E Commerce Vincente

Autore: Daniele Rutigliano
ISBN: 8820360497
Grandezza: 54,32 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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Avviare un’attività di commercio elettronico che generi profitto non è così semplice come si possa credere: la Rete oggi è ipercompetitiva; per differenziarsi dalla concorrenza servono idee innovative, competenze specifiche, partner affidabili, strategie concrete e budget sostenibili. Ecco allora la necessità di una guida pratica e completa per chi vuole creare e gestire un e-commerce vincente. I sette capitoli di cui si compone il volume illustrano tutte le potenzialità del commercio elettronico, svelano i segreti del mestiere e raccontano con puntualità i dettagli che hanno permesso alle aziende dell’era dotcom - come Amazon - di fare la differenza. In un percorso progressivo ma non vincolante, il lettore è guidato dalla fase embrionale dell’idea alla gestione operativa e concreta di un’azienda di e-commerce, passando dalla compilazione del business plan alla pianificazione delle strategie di web marketing insieme alla scelta del brand, del dominio, del logo, della piattaforma, del servizio di hosting e via dicendo.

E Commerce Vincente Avviare E Promuovere Il Proprio Business Online

Autore: Daniele Rutigliano
ISBN: 9788820359102
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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E Commerce E Web Marketing Strategie Di Web Marketing E Tecniche Di Vendita In Internet

Autore: Antonio Foglio
Editore: FrancoAngeli
ISBN: 8856827972
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Mapping Latin America

Autore: Jordana Dym
Editore: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226921816
Grandezza: 71,77 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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For many, a map is nothing more than a tool used to determine the location or distribution of something—a country, a city, or a natural resource. But maps reveal much more: to really read a map means to examine what it shows and what it doesn’t, and to ask who made it, why, and for whom. The contributors to this new volume ask these sorts of questions about maps of Latin America, and in doing so illuminate the ways cartography has helped to shape this region from the Rio Grande to Patagonia. In Mapping Latin America,Jordana Dym and Karl Offen bring together scholars from a wide range of disciplines to examine and interpret more than five centuries of Latin American maps.Individual chapters take on maps of every size and scale and from a wide variety of mapmakers—from the hand-drawn maps of Native Americans, to those by famed explorers such as Alexander von Humboldt, to those produced in today’s newspapers and magazines for the general public. The maps collected here, and the interpretations that accompany them, provide an excellent source to help readers better understand how Latin American countries, regions, provinces, and municipalities came to be defined, measured, organized, occupied, settled, disputed, and understood—that is, how they came to have specific meanings to specific people at specific moments in time. The first book to deal with the broad sweep of mapping activities across Latin America, this lavishly illustrated volume will be required reading for students and scholars of geography and Latin American history, and anyone interested in understanding the significance of maps in human cultures and societies.

Customers Com Come Creare Una Strategia Vincente Per Internet E Non Solo

Autore: Patricia B. Seybold
Editore: Fazi Editore
ISBN: 9788881121755
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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While Canada Slept

Autore: Andrew Cohen
Editore: McClelland & Stewart Ltd
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For how much longer can Canada expect to get a free ride? With 9/11 and the international “war on terrorism,” the time has come to ask some hard questions. Should we continue to starve our military, reduce our humanitarian assistance, dilute our diplomacy, and absent ourselves from global intelligence-gathering? Can we expect to sit at the global table by virtue of our economic power without pursuing a foreign policy worthy of our history, geography, and diversity? Canada has been getting by on the cheap, writes Andrew Cohen in this timely, forceful, and insightful new book. Our reluctance to pay our own way has had a cost: it has eroded the pillars of our international stature. We are still trading on the reputation this country built two generations ago, but it is a reputation we no longer deserve. We claim to be engaged abroad, but for too long we have been a freeloader, trying to do the same for less, practising pinch-penny diplomacy and foreign policy on the cheap. Our capacity in these key areas has become glaringly inadequate, and now that weakness is compromising our ability to honour our traditional commitments overseas. The time is ripe for a thorough re-examination of our foreign policy, to affirm our values, to win the respect of our allies, to carry our weight.

Interaction Design For Complex Problem Solving

Autore: Barbara Mirel
Editore: Elsevier
ISBN: 0080508952
Grandezza: 53,65 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Software for complex problem solving can dazzle people with advanced features and alluring visuals, but when actually put to use it often disappoints and even frustrates users. This software rarely follows the user's own work methods, nor does it give people the degree of control and choice that they truly need. This book presents a groundbreaking approach to interaction design for complex problem solving applications. The author uses her vast field experience to present a new way of looking at the whole process, and treats complex problem solving software and web applications as a distinct class with its own set of usefulness demands and design criteria. This approach highlights integrated interactions rather than discrete actions, clearly defines what makes problem solving complex, and explores strategies for analyzing, modeling, and designing for exploratory inquiries. ·In depth case studies ranging from IT troubleshooting to marketing analysis to risk assessments in healthcare show exactly where and what goes wrong in real world activities and how to improve them. ·Presents a system and framework for analyzing complex work and takes the mystery out of eliciting patterns of work and their meanings. ·Offers new perspectives for support and new design strategies for building the right models into programs so that they effectively address users' dynamic work. ·Allows designers to turn findings into useful designs for problems that require users to create new knowledge but with no one right answer and with many methods of reaching solutions.

Web Site Strategie Per Un Progetto Web Vincente

Autore: Flavio Cipollina
Editore: Flavio Cipollina
ISBN: 889103276X
Grandezza: 29,70 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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