Don Quixote

Autore: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
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Gold First New Edition Coursebook

Autore: Jan Bell
ISBN: 9781447907145
Grandezza: 61,71 MB
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'Gold First' provides everything language students need to prepare for the Cambridge English First Exam (formerly Cambridge First Certificate of English).


Autore: Erich Auerbach
Editore: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400847958
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More than half a century after its translation into English, Erich Auerbach's Mimesis remains a masterpiece of literary criticism. A brilliant display of erudition, wit, and wisdom, his exploration of how great European writers from Homer to Virginia Woolf depicted reality has taught generations how to read Western literature. This new expanded edition includes a substantial essay in introduction by Edward Said as well as an essay, never before translated into English, in which Auerbach responds to his critics. A German Jew, Auerbach was forced out of his professorship at the University of Marburg in 1935. He left for Turkey, where he taught at the state university in Istanbul. There he wrote Mimesis, publishing it in German after the end of the war. Displaced as he was, Auerbach produced a work of great erudition that contains no footnotes, basing his arguments instead on searching, illuminating readings of key passages from his primary texts. His aim was to show how from antiquity to the twentieth century literature progressed toward ever more naturalistic and democratic forms of representation. This essentially optimistic view of European history now appears as a defensive--and impassioned--response to the inhumanity he saw in the Third Reich. Ranging over works in Greek, Latin, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and English, Auerbach used his remarkable skills in philology and comparative literature to refute any narrow form of nationalism or chauvinism, in his own day and ours. For many readers, both inside and outside the academy, Mimesis is among the finest works of literary criticism ever written. This Princeton Classics edition includes a substantial introduction by Edward Said as well as an essay in which Auerbach responds to his critics.

Night S Lies

Autore: Gesualdo Bufalino
Editore: Harvill Press
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In an island fortress-prison, four political prisoners, sentenced to death for plotting against the Bourbon monarchy, spend their last night together awaiting the guillotine, each spinning a web of deception until the shocking end. Reprint.

Factors In A Theory Of Poetic Translating

Autore: Robert De Beaugrande
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The Mussolini Canal

Autore: Antonio Pennacchi
Editore: Dedalus
ISBN: 9781909232242
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The Mussolini Canal is one of the great achievements of contemporary Italian fiction. It spans 100 years of Italian history as seen through the lives of the Peruzzi family, who are among the 30,000 peasants from Northern Italy sent down to farm the newly-drained Pontine Marshes outside Rome in the 1930s. Mussolini is revered by the Peruzzi family, who must reconcile their admiration for Il Duce with the failings of Fascism which slowly envelop them. Contemporary events permeate the book and the hardship and misery of earlier periods are seen against the background of modern prosperity. It won the Strega prize in 2010 in Italy and has sold over 400,000 copies in Italy