Fotografia E Storia Dell Africa

Autore: Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales
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Italy S Margins

Autore: David Forgacs
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107052173
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Five case studies show how different people and places were marginalized and socially excluded as the Italian nation-state was formed.

African Heritage And Memories Of Slavery In Brazil And The South Atlantic World

Autore: Ana Lucia Araujo
Editore: Cambria Press
ISBN: 1621967433
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This book explores the history of African tangible and intangible heritages and its links with the public memory of slavery in Brazil and Angola. The two countries are deeply connected, given how most enslaved Africans, forcibly brought to Brazil during the era of the Atlantic slave trade, were from West Central Africa. Brazil imported the largest number of enslaved Africans during the Atlantic slave trade and was the last country in the western hemisphere to abolish slavery in 1888. Today, other than Nigeria, the largest population of African descent is in Brazil. Yet it was only in the last twenty years that Brazil's African heritage and its slave past have gained greater visibility. Prior to this, Brazil's African heritage and its slave past were completely neglected. This is the first book in English to focus on African heritage and public memory of slavery in Brazil and Angola. This interdisciplinary study examines visual images, dance, music, oral accounts, museum exhibitions, artifacts, monuments, festivals, and others forms of commemoration to illuminate the social and cultural dynamics that over the last twenty years have propelled--or prevented--the visibility of African heritage (and its Atlantic slave trade legacy) in the South Atlantic region. The book makes a very important contribution to the understanding of the place of African heritage and slavery in the official history and public memory of Brazil and Angola, topics that remain understudied. The study's focus on the South Atlantic world, a zone which is sparsely covered in the scholarly corpus on Atlantic history, will further research on other post-slave societies. African Heritage and Memories of Slavery in Brazil and the South Atlantic World is an important book for African studies and Latin American studies. It is especially valuable for African Diaspora studies, African history, Atlantic history, history of Brazil, history of slavery, and Caribbean history.

Memories And Silences Haunted By Fascism

Autore: Daniela Baratieri
Editore: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783039118021
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Fascist and colonial legacies have been determinant in shaping how Italian colonialism has been narrated in Italy till the late 1960s. This book deals with the complex problem of public memory and discursive amnesia. The detailed research that underpins this book makes it no longer possible to claim that after 1945 there was an absolute and traumatic silence concerning Italy's colonial occupation of North and East Africa. However, the abiding public use of this history confirms the existence of an extremely selective and codified memory of that past. The author shows that colonial discourse persisted in historiography, newspapers, newsreels and film. Popular culture appears intertwined with political and economic interests and the power inscribed in elite and scientific knowledge. While readdressing the often mistaken historical time line that ignores that actual Italian colonial ties did not end with the fall of Fascism, but in 1960 with Somalia becoming independent, this book suggests that a new post Fascist Italian identity was the crucial issue in reappraisals of a national colonial past.

Sguardi Sull Altrove

Autore: Maria Francesca Piredda
Editore: ArchetipoLibri
ISBN: 886633054X
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La produzione cinematografica degli Istituti missionari italiani rappresenta un tema ancora scarsamente esplorato sia dalla storia del cinema sia dall’antropologia visuale. È innegabile, infatti, come parlare di missioni significhi parlare dell’incontro tra culture differenti e come l’occhio della macchina da presa, ponendosi al servizio dei missionari sin dal primo decennio del XX secolo, ne abbia tradotto in immagini i sentimenti verso l’Altrove. Alla luce di un dibattito piuttosto controverso rispetto alle caratteristiche e agli oggetti di studio dell’antropologia visuale, il volume intende rispondere e verificare come e perché il cinema missionario possa dirsi “etnografico” e quale contributo possa fornire all’antropologia e alla storia del cinema. Attraverso studi di casi particolarmente significativi, l’attenzione si sofferma sull’analisi degli oggetti della rappresentazione, sulle modalità di costruzione del racconto (sia nel film di finzione sia nel documentario) e sui valori veicolati attraverso le immagini in movimento.

