Epistole Ed Evangeli Che Si Leggono Tutto L Anno Nelle Messe Secondo L Uso Della Santa Romana Chiesa E L Ordine Del Messale Romano Tradotti In Lingua Italiana Dal M R P M Remigio Fiorentino

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La Chiesa E La Biblioteca Del Ss Salvatore In Bologna

Autore: Massimo Fornasari
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The Betrothed

Autore: Walter Scott
Editore: Classic Books Company
ISBN: 0742652696
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Set at the time of the Third Crusade (1189 - 92), "The Betrothed" is the first of Scott's "Tales of the Crusaders." The betrothed is Eveline, daughter of a Norman noble, who is a victim of the Crusade in that her intended husband is required by the Church to fulfil his vow to join the war and departs for three years. The full horror of an arranged marriage, and of being a possible prize as men seek to gain possession of her is vividly realised -- the heroine is never free; her fate is always determined by the agency of men. And being set on the Marches of Wales, it is not just men but differing cultures that strive for mastery over her.

Bucolica Georgica Aeneis

Autore: Virgil
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The Ceremonial City

Autore: Ian Fenlon
Editore: Yale University Press
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This wide-ranging study vividly presents the major events that took place in Venice in the 1570s, culminating in a deadly outbreak of the plague that claimed one-quarter of the Venetian population. Analyzing reactions to this dramatic decade, Iain Fenlon throws fresh light on the historical machine that produced the distinct civic and cultural ethos of the city and uncovers new aspects of its urban topography, ceremony, and cultural life. At the heart of the book is a detailed account of four historical events: the formation of the Holy League, a coalition that brought the Republic into conflict with the Ottoman Empire; the victory of that League against the Turkish fleet at the battle of Lepanto; the ceremonial welcoming of Henry III of France to the city in 1574; and the devastating plague of 1575–77. The author considers how these events, above all the victory at Lepanto, were reconfigured in the realms of memory and myth, and he describes in detail a religious matrix that provides the key to the civic ethos of the city in this era.

Iter Italicum

Autore: Paul Oskar Kristeller
Editore: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004077195
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The "Iter Italicum" serves as a useful reference work for scholars in the history of philosophy, the sciences, classical learning, grammar and rhetoric, Neolatin literature, historiography of the theory of the arts and of music and related subjects. By scanning the volume or through this index, scholars will be able to find source material for individual writers as well as for certain subjects, problems or themes. By indicating for each manuscript its location and shelf-mark, scholars will find it easier to order microfilms or to pursue more detailed studies of some of the manuscripts listed. The volumes should also prove useful for librarians as a reference for the holdings of their own or other libraries.

Images Of Plague And Pestilence

Autore: Christine M. Boeckl
Editore: Truman State Univ Press
ISBN: 094354985X
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Since the late fourteenth century, European artists created an extensive body of images, in paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and other media, about the horror of disease and death, as well as hope and salvation. This interdisciplinary study on disease in metaphysical context is the first general overview of plague art written from an art historical standpoint.