Autore: Eugenio Benetazzo
Editore: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781523813278
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La lucida e puntuale analisi dei principali driver di cambiamento dell'economia mondiale � il filo conduttore dell'incalzante pamphlet scritto da Eugenio Benetazzo con Gianluca Versace. Eurocracy fa luce senza cincischiare, n� perdite di tempo, sul declino delle potenze occidentali. Dopo il successo di Neurolandia, forti della loro geniale interazione, i due autori veneti vivisezionano senza piet� la mutazione genetica che sta sconvolgendo il neocapitalismo. Bombardando il lettore con notizie, dati e riscontri inediti, con uno stile discorsivo e divulgativo, Benetazzo & Versace gettano un forte fascio di luce chiarificatore sui principali fenomeni ed eventi di portata economica e non solo. Facendoci vivere in presa diretta una rutilante, sconvolgente rivoluzione, sociale ed industriale: temi cruciali come eurocrazia, banche allo sfascio, sharing economy, potenze emergenti e declinanti, crisi asiatica, storico crollo del prezzo dell'oro nero ed infine anche il golpe italiano, si susseguono in queste pagine a ritmo incalzante, non senza di colpi di scena. L'obiettivo ? Tenere incollato chi legge, al pari di un giallo che sino all'ultima pagina rende incerta la rivelazione del colpevole. Anche se, allo stesso tempo, il lettore ha timore di conoscerlo. Eurocracy dedica profonda attenzione alle grandi trasformazioni politiche, culturali ed economiche della nostra vita, per concludere con una sezione, ancora senza peli sulla lingua, incentrata sul dilemma lacerante della sostenibilit� finanziaria dei sistemi pensionistici e di welfare. Il mondo in cui viviamo si sta trasformando a velocit� supersonica: Eurocracy, rivolgendosi a tutti ma in particolare alle giovani generazioni, offre strumenti di conoscenza indispensabili per vivere e cavalcare questo cambiamento. E per non farsi travolgere impreparati.

Orange County

Autore: Gustavo Arellano
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439123209
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The story began in 1918, when Gustavo Arellano's great-grandfather and grandfather arrived in the United States, only to be met with flying potatoes. They ran, and hid, and then went to work in Orange County's citrus groves, where, eventually, thousands of fellow Mexican villagers joined them. Gustavo was born sixty years later, the son of a tomato canner who dropped out of school in the ninth grade and an illegal immigrant who snuck into this country in the trunk of a Chevy. Meanwhile, Orange County changed radically, from a bucolic paradise of orange groves to the land where good Republicans go to die, American Christianity blossoms, and way too many bad television shows are green-lit. Part personal narrative, part cultural history, Orange County is the outrageous and true story of the man behind the wildly popular and controversial column ¡Ask a Mexican! and the locale that spawned him. It is a tale of growing up in an immigrant enclave in a crime-ridden neighborhood, but also in a promised land, a place that has nourished America's soul and Gustavo's family, both in this country and back in Mexico, for a century. Nationally bestselling author, syndicated columnist, and the spiciest voice of the Mexican-American community, Gustavo Arellano delivers the hilarious and poignant follow-up to ¡Ask a Mexican!, his critically acclaimed debut. Orange County not only weaves Gustavo's family story with the history of Orange County and the modern Mexican-immigrant experience but also offers sharp, caliente insights into a wide range of political, cultural, and social issues.

Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 2010

Autore: Evangelos Petroutsos
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470640820
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The new edition of the ultimate comprehensive guide to Microsoft Visual Basic Where most VB books start with beginner level topics, Mastering Visual Basic 2010 vaults you right into intermediate and advanced coverage. From the core of the language and user interface design to developing data-driven applications, this detailed book brings you thoroughly up to speed and features numerous example programs you can use to start building your own apps right away. Covers Visual Basic 2010, part of Microsoft's Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE), which includes C#, C++, Visual Web Developer, and ASP.NET, along with Visual Basic Explains topics in the thorough, step-by-step style of all books in the Mastering series, providing you ample instruction, tips, and techniques Helps you build your own applications by supplying sample code you can use to start development Includes review exercises in each chapter to reinforce concepts as you learn All the books in the Sybex Mastering series feature comprehensive and expert coverage of topics you can put to immediate use. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Oscar Wilde And The Dead Man S Smile

Autore: Gyles Daubeney Brandreth
ISBN: 141169872X
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Sometimes something happens that gives your life definition. You meet somebody and everything in your life suddenly makes sense. Everything youve ever accomplished, Every mistake you ever made, And every bad thing thats ever happened to you was so you'd be prepared to meet this person. So youd earn the priviledge of their presence. This happened to Bishop. Except he is only 99% ready. Because, unfortunately, Bishop is a dog.