Margini D Italia

Autore: David Forgacs
Editore: Gius.Laterza & Figli Spa
ISBN: 885812085X
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I 'margini d'Italia' sono tutto ciò che si è scelto di relegare alla periferia fisica o simbolica della nazione: le popolazioni africane delle colonie, le zone meno sviluppate del meridione, i manicomi prima della loro chiusura, le baraccopoli delle grandi città e i campi nomadi di oggi. È indubbio che l'esclusione di alcuni soggetti e alcuni luoghi contribuisce a determinare l'identità culturale di una nazione. Nel nostro paese l'esclusione sociale non è sempre passata attraverso un progetto politico preciso, ma è sempre stata contrassegnata da un discorso pubblico che ha rappresentato luoghi e persone come marginali. Nel libro, le voci e le fotografie di coloro che hanno contribuito alla segregazione politica e sociale, o l'hanno combattuta, ci raccontano molto sul processo di formazione dell'Italia moderna. Il risultato è un ribaltamento di prospettiva nella considerazione della nostra identità, destinato a lasciare il segno nella storiografia italiana.

Visualizing Africa In Nineteenth Century British Travel Accounts

Autore: Leila Koivunen
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1135856117
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This study examines and explains how British explorers visualized the African interior in the latter part of the nineteenth century, providing the first sustained analysis of the process by which this visual material was transformed into the illustrations in popular travel books. At that time, central Africa was, effectively, a blank canvas for Europeans, unknown and devoid of visual representations. While previous works have concentrated on exploring the stereotyped nature of printed imagery of Africa, this study examines the actual production process of images and the books in which they were published in order to demonstrate how, why, and by whom the images were manipulated. Thus, the main focus of the work is not on the aesthetic value of pictures, but in the activities, interaction, and situations that gave birth to them in both Africa and Europe.

The Life And Times Of L J Iyasu Of Ethiopia

Autore: Éloi Ficquet
Editore: LIT Verlag Münster
ISBN: 3643904762
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One hundred years ago, from 1910 to 1916 the young prince Lij Iyasu (1897-1936) assumed power as the uncrowned emperor of Ethiopia. However, he was overthrown by an alliance of oligarchs led by the future emperor Hayle Sillase. The short reign of Iyasu, disrupted by fierce inner competitions in the international context of World War I, has remained obscure, even to specialized researchers. Yet, over the past two decades, new sources have been uncovered, allowing for new questions and searching for new answers. This book assembles diverse perspectives on Lij Iyasu's politics and life, his 'pluralistic' and controversial religious inclinations, and his international relations. (Series: Northeast African History, Orality and Heritage - Vol. 3)

Images And Empires

Autore: Paul Stuart Landau
Editore: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520229495
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This volume considers the meaning and power of images in African history and culture. It assembles a wide-ranging collection of essays dealing with specific visual forms, including monuments cinema, cartoons, domestic and professional photography, body art, world fairs, and museum exhibits.

Empires And Boundaries

Autore: Harald Fischer-Tiné
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1135896852
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Empires and Boundaries: Rethinking Race, Class, and Gender in Colonial Settings is an exciting collection of original essays exploring the meaning and existence of conflicting and coexisting hierarchies in colonial settings. With investigations into the colonial past of a diversity of regions – including South Asia, South-East Asia, and Africa – the dozen notable international scholars collected here offer a truly inter-disciplinary approach to understanding the structures and workings of power in British, French, Dutch, German, and Italian colonial contexts. Integrating a historical approach with perspectives and theoretical tools specific to disciplines such as social anthropology, literary and film studies, and gender studies, Empires and Boundaries: Rethinking Race, Class, and Gender in Colonial Settings, is a striking and ambitious contribution to the scholarship of imperialism and post-colonialism and an essential read for anyone interested in the revolution being undergone in these fields of study.