Autore: Trillia Newbell
Editore: Multnomah Books
ISBN: 1601428529
Grandezza: 41,38 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 3570
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Is It Okay to Enjoy This Life? Watching a gorgeous sunset. Sharing a laugh with a friend. Tasting a sun-ripened strawberry. Each day is full of opportunities for you to savor the countless gifts the Creator has given. But do you feel free to delight in God's abundant gifts, or is your joy sometimes distorted by guilt, fear of idolatry, or simply an overwhelming awareness of sin's effects on this world? Trillia Newbell explains how we often miss opportunities to participate in God's divine delight because we're discouraged, fixated on selfish fulfillment, or paralyzed by guilt. Enjoy serves as an encouraging reminder of God's gracious gifts and also challenges women to view all of these gifts--from relationships and careers to food and sex--as reasons to rejoice in the Lord and grow in our understanding and appreciation of who He is. This thought-provoking book invites you to explore the truth of God's Word and discover how to nurture daily a spirit of gratitude and deep satisfaction. Enjoy will open your eyes and your heart to the freedom of fully enjoying all God has given us!


Autore: Karen Brimacombe
Editore: Calgary : Best of Bridge Pub.
ISBN: 9780969042518
Grandezza: 15,59 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 4129
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A selection of recipes for brunches, lunches, buffets, and desserts.

Relax And Enjoy Life

Autore: Elisabeth Wilson
Editore: Infinite Ideas
ISBN: 1908474181
Grandezza: 72,46 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 3197
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Are you in control of your life? Can you afford ten minutes to yourself? Or are you one of the millions of people who are now living incredibly pressured lives, whether through career, family or lifestyle choices? Statistics on this subject are quite scary – the average couple spends only 10 minutes a day talking, 31% of people go to work even when they’re sick, 24% don’t take all of their annual leave, and only 21% of families eat together twice a week – most don’t manage it even once. But there’s a very quiet revolution happening – people are reclaiming time for themselves. Here Elisabeth Wilson reveals 149 stress-proofing ideas which are short and practical but can help you live the life you want to live ....now. Whether you want just one hour when you don’t have chores, a day when you don’t have to work or a complete life transforming experience Relax and enjoy life will show you the way.

Enjoy Japan

Autore: Walt Sheldon
Editore: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462903770
Grandezza: 24,11 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 2954
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This casual Japan travel guide contains a wealth of information for the business traveler or tourist For several years author, Walt Sheldon has been helping visitors and foreign residents to understand and appreciate things Japanese through the medium of his popular weekly radio program "Enjoy Japan" over the U.S. Forces' Far East Network. Now, in his latest book, Mr. Sheldon presents his own "personal and highly unofficial guide" to Japan, its people, places, and outstanding features. In chatty and intimate style he discusses, among other things, such wide-ranging topics as the geisha, the ancient gods, the emperor system, the Japanese "salary man, "resorts, cities, food, costume, language, sports, and theater. The visitor to Japan, as well as the newcomer who has arrived for a longer stay and the Westerner who is just plain interested in this Asian land will find here an assortment of interesting facts wittily presented and charmingly illustrated.


Autore: Gini Graham Scott
Editore: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn
ISBN: 9780814409855
Grandezza: 43,36 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Every year, we find ourselves working harder, longer, and at a faster pace. Many of us find it impossible to find time to relax, much less create ways to make our jobs more enjoyable. Finally here is an antidote for overstressed workers everywhere. As an expert in personal and professional development, Gini Graham Scott has helped people all over the world find more enjoyment in their work and personal lives. In Enjoy! she shares her secrets for adding fun to life at the office. Using examples from her workshops and interviews with psychologists and recreation professionals, she shows how to relieve stress, anxiety, and tedium from everyday life. Readers will find tips on how to: change their attitudes so they have more fun - bring humor and laughter to the workplace - use relaxation exercises to help them ease tension during the work day - pinpoint what they most appreciate about their job - use fantasy and visualization to conquer boredom - rethink their work goals to avoid frustration and feeling stuck Most of us spend more than a third of our lives at work. Finally, here is the book that can make that part of our lives infinitely more enjoyable.


Autore: Sandro Mantovani
Editore: Bruno Gmuender GMBH
ISBN: 9783867870351
Grandezza: 78,21 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 8901
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Enjoy is inspired by the ideal of the male physique: perfect curves and anatomically well-shaped muscles are set in aesthetic environments.

Life Is Good

Autore: Bert Jacobs
Editore: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426215630
Grandezza: 43,99 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 5665
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"From Life is Good founders and brothers Bert and John Jacobs, this inspiring book of wisdom outlines the ten key "superpowers" readers need to live their best lives. Based on the brothers' personal and professional journey, this whimsically illustrated guide captures the unique voice and profound optimism that is the foundation of their beloved T-shirt and apparel company, now worth more than $100 million. Life Is Good: The Owner's Manual will inspire readers of all ages and passions to discover--and embrace--the good in their lives. Entertaining yet profound, easygoing yet powerful, this engaging book reveals how to tap into the hidden power of optimism. Beginning with their upbringing in working class Boston and following the arc of their lives from postgrad wanderlust to the birth of a small business, Bert and John use their experiences to illuminate the ten superpowers on which optimism is founded--from humor and compassion to gratitude and authenticity. Capturing their buoyant, community-focused outlook and supplementing with top-ten lists and the company's iconic stick-figure illustrations, this book doesn't preach. Instead, it offers lighthearted, practical self-help that will inspire and empower readers to embrace their lives with delight and daring"--

Hiking Light Handbook Carry Less Enjoy More

Editore: The Mountaineers Books
ISBN: 9781594852190
Grandezza: 44,30 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Enjoy Your Symptom Jacques Lacan In Hollywood And Out

Autore: Slavoj Zizek
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1135300003
Grandezza: 28,77 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 7091
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The title is just the first of many startling asides, observations and insights that fill this guide to Hollywood on the Lacanian psychoanalyst’s couch. Zizek introduces the ideas of Jacques Lacan through the medium of American film, taking his examples from over 100 years of cinema, from Charlie Chaplin to The Matrix and referencing along the way such figures as Lenin and Hegel, Michel Foucault and Jesus Christ. Enjoy Your Symptom! is a thrilling guide to cinema and psychoanalysis from a thinker who is perhaps the last standing giant of cultural theory in the twenty-first century.

Enjoy Retirement

Autore: Janet Butwell
Editore: Infinite Ideas
ISBN: 1908189363
Grandezza: 70,47 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 1870
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Janet Butwell reveals 52 brilliant ideas for keeping your body working at its best and your mind active and alert. Enjoy retirement will inspire you to use retirement years to make your personal mark on the world. The second edition of this best-selling title is now even better value: Enjoy retirement now contains bonus chapters with brand new inspirational tips and techniques, has been updated with our new cover design, and also has an exclusive added-value offer for every reader.