The Midnight Twins

Autore: Jacquelyn Mitchard
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 9781595141606
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Mirror twins born on either side of midnight on New Year's Eve, Meredith and Mallory Bryn have always shared a close bond, until a mysterious, near-fatal fire on their thirteenth birthday gives rise to visions and dreams--Mallory of the past, and Meredith of the future--that reveal the deep and dangerous secrets of the people around them. All ages.

Voice And Speech Processing

Autore: Thomas W. Parsons
Editore: McGraw-Hill College
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Social Media Analytics Effective Tools For Building Interpreting And Using Metrics

Autore: Marshall Sponder
Editore: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071768629
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Align Strategy With Metrics Using Social Monitoring Best Practices “Two or three years from now, every public relations firm that wants to be taken seriously in the C-suite and/or a lead marketing role will have someone like Marshall in its senior leadership ranks, a chief analytics officer responsible for ensuring that account leaders think more deeply about analytics and that thfirm works with the best available outside suppliers to integrate analytics appropriately.” —Paul Holmes, The Holmes Report “Marshall has provided much-needed discipline to our newest marketing frontier—a territory full of outlaws, medicine men, dot com tumbleweeds, and snake oil.” —Ryan Rasmussen, VP Research, Zócalo Group “Marshall Sponder stands apart from the crowd with this work. His case study approach, borne of real-world experience, provides the expert and the amateur alike with bibliography, tools, links, and examples to shortcut the path to bedrock successes. This is a reference work for anyone who wants to explore the potential of social networks.” —W. Reid Cornwell, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, The Center for Internet Research “Marshall is a solutions design genius of unparalleled knowledge and acumen, and when he applies himself to the business of social media, the result is a timely and important commentary on the state of research capabilities for social media.” —Barry Fleming, Director, Analytics & Insights, WCG, and Principal, About the Book Practically overnight, social media has become a critical tool for every marketing objective—from outreach and customer relations to branding and crisis management. For the most part, however, the data collected through social media is just that: data. It usually seems to hold little or no meaning on which to base business decisions. But the meaning is there . . . if you’re applying the right systems and know how to use them. With Social Media Analytics, you’ll learn how to get supremely valuable information from this revolutionary new marketing tool. One of the most respected leaders in his field and a pioneer in Web analytics, Marshall Sponder shows how to: Choose the best social media platforms for your needs Set up the right processes to achieve your goals Extract the hidden meaning from all the data you collect Quantify your results and determine ROI Filled with in-depth case studies from a range of industries, along with detailed reviews of several social-monitoring platforms, Social Media Analytics takes you beyond “up-to-date” and leads you well into the future—and far ahead of your competition. You will learn how to use the most sophisticated methods yet known to find customers, create relevant content (and track it), mash up data from disparate sources, and much more. Sponder concludes with an insightful look at where the field will likely be going during the next few years. Whether your social media marketing efforts are directed at B2B, B2C, C2C, nonprofit, corporate, or public sector aims, take them to the next step with the techniques, strategies, and methods in Social Media Analytics—the most in-depth, forward-looking book on the subject.

What Does China Think

Autore: Mark Leonard
Editore: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0786732032
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We know everything and nothing about China. We know that China is changing so fast that the maps in Shanghai need to be redrawn every two weeks. We know that China has brought 300 million people from agricultural backwardness into modernity in just thirty years, and that its impact on the global economy is growing at unprecedented speed. We have an image of China as a dictatorship; a nationalist empire that threatens its neighbors and global peace. But how many people know about the debates raging within China? What do we really know about the kind of society China wants to become? What ideas are motivating its citizens? We can name America's neo-cons and the religious right, but cannot name Chinese writers, thinkers, or journalists—what is the future they dream of for their country, or for the world? Because China's rise— like the fall of Rome or the British Raj—will echo down generations to come, these are the questions we increasingly need to ask. Mark Leonard asks us to forget everything we thought we knew about China and start again. He introduces us to the thinkers who are shaping China's wide open future and opens up a hidden world of intellectual debate that is driving a new Chinese revolution and changing the face of the world.