Free Fall Gd Team 2

Autore: Lombardi Monica
Editore: Emma Books
ISBN: 8868930226
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Jaime “Jet” Travis è sparito nel nulla. Nel suo appartamento deserto è rimasto solo il cellulare. Nessun messaggio, nessun segno di colluttazione, nessuna traccia. A parte una, e punta il dito contro un membro del team. Un team già ferito, che ora viene colpito al cuore. Nicole Kelly ha soffocato per anni i suoi sentimenti per Jet e ora è disposta a tutto pur di ritrovarlo e stanare il nemico che ha ordito una sanguinosa vendetta.Fra scenari esotici, labirinti informatici, vecchie ferite e amori taciuti troppo a lungo, si snoda un’altra avventura del GD Team. Perché non importa quanti siano i nemici, sono gli amici che contano. Soprattutto quando sono disposti a dare tutto per salvarti.Dopo Vertigo e Nicky, Monica Lombardi regala alle amanti del romantic suspense un nuovo incalzante capitolo della serie dedicata al GD Team. «Non fatevi scappare quello che è diventato un must del romantic suspense made in Italy.» Madau per Romanticamente Fantasy Sito «Il difetto maggiore di quest’autrice è di essere una brava scrittrice di suspense. L’ultima pagina dei suoi lavori lascia sempre la delusione di terminare e la voglia di leggere il seguito...» Libera per Immergiti in un mondo... rosa «Con poche parole lo definirei così: Necessario. Perfido. Eppure splendido.» Noco per Petali rosa su "Nicky" «Due personaggi grintosi, brillanti, bellissimi e decisamente destinati a essere una coppia. Indimenticabile.» Virginia Parisi per La mia biblioteca romantica su "Nicky" «Due personaggi che sanno davvero tenere desta l'attenzione del lettore, senza mai scadere nel "già letto".» Foschia75 per Sognando tra le righe su "Nicky" «Come sempre, Monica Lombardi si dimostra maestra del Romantic Suspense.» Babette per Babette legge per voi «Monica Lombardi dimostra ancora una volta di essere una testa di serie del Romantic Suspense.» Karin Locci per Insaziabili letture

Falling Upwards

Autore: Richard Holmes
Editore: Vintage
ISBN: 0307908704
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**Kirkus Best Books of the Year (2013)** **Time Magazine 10 Top Nonfiction Books of 2013** **The New Republic Best Books of 2013** In this heart-lifting chronicle, Richard Holmes, author of the best-selling The Age of Wonder, follows the pioneer generation of balloon aeronauts, the daring and enigmatic men and women who risked their lives to take to the air (or fall into the sky). Why they did it, what their contemporaries thought of them, and how their flights revealed the secrets of our planet is a compelling adventure that only Holmes could tell. His accounts of the early Anglo-French balloon rivalries, the crazy firework flights of the beautiful Sophie Blanchard, the long-distance voyages of the American entrepreneur John Wise and French photographer Felix Nadar are dramatic and exhilarating. Holmes documents as well the balloons used to observe the horrors of modern battle during the Civil War (including a flight taken by George Armstrong Custer); the legendary tale of at least sixty-seven manned balloons that escaped from Paris (the first successful civilian airlift in history) during the Prussian siege of 1870-71; the high-altitude exploits of James Glaisher (who rose) seven miles above the earth without oxygen, helping to establish the new science of meteorology); and how Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jules Verne felt the imaginative impact of flight and allowed it to soar in their work. A seamless fusion of history, art, science, biography, and the metaphysics of flights, Falling Upwards explores the interplay between technology and imagination. And through the strange allure of these great balloonists, it offers a masterly portrait of human endeavor, recklessness, and vision. (With 24 pages of color illustrations, and black-and-white illustrations throughout.) From the Hardcover edition.

