Sweet Dreams Little One

Autore: Massimo Gramellini
ISBN: 9781846883514
Grandezza: 60,80 MB
Formato: PDF
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It's early morning on New Year's Eve, and 9-year-old Massimo wakes up to a long, doleful cry and the disconcerting image of his dad being supported by two strangers. Inexplicably, his mother has disappeared, leaving only a vague trail of perfume in his room and her dressing gown bundled up at the foot of his bed. Where has she gone? Will she ever come back? And will Massimo be able to say sorry, after quarrelling with her the night before?

Fai Bei Sogni

Autore: Massimo Gramellini
ISBN: 9788830429154
Grandezza: 37,35 MB
Formato: PDF
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"Fai bei sogni" è la storia di un segreto celato in una busta per quarant'anni. La storia di un bambino, e poi di un adulto, che imparerà ad affrontare il dolore più grande, la perdita della mamma, e il mostro più insidioso: il timore di vivere. "Fai bei sogni" è dedicato a quelli che nella vita hanno perso qualcosa. Un amore, un lavoro, un tesoro. E rifiutandosi di accettare la realtà, finiscono per smarrire se stessi. Come il protagonista di questo romanzo. Uno che cammina sulle punte dei piedi e a testa bassa perché il cielo lo spaventa, e anche la terra. "Fai bei sogni" è soprattutto un libro sulla verità e sulla paura di conoscerla. Immergendosi nella sofferenza e superandola, ci ricorda come sia sempre possibile buttarsi alle spalle la sfiducia per andare al di là dei nostri limiti. Massimo Gramellini ha raccolto gli slanci e le ferite di una vita priva del suo appiglio più solido. Una lotta incessante contro la solitudine, l'inadeguatezza e il senso di abbandono, raccontata con passione e delicata ironia. Il sofferto traguardo sarà la conquista dell'amore e di un'esistenza piena e autentica, che consentirà finalmente al protagonista di tenere i piedi per terra senza smettere di alzare gli occhi al cielo.

Desert God

Autore: Wilbur Smith
Editore: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0007535678
Grandezza: 78,99 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Ex-slave. Philosopher. Chosen one. Taita has risen from nothing to become the most trusted man at the Pharaoh’s side. Only he can plot a mission that will return Egypt to its former glory. Only he can muster the force that can break the back of Egypt’s greatest enemy.

Last Letters Of Jacopo Ortis

Autore: Ugo Foscolo
Editore: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Romance Studies
ISBN: 9780807890899
Grandezza: 62,16 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 1589
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Ugo Foscolo's Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis, written between 1799 and 1815, was the first true Italian novel. Its epistolary form is in the eighteenth-century tradition of novels like Clarissa Harlowe and the Nouvelle Heloise. Jacopo's tragic love for Teresa and his subsequent suicide recall The Sorrows of Young Werther. In addition to being an intensely political novel, this work also expresses the author's romantic conception of nature as a mirror of human emotions.

The Book Of Tomorrow

Autore: Cecelia Ahern
Editore: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007290063
Grandezza: 46,11 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Lose yourself in the magical and mesmerising story from Cecelia Ahern of how tomorrow can change what happens today.

Two Days Gone

Autore: Randall Silvis
Editore: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1492639745
Grandezza: 38,38 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 1125
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"...a suspenseful, literary thriller that will resonate with readers long after the book is finished. A terrific choice for Dennis Lehane fans." — Library Journal, Starred Review For fans of Tana French, Two Days Gone is a gripping new literary suspense novel from acclaimed author Randall Silvis that tells the story of a small college town rocked by a gruesome murder, and the beloved English professor presumed to be the culprit. The perfect family. The perfect house. The perfect life. All gone now. What could cause a man, when all the stars of fortune are shining upon him, to suddenly snap and destroy everything he has built? This is the question that haunts Sergeant Ryan DeMarco after the wife and children of beloved college professor and bestselling author Thomas Huston are found slaughtered in their home. Huston himself has disappeared and so is immediately cast as the prime suspect. DeMarco knows—or thinks he knows—that Huston couldn't have been capable of murdering his family. But if Huston is innocent, why is he on the run? And does the half-finished manuscript he left behind contain clues to the mystery of his family's killer? A masterful new thriller by acclaimed author Randall Silvis, Two Days Gone is a taut, suspenseful story that will will break your heart as much as it will haunt your dreams.

