The Don Giovanni Moment

Autore: Lydia Goehr
Editore: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231510640
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Mozart's Don Giovanni is an operatic masterpiece full of iconic and mythical tensions that still resonate today. The work redefines the terms of power, seduction, and morality, and the resulting conflict between the aesthetic and the ethical is deeply rooted in the Enlightenment and romanticism. The Don Giovanni Moment is the first book to examine the aesthetic and moral legacy of Mozart's opera in the literature, philosophy, and culture of the nineteenth century. The prominent scholars in this collection address the opera's impact on the philosophical visions of Kierkegaard, Goethe, and Williams and its influence on the literary and dramatic works of Pushkin, Hoffmann, Mörike, Byron, Wagner, Strauss, and Shaw. Through a close and careful analysis of Don Giovanni's literary and philosophical reception and its many appropriations, rewritings, and retellings, these contributors treat the opera as a vantage point from which theory and philosophy can reconsider romanticism's central themes. As lively and passionate as the opera itself, these essays continue the spirited debate over the meaning and character of Don Giovanni and its powerful legacy. Together they prove that Mozart's brilliant artistic achievement is as potent and relevant today as when it was first performed two centuries ago.

The Vienna Don Giovanni

Autore: Ian Woodfield
Editore: Boydell & Brewer
ISBN: 184383586X
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Aspects of Don Giovanni's compositional history are uncovered and the study provides for detailed evidence with which to evaluate Da Ponte's recollections. The essential truth of his account - that the revision of the opera in Vienna was an interactive process - seems to be fully borne out. A general theory of transmission is proposed, which clarifies the relationship between the fluid text produced by re-creation and the static text generated by replication.

W A Mozart Don Giovanni

Autore: Julian Rushton
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521296632
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A study of Mozart's Don Giovanni, one of the best known and most often performed opears of the last 200 years.

Don Giovanni Overture Miniature Score Miniature Score

Autore: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Editore: Alfred Music Publishing
ISBN: 9780757993060
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Mozart S Don Giovanni

Autore: Hermann Abert
Editore: London : Eulenburg Books
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Don Giovanni Vocal Score

Autore: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Editore: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 048643155X
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Romance, murder, and revenge "Don Giovanni" offers an ingenious blend of comic and tragic elements in recounting the adventures of a dashing libertine whose trail of seductions and abandonments leads (literally!) to hell. Mozart's masterpiece, a product of his inspired collaboration with poet Lorenzo da Ponte, premiered to public and critical acclaim in 1787. Since then, every great opera singer has assayed one or another of its leading roles, and audiences around the world have delighted in its charms. This addition to Dover's series of vocal scores for the world's most popular operas contains the complete music for voice with a piano reduction of the orchestral part. Handsome and inexpensive, it features large pages and clear type for easy reading. Reproduced from an authoritative edition, and including an English-language version of the libretto, this edition of "Don Giovanni" will prove an indispensable, practical aid for soloists, chorus members, and rehearsal pianists. "

Mozart S Don Giovanni

Autore: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Editore: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486249445
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Don Giovanni has been called the greatest opera ever composed, an almost perfect work. Along with "Aida," "La Boheme," and "Carmen," Mozart's masterpiece is one of the most often performed operas. The work is so admired that when the Italian composer Gioacchino Rossini was asked which of his own operas he liked best, Rossini unhesitatingly replied, ""Don Giovanni."" This Dover edition contains the standard Italian libretto of "Don Giovanni," side by side with a complete new English translation. Convenient and portable, it also includes an informative Introduction, a complete List of Characters, and an easy-to-follow Plot Summary. All repeats are given in full, so you can follow the text as it is sung, without losing your place. With this inexpensive, handy guide, opera lovers can appreciate every word of Mozart's brilliant comic drama in the original Italian or in modern English. An ideal companion for reading along with a recording, a broadcast, or at the performance itself, this superb volume is a first-rate aid to enjoyment of one of the world's most celebrated operas. "

Don Giovanni

Autore: Burton, Fisher D. Publishing Staff
Editore: Opera Journeys Publishing
ISBN: 0967397332
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Music Sexuality And The Enlightenment In Mozart S Figaro Don Giovanni And Cos Fan Tutte

Autore: Charles Ford
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1317091566
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Music, Sexuality and the Enlightenment explains how Mozart's music for Le nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni and Così fan tutte 'sounds' the intentions of Da Ponte's characters and their relationships with one another. Mozart, by way of the infinitely generative and beautiful logic of the sonata principle, did not merely interpret Da Ponte's characterizations but lent them temporal, musical forms. Charles Ford's analytic interpretation of these musical forms concerns processes and structures in detail and at medium- to long-term levels. He addresses the music of a wide range of arias and ensembles, and develops original ways to interpret the two largely overlooked operatic genres of secco recitative and finales. Moreover, Ford presents a new method by which to relate musical details directly to philosophical concepts, and thereby, the music of the operas to the inwardly contradictory thinking of the European Enlightenment. This involves close readings of late eighteenth-century understandings of 'man' and nature, self and other, morality and transgression, and gendered identities and sexuality, with particular reference to contemporary writers, especially Goethe, Kant, Laclos, Rousseau, Sade, Schiller, Sterne and Wollstonecraft. The concluding discussion of the implied futures of the operas argues that their divided sexualities, which are those of the Enlightenment as a whole, have come to form our own unquestioned assumptions about gender differences and sexuality. This, along with the elegant and eloquent precision of Mozart's music, is why Figaro, Giovanni and Così still maintain their vital immediacy for audiences today.