From A Reading Book To A Structuralized Canonical Collection

Autore: Szabolcs Anzelm Szuromi
Editore: Frank & Timme GmbH
ISBN: 3865962564
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Pre Gratian Medieval Canonical Collections

Autore: Szabolcs Anzelm Szuromi
Editore: Frank & Timme GmbH
ISBN: 3732901084
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The canonical collections took their starting point from the ‘sacred law’ (ius sacrum) characteristic of canon law, since its norms promote the sanctification of the individual persons. This principle was the basis for the compilation of the so-called Pre-Gratian canon law collections, too. In the recent research, there have arisen new stresses on the better understanding of how this textual development of canonical collections had happened prior the Decretum Gratiani. An original canonical textual witness testifies about the circumstances of its origin, and, indeed, about the physical effects on the text during daily usage. The endeavor to issue the complete canon law did not mean only the composition of the universal canonical norms, but also the gathering of the particular norms, inveterate customs, or theological statements that could set the contents of the ecclesiastical discipline in the proper light.

The Ending Of The Canon

Autore: KÃ1⁄4lli TÃμniste
Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567657957
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Revelation studies have been typically characterised by two very different types of study emanating from academia and the church. Academia has been engaged in historical critical and source critical studies which typically dissect the text. Whilst the methods used in the church treat Revelation as scripture and keep the text intact, these approaches often lack the tools for sound interpretation. TÃμniste observes the need for a more holistic and thoughtful methodology to study Revelation. TÃμniste develops an approach that respects Revelation as a part of Christian scripture composed by and for the church, whilst simultaneously making use of respected modern academic methods that support unity (literary, canonical, and narrative criticism, intertextuality, and canonical location) to arrive at theologically sensible and satisfying interpretations. The basic key to unlocking the mysteries of Revelation lies in its abundant use of intertextuality, an area that remains still under-researched. This integrated methodology is explored through a reading of Revelation 21-22.

Thematic Threads In The Book Of The Twelve

Autore: Paul L. Redditt
Editore: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110892510
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Seit einigen Jahren hat sich die Auffassung durchgesetzt, dass das Zwölfprophetenbuch eine planvoll gestaltete literarische Großeinheit ist. Eine den kanonischen Endtext ernst nehmende Exegese macht sich zur Aufgabe, diese Einheit in Aufbau und theologischem Anliegen zu verstehen. Die versammelten Beiträge gehen signifikanten, die Einzelschriften übergreifenden Strukturen nach. Besonderes Gewicht wird auf die Rekonstruktion thematischer Fäden gelegt, die dadurch entstehen, dass die einzelnen Propheten Themen ihrer Vorgänger (z.B. Tag Jahwes, Umkehr, Rolle der Völker) aufgreifen und neu zuspitzen. Die Beiträge entstanden 1999-2002 im Rahmen der Arbeitsgruppe The Formation of the Book of the Twelve der Society of Biblical Literature.

Elohim Within The Psalms

Autore: Terrance Randall Wardlaw, Jr.
Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567656578
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The issue of the so-called Elohistic Psalter has intrigued biblical scholars since the rise of the historical-critical enterprise. Scholars have attempted to discover why the name Elohim is used almost exclusively within Pss 42–83, and in particular they have attempted to identify the historical circumstances which explain this phenomenon. Traditionally, an original Yhwh was understood to have been replaced by Elohim. Frank-Lothar Hossfeld and the late Erich Zenger propose that the use of the title Elohim is theologically motivated, and they account for this phenomenon in their redaction-historical work. Wardlaw here builds upon their work (1) by integrating insights from Dell Hymes, William Miles Foley, and Susan Niditch with regard to oral-traditional cultures, and (2) by following the text-linguistic approach of Eep Talstra and Christof Hardmeier and listening to canonical texture as a faithful witness to Israel's religious traditions. Wardlaw proposes that the name Elohim within the Psalms is a theologically-laden term, and that its usage is related to pentateuchal traditions.

The Oxford Handbook Of Contemporary British And Irish Poetry

Autore: Peter Robinson
Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199596808
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This title offers an authoritative and up-to-date collection of original essays bringing together ground breaking research into the development of contemporary poetry in Britain and Ireland.

