography. The working group investigates the various ways by which vocabularies of European languages can be represented in dictionaries and how existing information from single language dictionaries can be displayed and interlinked to better communicate their common European heritage. The proceedings gather together a selection of studies originally presented at the conference. The first section of the volume outlines a Pan-European perspective of colour names; the second section is devoted to the categorisation and lexicographic description of colour terms.

Perspectives On Lexicography In Italy And Europe

Autore: Silvia Bruti
Editore: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443815845
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Lexicography is a very special field of research, in which theory arises from concrete problems and practice moulds on theoretical assumptions in a way of working that is at the same time technical and innovative. The volume offers an overview of the main aspects of the state of art of lexicographical research in Europe, with contributions concerning both historical and synchronic dictionaries and a wide spectrum of the main European languages (French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish). Several contributions show the beneficial effects deriving from the close connection between modern lexicography and information technology, which in the last few years profoundly changed the way of designing, realising and using dictionaries. An appendix contains some reflections on lexicography and translation, one of the most important functional goals for both monolingual and bilingual dictionaries.

L Onesto Porco

Autore: Roberto Finzi
Editore: Giunti
ISBN: 8858766636
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“Come ogni diffamazione, pure quella del porco – ci dice questo amabile, lieve e profondo libro – è una menzogna, un’ingiustizia. Come spesso avviene nell’allegoria, a essere diffamato, sotto le vesti suine, è spesso in realtà l’uomo.” Dall’introduzione di Claudio Magris

Adam Smith And The Classics

Autore: Gloria Vivenza
Editore: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191522732
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Adam Smith and the Classics analyses the influence of classical culture—-the work of Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, and the Stoics—-on Adam Smith's thought. Vivenza bases her arguments on elements of Smith's work that can be shown to be precise reflections of passages from the classical authors, and on Smith's own acknowledgements that he was so influenced. The bulk of the classical nuances occur in Smith's moral and natural philosophy, but Vivenza also shows that the classics had some impact on his economic thought. The book represents a complete survey of all Adam Smith's writings, and is organized by arguments: natural philosophy, moral philosophy, jurisprudence, topics of economic interest, and literature. A further chapter discusses the very recent consensus among a number of scholars that Smith's writings display strong elements of Stoicism. Adam Smith and the Classics is a significant book, since it shows just how strong an impression the classical training had on the intellectual elite of the eighteenth century. So much so that the classics have left their mark on the scholarship and writings of the time.

The Elephant

Autore: Aleksandr Ivanovič Kuprin
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Della Eloquenza Italiana

Autore: Giusto Fontanini
ISBN: 9780649455119
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Anti Janus

Autore: Joseph Hergenröther
ISBN: 9783742893987
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Anti-Janus - An historico-theological criticism of the work entitled The Pope and the Council is an unchanged, high-quality reprint of the original edition of 1870. Hansebooks is editor of the literature on different topic areas such as research and science, travel and expeditions, cooking and nutrition, medicine, and other genres.As a publisher we focus on the preservation of historical literature.Many works of historical writers and scientists are available today as antiques only. Hansebooks newly publishes these books and contributes to the preservation of literature which has become rare and historical knowledge for the future.

Printed Commonplace Books And The Structuring Of Renaissance Thought

Autore: Ann Moss
Editore: Oxford University Press, USA
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Commonplace-books were the information-organizers of Early Modern Europe, notebooks of quotations methodically arranged for easy retrieval. From their first introduction to the rudiments of Latin to the specialized studies of their later years, the pupils of humanist schools were trained to use commonplace-books. The common-place book mapped and resourced Renaissance culture's moral thinking, its accepted strategies of argumentation, its rhetoric, and its deployment of knowledge. In this study, Ann Moss investigates the evolution of the commonplace-book from its medieval antecedents, through its humanist realization, its later printed manifestations, and, finally, to its gradual decline in the seventeenth century.

Colour Studies

Autore: Wendy Anderson
Editore: John Benjamins Publishing Company
ISBN: 902726919X
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This volume presents some of the latest research in colour studies by specialists across a wide range of academic disciplines. Many are represented here, including anthropology, archaeology, the fine arts, linguistics, onomastics, philosophy, psychology and vision science. The chapters have been developed from papers and posters presented at the Progress in Colour Studies (PICS12) conference held at the University of Glasgow. Papers from the earlier PICS04 and PICS08 conferences were published by John Benjamins as Progress in Colour Studies, 2 volumes, 2006 and New Directions in Colour Studies, 2011, respectively. The opening chapter of this new volume stems from the conference keynote talk on prehistoric colour semantics by Carole P. Biggam. The remaining chapters are grouped into three sections: colour and linguistics; colour categorization, naming and preference; and colour and the world. Each section is preceded by a short preface drawing together the themes of the chapters within it. There are thirty-one colour illustrations.