Ecclesiastes Baker Commentary On The Old Testament Wisdom And Psalms

Autore: Craig G. Bartholomew
Editore: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441205071
Grandezza: 69,52 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Respected Old Testament scholar Craig Bartholomew, coauthor of the well-received Drama of Scripture, provides a careful exegetical reading of Ecclesiastes in this addition to the Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms series. Along with helpful translation and commentary, Ecclesiastes considers the theological implications of the text and its literary, historical, and grammatical dimensions. Footnotes deal with many of the technical matters, allowing readers of varying levels of interest and training to read and profit from the commentary and to engage the biblical text at an appropriate level. Pastors, teachers, and all serious students of the Bible will find here an accessible commentary that will serve as an excellent resource for their study.

Job Baker Commentary On The Old Testament Wisdom And Psalms

Autore: Tremper III Longman
Editore: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441238654
Grandezza: 74,91 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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Veteran Old Testament scholar Tremper Longman offers an accessible commentary on one of Scripture's most intriguing books. With his deft exegetical and expositional skill, the resulting work is full of fresh insight into the meaning of the text. In addition to the helpful translation and commentary, this volume considers theological implications of the wisdom texts found in the book of Job as well as their literary, historical, and grammatical dimensions. Footnotes deal with many of the technical matters, allowing readers of varying interest and training levels to read and profit from the commentary and to engage the biblical text at an appropriate level. This built-in versatility has application for both pastors and teachers.

Song Of Songs

Autore: Richard S. Hess
Editore: Baker Academic
ISBN: 0801027128
Grandezza: 24,48 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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This verse-by-verse commentary offers a fresh reading of an intriguing book of the Old Testament.

Proverbs Isaiah

Editore: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310590582
Grandezza: 33,50 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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This is a completely revised edition of Gold Medallion Award-winning Expositor’s Bible Commentary. This revised commentary has undergone substantial revisions that keep pace with current evangelical scholarship and resources. Just as its previous edition, it offers a major contribution to the study and understanding of the Scriptures. Providing pastors and Bible students with a comprehensive and scholarly tool for the exposition of the Scriptures and the teaching and proclamation of the gospel, this ten-volume reference work has become a staple of seminary and college libraries and pastors’ studies worldwide. Its fifty-six contributors—thirty of them are new—represent the best in evangelical scholarship committed to the divine inspiration, complete trustworthiness, and full authority of the Bible.As before, The Expositor’s Bible Commentary features full NIV text, but also refers freely to other translations and to the original languages. In addition to its exposition, each book of the Bible has an introduction, outline, and an updated bibliography. Notes on textual questions and special problems are correlated with the expository units; transliteration and translation of Semitic and Greek words make the more technical notes accessible to readers unacquainted with the biblical languages. In matters where marked differences of opinion exist, commentators, while stating their own convictions, deal fairly and irenically with opposing views.

Handbook On The Wisdom Books And Psalms

Autore: Daniel J. Estes
Editore: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9781441201577
Grandezza: 14,54 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 1561
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This valuable resource introduces readers to the Old Testament books of wisdom and poetry--Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs--and helps them better understand each book's overall flow. Estes summarizes some of each book's key issues, offers an exposition of the book that interacts with major commentaries and recent studies, and concludes with an extensive bibliography. Now in paperback.

Reading Ecclesiastes

Autore: Craig G. Bartholomew
Editore: Gregorian Biblical BookShop
ISBN: 9788876531392
Grandezza: 77,92 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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There is no agreement among scholars about how to read Ecclesiastes. Some read it as deeply pessimistic while others read it as an affirmation of Joy. Ecclesiastes is thus a fertile site for an analysis of the hermeneutical issues impacting on biblical exegesis. This volume explores the interface of hermeneutics and biblical exegesis while keeping its focus on the reading of Ecclesiastes.

A Feminist Companion To Wisdom And Psalms

Autore: Athalya Brenner-Idan
Editore: A&C Black
ISBN: 1441138072
Grandezza: 65,21 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 2431
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While the Wisdom volume in the first Feminist Companion series investigated multiple aspects of characterizations of women found in Wisdom literature, the 13 essays in this volume move beyond the study of the characterization of females that formed one of the first steps of modern feminist criticism-the recovery of what had been ignored or trivialized by androcentric readings dominant through the centuries. This second volume takes up questions of voice, exclusion and construction as well as the reinforcement of world views that, while perhaps necessary to the survival of the postexilic community as a whole, nevertheless left a legacy of continued gender asymmetry in Judaism and Christianity.


Autore: James L. Crenshaw
Editore: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 0664228038
Grandezza: 26,98 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume, a part of the Old Testament Library series, explores the book of Ecclesiastes. The Old Testament Library provides fresh and authoritative treatments of important aspects of Old Testament study through commentaries and general surveys. The contributors are scholars of international standing.


Autore: John Goldingay
Editore: Baker Academic
ISBN: 0801027039
Grandezza: 19,54 MB
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The first of a three-volume commentary on the book of Psalms. Considers literary, historical, and grammatical dimensions of the text, as well as theological implications.

Old Testament Wisdom Literature

Autore: Craig G. Bartholomew
Editore: IVP Academic
ISBN: 9781844745371
Grandezza: 26,32 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 4588
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Craig G. Bartholomew and Ryan P. O'Dowd provide an informed introduction to the Old Testament wisdom books Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job. More than an introduction, however, this is a thoughtful consideration of the hermeneutical implications of this literature.