Autore: Francesco Somma
Editore: Edra
ISBN: 8821443795
Grandezza: 24,34 MB
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Le innovazioni tecnologiche e le proposte terapeutiche in endodonzia sono tali da aver reso opportuna la seconda edizione di questo manuale, accolto con favore da studenti e professionisti per la chiarezza e omogeneità di impostazione. Il progresso negli studi sulla metallurgia del Nitinol, su alcuni apparecchi elettromedicali, su materiali innovativi nell’otturazione canalare da un lato e di biologia e microbiologia dall’altro, hanno di fatto reso più semplice e più predicibile la terapia endodontica, migliorando e snellendo di molto sia le sequenze strumentali in Ni-Ti e la sicurezza nel loro uso montato, che la detersione biologica del sistema canalare e la sua otturazione. È stata quindi profondamente rinnovata la trattazione di diversi argomenti: l’alesaggio meccanico del sistema canalare, l’irrigazione canalare, la medicazione intermedia e l’otturazione del canale radicolare.

Netter S Atlas Of Neuroscience

Autore: David L. Felten
Editore: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1455723924
Grandezza: 47,95 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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Netter’s Atlas of Neuroscience, by David L. Felten and Anil N. Shetty, is an atlas and textbook that combines nearly 400 illustrations and radiologic images highlighting key neuroanatomical concepts and clinical correlations with updated information that reflects our current understanding of the nervous system. It offers user-friendly coverage in three parts-an overview of the nervous system, regional neuroscience, and systemic neuroscience- that enable you to review complex neural structures and systems from different contexts. Online access to Student Consult- where you’ll find videos of imaging sequences and more- further enhances your study and helps to prepare you for exams. Presents nearly 400 exquisite Netter and Netter-style illustrations that highlight key neuroscience concepts and clinical correlations, providing you with a quick and memorable overview of anatomy, function, and clinical relevance. Provides concise text for fast, “at-a-glance guidance. Features a regional organization of the peripheral nervous system, spinal cord, brain stem and cerebellum, and forebrain...and a systemic organization of the sensory motor systems, motor systems (including cerebellum and basal ganglia), and limbic/hypothalmic/autonomic systems...that makes reference easier and more efficient. Features high-quality imaging—high-resolution MRI in coronal and axial (horizontal) planes and brain stem cross-sections—as well MR angiography and venography and classical arteriography—for an enhanced perspective of intricacies of the nervous system. Presents updated information and new figures that reflect the current understanding of the neural components and supportive tissue, regions, and systems of the brain, spinal cord, and periphery, to ensure that you have the latest knowledge. Offers schematic cross-sectional brain stem anatomy and axial and coronal brain anatomy—with side-by-side comparisons with labeled MRs—to better illustrate the correlation between neuroanatomy and neurology. Provides new 3D color pixelated imaging of commissural, association, and projection pathways of the brain. Features Clinical Notes boxes that emphasize the clinical application of fundamental neuroscience. Incudes online access to Student Consult where you’ll find the complete fully searchable contents of the book...3-D imaging sequences...links to relevant content in other Student Consult titles...and more...to further enhance your study and help you prepare for exams.

Zirconia The Power Of Light

Autore: Aldo Zilio
ISBN: 9788889626283
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Bone Biomaterials Beyond

Autore: Antonio Barone
Editore: Edra Masson
ISBN: 8821437590
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The introduction of osseointegrated dental implants soon 50 years ago has indeed revolutionized dentistry. The scientific evaluation of their use has shown good and increasingly successful treatment outcomes. A prerequisite though is the availability of sufficient bone volumes to ensure integration and acceptable aesthetic results. In this book various surgical techniques, using different augmentation materials, are described and explained. The aim has been to highlight minimally invasive surgical techniques, which leads to less risk of morbidity and reduces treatment time. Readers will enjoy a comprehensive atlas providing some practical advices for every day surgical practice based on solid scientific evidence.


Autore: Kelly Wearstler
Editore: Ammo Books
ISBN: 9781934429525
Grandezza: 65,34 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Celebrating the power of color, Wearstler builds upon the success of her first monograph, "Modern Glamour," and includes recent, unpublished projects, including her home in Beverly Hills, celebrity residential projects, and some of her latest hotel projects.

Aesthetic Dental Strategies

ISBN: 9788874920266
Grandezza: 78,46 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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Adhesive Metal Free Restorations

Autore: Didier Dietschi
Editore: Quintessence Publishing Company
Grandezza: 75,62 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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This work offers a simple yet comprehensive approach to the aesthetic adhesive restoration of posterior teeth. the direct, semidirect and indirect techniques, as well as luting and finishing procedures, are covered in detail.

Pulp Dentin Biology In Restorative Dentistry

Autore: Ivar Andreas Mjör
Editore: Quintessence Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780867154122
Grandezza: 31,64 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is a study of pulp and dentin in restorative dentistry. A basic understanding of the pulp-dentin complex is presented and its response to intraoral insults and restorative procedures described.

Public Management Old And New

Autore: Laurence E. Lynn, Jr.
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 113444558X
Grandezza: 23,34 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 261
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Offering much more than a purely theoretical or retrospective view of public management, this exciting text is an invaluable new addition to the field of public management. Putting the American model in perspective, it establishes the historical, theoretical, analytical, practical and future foundations for the comparative study of public management. Taking a boldly integrative approach, Laurence E. Lynn Jr. combines topics of best practice, performance, accountability and rule of law to provide a much-needed umbrella view of the topic. Well-written and illustrated with case study examples, this is one of the most exciting books on public management available today. As such it is an essential read for every student of public management, administration and public policy.

The Alexander Discipline Orthodontics For Typical Patients A Problem Based Approach

Autore: R. G. Alexander
Editore: Quintessence Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780867154689
Grandezza: 50,54 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In the specialty of orthodontics, patient treatment results depend on the clinician's knowledge, manual dexterity, philosophy, and effort. This book highlights the lack of common scientific guidelines in orthodontic practice, advocating for the recognition and identification of such guidelines that work to place the teeth in positions that will produce the healthiest, most functional, most esthetic, and most stable results possible. With so many factors influencing long-term stability, such as the patient's growth and habits, the treatment technique, the application of forces, and patient compliance, this book consolidates the 20 principles of the Alexander Discipline outlined in volume one into 6 guidelines for approaching long-term stability in orthodontics, focusing on the periodontium, torque control, skeletal and transverse control, occlusion, and the soft tissue profile. Each guideline is presented with several case studies from the author's practice that not only present the treatment plan, demonstrate the mechanics at work, and show the results of treatment, but also show the long-term stability of the treatment with 5- to 40-year posttreatment records. Also included are exceptions to each guideline and an entire chapter on what to do when the treatment is not stable in the long term. A must-have for the practicing orthodontist.