Reading The Old Testament Introduction To The Hebrew Bible

Autore: Barry Bandstra
Editore: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0495391050
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Teach your students how to read the Hebrew Bible and mine the rich Biblical text for significant literary, historical, and thematic meanings with this bestselling introduction to the Old Testament. Written by leading scholar Barry Bandstra, READING THE OLD TESTAMENT: INTRODUCTION TO THE HEBREW BIBLE, Fourth Edition combines engaging, conversational prose, visual elements such as maps, timelines and artwork, and innovative technology. The book actively applies recent literary, rhetorical, and structural studies that shed light on art, design, coherence, characterization, theme, and other literary features of the Hebrew Bible. The text’s highly acclaimed technology, also created by Barry Bandstra, is part of an innovative, instructional website that accompanies this edition. This site includes resources such as: the entire text of the Bible, text from the book, and an interactive study guide. Marginal call-outs connect the text to technology resources for the strong Old Testament introduction your students need. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Issues Of Identity In Indian English Fiction

Autore: H. S. Komalesha
Editore: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783039111121
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Rapid developments in the fields of trade, market, commerce and telecommunication technologies, together with cultural confrontations at the global level are creating a paradigmatic shift in people’s understanding of selfhood and identity. This book makes a serious attempt to trace and map out the making of contemporary post-national identities within the subcontinental cultural production of India and in its English Fiction. One of the structural ventures of this study is that these newer identities, which are basically fragmented, ruptured, hyphenated, and palimpsestic in nature, require new descriptions and new elaborations within the field of creative literature and literary criticism. In order to pursue its research on these lines, the present work contrasts the notion of subjecthood and identity with the earlier phases of Indian cultural imagination as represented in some of the pioneering works of Indian English Fiction that have now attained a canonical status. By analysing some of the predominant concerns that work as leitmotif in most of the Indian English novels, the book brings together and reinterprets some problematic concepts such as history, culture, religion, nation and nationalism and creates a theoretical axis upon which it charts insightful and engaging aspects of selfhood and identity.

Commonplace Book Stylistics

Autore: Jillian Marissa Hess
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"Commonplace-Book Stylistics" offers a theory of composition based on nineteenth-century commonplace books, which were personal collections of quotations and information. Between 1795 and 1900 the tradition evolved from handwritten quotations in blank books to cut-and-pasted newspaper clippings in scrapbooks. Simultaneously, the types of quotation readers recorded changed dramatically. While Romantic writers liberally revised the words (and often the meaning) of texts they transcribed into their commonplace books, Victorians endorsed a growing celebrity culture as they preserved cartoons and photographs of their favorite writers alongside quotations. My project demonstrates how authors' engagements with new systems for arranging gathered information in commonplace books facilitated larger stylistic trends. For example, Coleridge repackaged other authors' verse in Biographia Literaria, Hazlitt translated poetry into prose for his essays, and Tennyson circulated commonplaces in In Memoriam. Joining history-of-the-book methodology and literary formalism, my project reads manuscript commonplace books for their structural qualities and analyzes how new ways for organizing extracts influenced literary style, particularly patterns of quotation. Ultimately, "Commonplace-Book Stylistics" re-contextualizes our understanding of central nineteenth-century texts by returning them to their material beginnings. Furthermore, it advocates for a reformulation of literature that attends to the specificity of material networks of reception and composition that nurtured both canonical and non-canonical texts alike.

Christ And The New Creation

Autore: Matthew Y. Emerson
Editore: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630871559
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In Christ and the New Creation, Matthew Emerson takes a fresh approach to understanding New Testament theology by using a canonical methodology. Although typically confined to Old Testament theology, Emerson sees fruitfulness in applying this method to New Testament theology as well. Instead of a thematic or book-by-book analysis, Emerson attempts to trace the primary theological message of the New Testament through paying attention to its narrative and canonical shape. He concludes that the order of the books of the New Testament emphasize the story of Christ's inauguration, commissioning, and consummation of the new creation.