Evolutionary Theory And The Creation Controversy

Author: Olivier Rieppel
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642148965
Size: 15,33 MB
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Evolutionary theory addresses the phenomenon of the origin and diversity of plant and animal species that we observe. In recent times, however, it has become a predominant ideology which has gained currency far beyond its original confines. Attempts to understand the origin and historical development of human culture, civilization and language, of the powers of human cognition, and even the origin of the moral and ethical values guiding and constraining everyday life in human societies are now cast in an evolutionary context. In “Evolutionary Theory and the Creation Controversy” the author examines evolutionary theory from a historical perspective, explaining underlying metaphysical backgrounds and fundamental philosophical questions such as the paradoxical problem of change, existence and creation. He introduces the scientists involved, their research results and theories, and discusses the evolution of evolutionary theory against the background of Creationism and Intelligent Design.

The Creation Evolution Controversy

Author: R. L. Wysong
Editor: Wysong Institute
ISBN: 0918112028
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Who has not wondered about the origin of the universe and life? And, for certain, this is a question that should be taken with the utmost seriousness and sense of duty. After all, how can we know why we are here or what we should be doing if we do not know where we came from?Although religions have their belief (creation), and materialists have their belief(evolution), beliefs are not what truth is about. This is a book of daring adventure between these two emotionally charged belief systems. Rather than advocate, Dr. Wysong pits one belief against the other using the only weapons that should be used if truth is the objective: reason and evidence.Dr. Wysong's rational, philosophic, and scientific probings make this book a reservoir of thoughtful and factual information that will not draw dust on your bookshelf.Now in its thirteenth printing, this seminal 1975 book has been read worldwide, is widely cited on the web, and continues to be used in schools. It has helped lay the groundwork for a rational dialogue between religion and science and remains current to this day because of its even handed treatment of the subject and because reason should never fall out of fashion.

But Is It Science

Author: Robert T. Pennock
Size: 15,90 MB
Format: PDF
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This excellent collection, now fully updated, will inform readers about the history of the Creation/Evolution debate and bring philosophical clarity to the complex arguments on both sides.

Science And Earth History

Author: Arthur Newell Strahler
Size: 10,90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In this comprehensive treatment of the ongoing conflict between creationists and evolutionary scientists, well-known geomorphologist Arthur Strahler carefully examines creationists' claims of scientific evidence for the six-day divine creation of the universe, followed by the catastrophic flood of Noah, as claimed in Genesis. The creationists' arguments are examined and evaluated against the findings of mainstream science in the fields of cosmology, astronomy, geophysics, geology, paleontology, and evolutionary biology. Updated with a new preface and responses to recent attacks on evolutionary theory, Science and Earth History can serve as both a popular overview of earth history and as a scholarly anecdote to the fictions of creationism once again finding their way into classrooms and universities. Strahler illuminates the controversy by reviewing the philosophy, methodology, and sociology of empirical science, as contrasted with the belief systems of religion and pseudoscience. The author also includes lucid criteria for distinguishing science from pseudoscience, and reviews the great discoveries and developments in science that point to the evolution of life over the earth's three-billion-year history.

The Creation Controversy

Author: Dorothy Nelkin
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595001947
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In 1999, by the board of education in Kansas voted to delete all mention of evolution from the state’s recommended science curriculum and also from its educational assessment tests. This decision, and similar decisions in other states, suggest the persistence of creationists and their ability to capture sufficient support to influence educational policies. Although evolutionary ideas have become increasing important to many scientific fields, the creationists still have significant influence on science curriculum. How have religious fundamentalists and right wing conservatives managed to have such influence? In this science-dominated age, why is their such opposition to the teaching of evolution? This book places the Kansas decision in the broader context of the controversy between creationists and evolutionists, as a group of religious fundamentalists who defined themselves as scientists have challenged the most basic assumptions of contemporary biology. Though motivated by religious beliefs, they have tried to bypass the Constitutional requirement for the separation of church and state as they seek to influence legislature and school boards. Looking at the people involved in this social movement and tracing changes in their arguments and strategies, this book links the creation-evolution controversy to broader questions about the meaning of religion in a secular science, public trust in science, and persistent concerns about its social and moral implications.

The Creation Evolution Controversy

Author: James L. Hayward
ISBN: 9780810833869
Size: 10,51 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This collection of 447 annotated references provides an overview of the literature addressing the creation/evolution controversy for students, teachers, lawyers, writers, historians, scientists, sociologists, clerics, and other interested persons. Fifty-four annotations in the chapter on historical references highlight influential volumes published between 1543 and 1980 classic works that inform the views of later writers. These historical works are listed chronologically in order of publication. The remaining 393 entries feature books published from 1981 (the year of the "Scopes II" trial in Arkansas) to 1996, and include works that address historical, sociological, philosophical, religious, cosmological, geological, biological, and anthropological issues surrounding the creation/evolution controversy. The annotations are written in an informative, impartial style. Except for references in the chapter containing historical sources and in the chapter featuring works on the history of the creation/evolution controversy, references are grouped under "theistic" and "non-theistic" headings. An introductory essay describes the history of evolutionary theory and creationism, and defines the distinguishing features of each thought system. An annotated list of periodicals featuring articles on creationism and evolutionism is also provided. With author, title, and subject indexes."

The Missing Link

Author: Roy Abraham Varghese
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0761860649
Size: 14,73 MB
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This book discusses the controversy surrounding evolutionary theory and religious thought. Debates have mostly centered on the origin of species, but this book focuses on the origins of consciousness, thought, and the self while also considering the relationship between God and science.

Defending Evolution In The Classroom

Author: Brian J. Alters
Editor: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 9780763711184
Size: 19,39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 797

This handbook explains why so many students reject evolution and helps science instructors better understand students' Creationist beliefs.

Trial And Error

Author: Edward John Larson
Editor: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195061438
Size: 12,83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Now available in a newly revised and updated edition, Larson's highly-acclaimed study of the debate over teaching evolution in the public schools ranges from the Scopes trial of 1925 to the creationism disputes of the 1980s.

Charles Darwin And The Theory Of Evolution By Natural Selection

Author: Fred Bortz
Editor: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 1477718117
Size: 14,57 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book explains Charles Darwin's theory of evolution through natural selection while telling how a hypothesis became not merely a theory but the foundation of an entire science.