French Lgbt Related Films

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Commentary (films not included). Pages: 44. Chapters: Sal, or the 120 Days of Sodom, All About My Mother, Presque rien, Haute Tension, Plata Quemada, Love Songs, 8 Women, Dakan, Wild Reeds, Querelle, The Girl, Water Drops on Burning Rocks, The Closet, Savage Nights, The Witnesses, I Don't Kiss, Changing Times, Les Demoniaques, La Gar onne, La Cage aux Folles, Thieves, Love Sick, Different for Girls, Beau travail, Bonsoir, French Twist, Les amiti?'s particuli res, Les filles du botaniste, Before I Forget, Water Lilies, Time to Leave, Beyond Hatred, Crustac?'s et Coquillages, Love and Other Disasters, Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train, Dr le de F lix, Ma vraie vie Rouen, La Ville dont le prince est un enfant, Girls Can't Swim, Je t'aime moi non plus, A Song of Love, Don Juan, or If Don Juan Were a Woman, Sitcom, A Summer Dress, Grande cole, Why Not Me?, Wild Side, Man at Bath, Les Biches, Madame Sat, Man Is a Woman, You'll Get Over It, Pers cution, Tenue de soir e, Poltergay, Close to Leo, La meilleure fa on de marcher, Tiresia, Le Voyage en douce, A Man, a Real One, Statross le Magnifique, Gar on stupide, La Confusion des Genres, Criminal Lovers, Just a Question of Love. Excerpt: Sal, or the 120 Days of Sodom (Sal o le 120 giornate di Sodoma), commonly referred to as Sal, is a controversial 1975 Italian drama film written and directed by Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini with uncredited writing contributions by Pupi Avati. It is based on the book The 120 Days of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade. Because of its scenes depicting intensely graphic violence, sadism, and sexual depravity, the movie was extremely controversial upon its release, and remains banned in several countries to this day. It was Pasolini's last film; he was murdered shortly before Sal was released. The film focuses on four wealthy, corrupted fascist libertines...

Die Verborgene Welt

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Pretoria, Südafrika, in den fünfziger Jahren. Die junge Inderin Amina eröffnet mit einem Farbigen ein Café. Das ist unerhört. Und zur Zeit der Apartheid offiziell verboten. Die Eltern lassen ihre eigensinnige Tochter gewähren, doch die Großmutter setzt alles daran, ihre Enkelin zu verheiraten. Aber Amina hat ihren eigenen Kopf ... Miriam hingegen ist eine fügsame indische Ehefrau. Sie lebt mit ihrem Mann und ihren Kindern auf einer abgelegenen alten Farm. Die Stille ist endlos, die Einsamkeit unerträglich, die Zukunft scheint trostlos. Bis Miriam eines Tages Amina begegnet - dem ersten Menschen, der ihr nach vielen Tagen ein Lächeln schenkt. Und sie behutsam zu umwerben beginnt ... »Grüne Tomaten« - angerichtet auf indische Art ...

Die Muschel Ffnerin

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»Die Muschelöffnerin«, ein fesselnder, vielschichtig-erotischer Liebesroman, spielt in der viktorianischen (Halb-) Welt der wilden 1890er Jahre und erzählt von der schillernden Karriere der Nancy Astley: Als Kind arbeitet sie als Muschelöffnerin im elterlichen Austernrestaurant an der Küste von Kent. Zu ihren wenigen Vergnügungen zählen die Besuche in der Music Hall im nahegelegenen Canterbury. Dort sieht sie eines Tages die »Herrendarstellerin« Kitty Butler auf der Bühne - und ist hingerissen! Die junge Künstlerin lässt sich auf Nancys verliebte Schwärmerei ein und beginnt eine Liebesbeziehung mit ihr. Nancy folgt Kitty nach London. Bald schon stehen die beiden als Duo in Männerkleidern auf der Bühne und feiern Triumphe ...

Queering Contemporary French Popular Cinema

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Queering Contemporary French Popular Cinema combines close film analysis with a small-scale qualitative investigation of audience responses to examine images of queerness in contemporary French popular cinema and their reception. Through its blending of the textual and the empirical, this book provides a unique insight into the ways in which sexuality and gender are represented on the cinema screen, as well as the spectator reactions they elicit. Since the mid-1990s, depictions of lesbians, gay men, and queer forms of sexual desire and identity have shifted to the mainstream of French cinematographic representation – as evidenced by the box-office success of a series of highly commercial comic films, including Gazon maudit (Josiane Balasko, 1995), Pédale douce (Gabriel Aghion, 1996), Le Placard (Francis Véber, 2000), and Chouchou (Merzak Allouache, 2003). Alongside this commercial strand, a series of small-budget alternative comedies and other genre films have also challenged heteronormative conceptualizations of sexuality and gender. Films such as Sitcom (François Ozon, 1998), L’Homme est une femme comme les autres (Jean-Jacques Zilbermann, 1997), Pourquoi pas moi? (Stéphane Giusti, 1999), Drôle de Félix (Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau, 2000), and Les Chansons d’amour (Christophe Honoré, 2007) portray desire as fluid and/or gender as unfixed. With their use of parody and their blending of comedy with the musical, melodrama, romance or road movie, these and other similar films have resonated with a burgeoning viewing public, tired of having to seek queerness in connotation, of appropriating marginal characters in ostensibly straight narratives, and of tragedy and trauma as the principal modes of representation and spectator address.