The Girl In The Fog

Autore: Donato Carrisi
Editore: Abacus
ISBN: 9780349142623
Grandezza: 76,81 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 9399
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Autore: Jane Shemilt
Editore: Penguin UK
ISBN: 1405915307
Grandezza: 52,80 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 4951
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*A Sunday Times top five bestseller and Richard & Judy Autumn Book Club pick* When a teenage girl goes missing her mother discovers she doesn't know her daughter as well as she thought in Jane Shemilt's haunting debut novel, Daughter. THE NIGHT OF THE DISAPPEARANCE She used to tell me everything. They have a picture. It'll help. But it doesn't show the way her hair shines so brightly it looks like sheets of gold. She has a tiny mole, just beneath her left eyebrow. She smells very faintly of lemons. She bites her nails. She never cries. She loves autumn, I wanted to tell them. She collects leaves, like a child does. She is just a child. FIND HER. ONE YEAR LATER Naomi is still missing. Jenny is a mother on the brink of obsession. The Malcolm family is in pieces. Is finding the truth about Naomi the only way to put them back together? Or is the truth the thing that will finally tear them apart? Daughter by Jane Shemilt is an emotional and compelling story about how well you really know those you love most. While working as a GP, Jane Shemilt completed a post graduate diploma in Creative Writing at Bristol university and went on to study for the M.A in Creative writing at Bath Spa, gaining both with distinction. She was shortlisted for the Janklow and Nesbitt award and the Lucy Cavendish fiction prize for Daughter, which is her first novel. She and her husband, a Professor of Neurosurgery, have five children and live in Bristol. Praise for Daughter 'We absolutely loved this book. It's about a GP and her family and the sudden horror that devastates their lives when their 16-year-old daughter disappears one night. It's difficult to believe that this accomplished book is a debut' Judy Finnigan, Richard and Judy book club 'Ostensibly a suspense novel about the disappearance of a teenage girl, this taut and thought-provoking debut novel explores a working mother's guilt, something all-too familiar to many of us' Woman & Home 'Complex and baffling. Jane Shemilt builds layer upon layer of tension in a novel you won't be able to put down' Tess Gerritsen 'Gripping to the last page!' My Weekly 'Thrilling' Sunday Express 'Clever' Sun 'Taut and thought-provoking' Sunday Mirror 'Utterly gripping. A tautly coiled spring of suspicion and suspense which builds to a devastating ending' Mail On Sunday 'A wonderful plot, full of tantalising reasons to read on, and of course with a killer twist at the end. What impressed me most was (. . .) the impossibility of truly knowing those closest to us, the pressures of parenthood - in particular working motherhood, and the terrible loss at the heart of all parenting: they grow up and away' Christopher Wakling, author of What I Did

The Quest

Autore: Wilbur Smith
Editore: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 033047328X
Grandezza: 38,53 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 5462
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Wilbur Smith returns with the final part of his thrilling Egyptian series. Following on from River God, The Seventh Scroll and Warlock, The Quest continues the story of the warlock, Taita, wise in the lore of the ancient Gods and a master of magic and the supernatural. Egypt is struck by a series of terrible plagues that cripple the Kingdom, and then the ultimate disaster follows. The Nile fails. The waters that nourish and sustain the land dry up. Something catastrophic is taking place in the distant and totally unexplored depths of Africa from where the mighty river springs. In desperation, Pharoah sends for Taita, the only man who might be able to reach the source of the Nile and discover the cause of all their woes. Yet none of them can have any idea of the terrible enemy that lies in ambush for the warlock in those mysterious lands at the end of their world. 'You can get lost in Wilbur Smith' Stephen King 'Smith writes with a fresh, crisp style . . . full of zest. A gratifying read, long awaited by his legion of admirers' Daily Express

I Richard

Autore: Elizabeth George
Editore: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1444737457
Grandezza: 80,34 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 4337
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A collection of short stories from the internationally bestselling author and creator of Inspector Lynley. Three of these stories were originally published under the title The Evidence Exposed. This volume contains two brand new stories, a revised version of The Evidence Exposed, and new introductions by the author to all five stories.