Early Renaissance Invective And The Controversies Of Antonio Da Rho

Autore: David Rutherford
Editore: Renaissance Society of America
ISBN: 9780866983457
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Lodovico Pontano Ca 1409 1439

Autore: Thomas Woelki
Editore: BRILL
ISBN: 9004194711
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The brilliant career of the jurist Lodovico Pontano provides an insight into career strategies of a man of learning in different fields and contributes to the story of Italian universities, the curia and the Council of Basel. A first edition of his treatises offers new material for research into conciliarism.


Autore: Andrea Bartl
Editore: Königshausen & Neumann
ISBN: 3826055306
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Formato: PDF, Docs
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Die Kunst Des Streitens

Autore: Marc Laureys
Editore: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 3862340961
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Streit als ein Mittel zur Aushandlung von Interessenskonflikten ist eine Konstante menschlicher Gemeinschaft. So verwundert es nicht, dass Streit, beginnend mit Kain und Abel oder dem Zorn des Achill, von den ersten Anfängen an ein fortwährendes Thema der europäischen Kultur ist. Jenseits von Krieg und Gewalt enthält Streit auch kreatives Potenzial, was sich in den verschiedensten Gattungen fiktionaler und non-fiktionaler Literatur offenbart. Hier wird bald Streit im intellektuellen Spiel nach allen Regeln der Kunst in Szene gesetzt, bald wird die Literatur im Kontext religiöser, kultureller und politischer Formierungsprozesse zum Instrument schärfster Auseinandersetzung. Dieser Band ist dem Inszenierungscharakter literarischer Streitkultur und seiner Funktionalisierung in gesellschaftlichen Veränderungsprozessen gewidmet; aus historischer, literatur- und sprachwissenschaftlicher Perspektive werden Beispiele von der Antike bis zur Frühen Neuzeit untersucht.

Italian Renaissance Humanism In The Mirror

Autore: Patrick Baker
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107111862
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This important study takes a new approach to understanding Italian Renaissance humanism, one of the most important cultural movements in Western history. Through a series of close textual studies, Patrick Baker explores the meaning that Italian Renaissance humanism had for an essential but neglected group: the humanists themselves.

The Church In Italy In The Fifteenth Century

Autore: Denys Hay
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521521918
Grandezza: 67,29 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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A survey of the popes and the Italian clergy during the century preceding the Reformation.

Renaissance Florence In The Rhetoric Of Two Popular Preachers

Autore: Nirit Ben-Aryeh Debby
Editore: Brepols Pub
Grandezza: 68,97 MB
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The Dominican Giovanni Dominici (1356-1419) and the Franciscan Bernardino da Siena (1380-1444) were the most important preachers in the generation before Savonarola. Dominici's and Bernardino's sermons, as they appear in Tuscan reportationes of their preaching, are a valuable historical source. Written down by anonymous listeners, these are the major reports of sermons preached in early fifteenth-century Florence. The reportationes are unique in that they transmit in full the actual preaching event and are not merely a doctrinal summary composed by the preacher. They have never been studied in detail and remain unpublished to this day. Dominici and Bernardino were active in Florence at a time when broad legal, social and cultural changes were taking place. The central purpose of this study is to examine the response of these preachers to the changes, the alternatives they offered and their attempts to direct the life of the laity. The four principal chapters are devoted to the preachers' opinionson secular,and ecclesiastical politics, education and humanism, morality and the family and the economy and usury (the role of the Jews), the discussion built around a comparison between the two preachers. The preachers had a crucial and widespread impact on the spiritual lives of the people (especially women) and their daily habits, on political developments and on legislative measures against such fringe groups as Jews, homosexuals, prostitutes and the like. The study includes a methodological discussion of how to study these sermons as historical source, and an edition of ten sermons from MS Ricc. 1301, a collection of 47 sermons by Dominici delivered in Santa Maria Novella in Florencebetween 1400 and 1406.

Bernardo Giustiniani

Autore: Patricia H. Labalme
Editore: Ed. di Storia e Letteratura
Grandezza: 58,32 MB
Formato: PDF
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