Lgbt In Ireland Irish Lgbt Related Films Lgbt Culture In Ireland Lgbt History In Ireland Lgbt People From Ireland Lgbt Rights In I

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 91. Chapters: Irish LGBT-related films, LGBT culture in Ireland, LGBT history in Ireland, LGBT people from Ireland, LGBT rights in Ireland, Oscar Wilde, The Crying Game, Sin ad O'Connor, Graham Norton, David Norris, Campaign for Homosexual Law Reform, Ladies of Llangollen, Stephen Gately, Francis Bacon, Recognition of same-sex unions in Ireland, List of laws and reports on LGBT rights in Ireland, LGBT rights in the Republic of Ireland, Donal g Cusack, Eileen Gray, Colm T ib n, Breakfast on Pluto, Wilfrid Brambell, Caitl n R. Kiernan, Lydia Foy, Michael Dwyer, Emma Donoghue, Colm O'Gorman, Dominic Hannigan, Dearbhla Walsh, Danny La Rue, Emerald Warriors RFC, Brian Dowling, Gay and Lesbian Equality Network, Brian Kennedy, Isaac Bickerstaffe, Forrest Reid, Mark Feehily, Michael Ledwith, Vincent Hanley, Cathal Searcaigh, Dublin Pride, Nuala O'Faolain, Percy Jocelyn, Miche l Mac Liamm ir, Conspiracy of Silence, Jamie O'Neill, Shani Mootoo, Brian Jennings, Anna Nolan, Gilbert Laithwaite, Colley Report, Kevin Sharkey, Tonie Walsh, Brendan Courtney, Mary Dorcey, Patrick Buckley, David Healy, Goldfish Memory, Declan Buckley, John Lyons, Cowboys & Angels, Gay Community News, Hilton Edwards, The George, Dublin, Outburst Queer Arts Festival Belfast, Keith Ridgway, Quentin Fottrell, Frank Ronan, Leanne Harte, Norris v. Ireland. Excerpt: Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde (16 October 1854 - 30 November 1900) was an Irish writer and poet. After writing in different forms throughout the 1880s, he became one of London's most popular playwrights in the early 1890s. Today he is remembered for his epigrams, plays and the circumstances of his imprisonment, followed by his early death. Wilde's parents were successful Dublin intellectuals. Their son became fluent in French and German early in life. At university Wilde read Greats; he proved himsel...

French Cinema In The 1980s

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French Cinema in the 1980s is a set of critical essays on films which help to focus on a particular theme whose roots are in the 1970s, and which extends beyond the 1980s into the 1990s: the crisis of masculinity in contemporary French culture, and its interrelationship with nostalgia. After an introduction which gives a brief overview both of the crisis in the French film industry during the 1980s, and of the socio-political crisis of masculinity inthe wake of 1970s feminism, there are three sections: the retro-nostalgic film, which emerged during the 1980s, and two more popular genres, the polar, or police thriller, and the comic film. Each section begins with a brief preface which highlights the major issues for the genre during the 1980s. The films discussed have all been distributed outside France, and are in many cases commercially available. The nostalgia section covers IUn amour de Swann, Un dimanche a la campagne, Jean deFlorette/Manon des Sources, and Coup de foudre. The section on the police thriller begins with Truffaut's last film, Vivement dimanche!, and includes a chapter on three thrillers by a variety of directors (La Balance, Police, Detective). Its main focus, however, is on thrillers by the directors of the cinema du look (Diva, Subway, Mauvais sang). The last section on the comic film looks at three films which were successful both in France and abroad: Trois hommes et un couffin (remade in Hollywood as Three Men and a Baby), La Vie est un long fleuve tranquille and, finally, Depardieu's gamble at cross-dressing, Tenue de soiree.

French Queer Cinema

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A full account of the formation and reception of contemporary queer film in France.

Contemporary French Cultural Studies

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The study of French culture has long ceased to be purely centred on literature. Undergraduate French courses now embrace all forms of cultural production and consumption, and students need to have a broad knowledge of everything from day-time TV and the latest detective novels to debates about national identity and immigration policies. This stimulating text is an introduction to the full range of contemporary French culture. Written by a group of leading academics both within and outside France, each chapter focuses on a topic from the French cultural scene today. Starting with an overview of resources for further information (both in print and online), the text discusses the varied forms of French cultural expression and looks critically at what 'Frenchness' itself means. The book also explores examples of cultural production ranging from sport, media and literature to theatre, cinema, festivals and music. An essential resource for students and scholars alike, this text provides detailed material and analysis, as well as a launch-pad for further study.

Film Studies

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Increasingly, academic communities transcend national boundaries. “Collaboration between researchers across space is clearly increasing, as well as being increasingly sought after,” noted the online magazine Inside Higher Ed in a recent article about research in the social sciences and humanities. Even for those scholars who don't work directly with international colleagues, staying up-to-date and relevant requires keeping up with international currents of thought in one's field. But when one's colleagues span the globe, it's not always easy to keep track of who's who—or what kind of research they're conducting. That's where Intellect's new series comes in. A set of worldwide guides to leading academics—and their work—across the arts and humanities, Who's Who in Research features comprehensive profiles of scholars in the areas of cultural studies, film studies, media studies, performing arts, and visual arts. Who's Who in Research: Film Studies includes concise yet detailed listings include each academic's name, institution, biography, and current research interests, as well as bibliographic information and a list of articles published in Intellect journals. The volumes in the Who's Who in Research series will be updated each year, providing the most current information on the foremost thinkers in academia and making them an invaluable resource for scholars, hiring committees, academic libraries, and would-be collaborators across the arts and humanities.

European Cinema In Motion

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This collection brings together international experts on the cinema of migration and diaspora in postcolonial and postnational Europe. It offers a comprehensive theoretical and analytical discussion of a highly productive creative sector and documents the spectrum of this area of exploration in European, transnational and World Cinema studies.