Evolutionary Arguments On Aging Disease And Other Topicsn Aging

Autore: Giacinto Libertini
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Every character of a living being has its function: the teeth are there to chew, the lungs to breathe, the eyes to see, etc. But what is the function of aging, if there even is one?If it is true that the living being is modelled by natural selection, what are the evolutionary needs that bring about limited longevity or variable longevity according to the species? Why does a mouse live less than two years, a tortoise many tens of years and Pinus Aristata not seem to age at all? Are these differences casual or is evolution somehow at the origin of it all, as A. Weismann hypothesized back in the last century?The results are beyond all expectations: it is possible to provide an explanation for the "why of senescence in evolutionary terms.Another important topic is the meaning of disease phenomenon in the context of evolutionary theory. Illness is a set of phenomena that is perfectly anticipated and rationally classifiable by evolutionary theory.This book, printed in Italian in 1983, broached these and other questions with a rigorous evolutionary approach, using mathematical models in its arguments for the graphic expression and the confirmation of the models.

Evolutionary Interpretations Of Aging Disease Phenomenon And Sex

Autore: Giacinto Libertini
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Aging And Health A Systems Biology Perspective

Autore: A.I. Yashin
Editore: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers
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Aging is a major risk factor for chronic diseases, which in turn can provide information about the aging of a biological system. This publication serves as an introduction to systems biology and its application to biological aging. Key pathways and processes that impinge on aging are reviewed, and how they contribute to health and disease during aging is discussed. The evolution of this situation is analyzed, and the consequences for the study of genetic effects on aging are presented. Epigenetic programming of aging, as a continuation of development, creates an interface between the genome and the environment. New research into the gut microbiome describes how this interface may operate in practice with marked consequences for a variety of disorders. This analysis is bolstered by a view of the aging organism as a whole, with conclusions about the mechanisms underlying resilience of the organism to change, and is expanded with a discussion of circadian rhythms in aging. Finally, the book presents an outlook for the development of interventions to delay or to reverse the features of aging. The publication is recommended to students, researchers as well as professionals dealing with public health and public policy related to an aging society.

Ageing Evidence

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Cancer Autism And Their Epigenetic Roots

Autore: K. John Morrow, Jr.
Editore: McFarland
ISBN: 0786479205
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This book considers the branch of heredity known as "epigenetics" and its implications for a variety of diseases in humans and animals. After background information on the growth in understanding genetics and the mechanisms of the epigenetic control of gene expression, the book moves into its main focus: the gathering body of evidence connecting genetics to a range of significant illnesses, including cancer, autism, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and others. Areas of uncertainty are stressed as well as the scientific debate concerning the role of environmental factors. The final chapters discuss the implications for society. Extensive notes provide additional details and personal anecdotes.

How Men Age

Autore: Richard G. Bribiescas
Editore: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400883261
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While the health of aging men has been a focus of biomedical research for years, evolutionary biology has not been part of the conversation—until now. How Men Age is the first book to explore how natural selection has shaped male aging, how evolutionary theory can inform our understanding of male health and well-being, and how older men may have contributed to the evolution of some of the very traits that make us human. In this informative and entertaining book, renowned biological anthropologist Richard Bribiescas looks at all aspects of male aging through an evolutionary lens. He describes how the challenges males faced in their evolutionary past influenced how they age today, and shows how this unique evolutionary history helps explain common aspects of male aging such as prostate disease, loss of muscle mass, changes in testosterone levels, increases in fat, erectile dysfunction, baldness, and shorter life spans than women. Bribiescas reveals how many of the physical and behavioral changes that we negatively associate with male aging may have actually facilitated the emergence of positive traits that have helped make humans so successful as a species, including parenting, long life spans, and high fertility. Popular science at its most compelling, How Men Age provides new perspectives on the aging process in men and how we became human, and also explores future challenges for human evolution—and the important role older men might play in them.

Cell Aging Molecular Mechanisms And Implications For Disease

Autore: Christian Behl
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642451799
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Aging represents a physiological and per se non-pathological and multifactorial process involving a set of key genes and mechanisms being triggered by different endogenous and exogenous factors. Since aging is a major risk factor in connection with a variety of human disorders, it is increasingly becoming a central topic in biochemical and medical research. The plethora of theories on aging – some of which have been discussed for decades – are neither isolated nor contradictory but instead can be connected in a network of pathways and processes at the cellular and molecular levels. This book summarizes the most prominent and important approaches, focusing on telomeres, DNA damage and oxidative stress as well as on the possible role of nutrition, the interplay between genes and environment (epigenetics) and intracellular protein homeostasis and introduces some genes that have actually extended life spans in animal models. Linking these different determinants of aging with disease, this volume aims to reveal their multiple interdependencies. We see that there is no single “perfect” theory of aging and that instead it is possible to define what the authors call the molecular aging matrix of the cell. A better knowledge of its key mechanisms and the mutual connections between its components will lead to a better understanding of age-associated disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

What Is Disease

Autore: James M. Humber
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1592594514
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Renowned philosophers and medical ethicists debate and discuss the profoundly important concepts of disease and health. Christopher Boorse begins with an extensive reexamination of his seminal definition of disease as a value-free scientific concept. In responding to all those who criticized this view, which came to be called "naturalism" or "neutralism," Boorse clarifies and updates his landmark ideas on this crucial question. Other distinguished thinkers analyze, develop, and oftentimes defend competing, nonnaturalistic theories of disease. Their combined thoughts review and update an issue of central importance in bioethics today.

Annual Review Of Gerontology And Geriatrics Volume 21 2001

Autore: Vincent J. Cristofalo, PhD
Editore: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 0826116094
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Presenting the latest research in the biology of aging, this volume addresses important theoretical issues focusing on the basis for why humans live as long as they do. Expert authors combine three general paradigms of aging research: demographic studies, evolutionary studies, and studies of biological mechanisms. Topics explored include: Why does aging occur? Cellular aging Models in aging research Modern approaches to the mechanisms of aging The genetics of behavioral aging


Autore: Kenneth F. Ferraro, PhD
Editore: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780826104809
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Designated a Doody's Core Title! THE GROUNDBREAKING TEXT ON GERONTOLOGY, UPDATED TO ADDRESS THE INTERDISCIPLINARY NATURE OF THE STUDY OF AGING What is Gerontology? How Does Aging Affect the Mind and the Body? How Does Social Context Influence Aging and Life Course Development? What are the Needs and Interests of an Older Population? These questions are sparking the most important research in gerontology, and this third edition of the perennial text brings the research and its resulting theories from across the various disciplines into one broad overview of gerontology. This interdisciplinary approach is key to developing a strong "gerontological imagination," a necessary base for the study of gerontology. Use this volume to discover the cellular realities of aging alongside the social forces that play a role in developing Alzheimer's. Study the effects of nutrition and exercise in older lives and learn how the demographics of aging affect them. By combining knowledge from different disciplines, Wilmoth and Ferraro have created a comprehensive picture of gerontology today that will enhance any course instruction and provide a new window into the future of the discipline. Springer Publishing--Serving the Healthcare and Helping Professions for More Than 55 Years