Japanese Journal Of Applied Physics

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Television Guide

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The Christmas Angel

Autore: Lisa Marie Rice
Editore: Lisa Marie Rice
ISBN: 0996255419
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What if the one thing you want for Christmas is the one thing that disappears? When beautiful and courageous US diplomat, Nicole Caron gets stationed in Amman for the holidays, the last thing she ever expected was to be swept off her feet in a whirlwind romance with Italian dignitary, Alessandro della Torre. But when Alessandro disappears without a trace, Nicole must face the holidays alone and in despair. The only thing that can help her is a holiday miracle from the Christmas Angel. **Note: This book was originally published by Ellora's Cave and is an updated and lightly re-edited version.**

The Transatlantic Conspiracy

Autore: G. D. Falksen
Editore: Soho Press
ISBN: 1616954175
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At the dawn of a reimagined 20th century, one girl must become the reluctant symbol of a new world. The year is 1908. Seventeen-year-old Rosalind Wallace's blissful stay in England with her best friend, Cecily de Vere, has come to an abrupt end. As a publicity stunt, her industrialist father has booked Rosalind on the maiden voyage of his fabulous Transatlantic Express, the world's first railroad to travel under the sea--without asking. Rosalind is furious. But lucky for her, Cecily and her handsome older brother, Charles, volunteer to accompany her home. Fun turns to worry when Charles disappears on the station platform. To Rosalind's surprise, Cecily isn't concerned about her brother. And when Cecily runs into an old friend onboard, another belle of the European aristocracy, she appears to forget about Charles altogether. Then, deep under the Atlantic, Cecily and her housemaid, Doris, are found stabbed to death in their state room. Rosalind is now trapped on the train--where nothing is as it seems--in a deadly fight to clear herself of her friend's murder and to thwart a sinister enemy whose ambitions she can only imagine.


Autore: Christopher Pike
Editore: Forge Books
ISBN: 1429949759
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In Falling, Christopher Pike explores the depth and breadth of human emotion through two brilliantly etched characters: Kelly Feinman, who pays a terrible price to understand the nature of true evil; and Matt Connor, a classic anti-hero who captures the reader's sympathy. Kelly Feinman: Once a brilliant FBI profiler and field agent, Kelly went rogue on her last case, hunting the serial killer known as the Acid Man. Now, still recovering from the madman's brutal assault, regarded by her fellow agents as a weak link, Kelly struggles to find her footing on a new case: the kidnapping of an infant, Jimmy Techer. Making matters worse, Kelly's husband has taken their daughter and left. Kelly fears she cannot even trust her own instincts. Matt Connor: Deeply in love with his girlfriend, Matt is devastated when Amy leaves him for another man. He plots a diabolical revenge that begins with his apparent death. By the time Matt is through, Amy—Jimmy's mother—will know the intensity of Matt's pain, because it will have become her own. And Matt...Matt will pass through the fires of hell and, in the eyes of baby Jimmy, will recover his soul. Matt Connor is a kidnapper. Kelly Feinman is the agent on his trail. They should be enemies. Instead, they become friends, and together, they help each other become whole. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

You Are Free

Autore: Rebekah Lyons
Editore: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310345561
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Have you bought the lie? Many of us do. We measure our worth by what others think of us. We compare and strive, existing mostly for the approval of others. Pressure rises, anxiety creeps in and we hustle to keep up. Jesus whispers, I gave my life to set you free. I gave you purpose. I called you to live in freedom in that purpose. Yet we still hobble through life, afraid to confess all the ways we push against this truth, because we can’t even believe it. We continue to grasp for the approval of anyone that will offer it: whether strangers, friends, or community. Christ doesn’t say you can be or may be or will be free. He says you are free. Dare you believe it? In You Are Free, Rebekah invites you to: • Overcome the exhaustion of trying to meet the expectations of others and rest in the joy God’s freedom brings. • Release stress, anxiety and worry, to uncover the peace that comes from abiding in His presence. • Find permission to grieve past experiences, confess areas of brokenness, and receive strength in your journey towards healing. • Throw off self-condemnation, burn superficial masks and step boldly into what our good God has for you. • Discover the courage to begin again and use your newfound freedom to set others free. Freedom is for everyone who wants it—the lost, the wounded, and those weary from all of the striving. It’s for those who gave up trying years ago. It’s for those angry and hurt, brilliant and burnt by the Christian song and dance. You are the church, the people of God. You were meant to be free.

Freefall America Free Markets And The Sinking Of The World Economy

Autore: Joseph E. Stiglitz
Editore: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393075966
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Drawing on his academic and professional expertise, the author explains how the United States exported bad economics, bad policies, and bad behavior to the rest of the world, only to provide a substandard response when the markets finally seized up.