Gender Issues In Ancient And Reformation Translations Of Genesis 1 4

Autore: Helen Kraus
Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199600783
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Revision of author's thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Oxford, 2007.

Malleus Maleficarum The Witch Hammer

Autore: Jakob Sprenger
Editore: Jazzybee Verlag
ISBN: 3849644642
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This is the best known (i.e., the most infamous) of the witch-hunt manuals. Written in Latin, the Malleus was first submitted to the University of Cologne on May 9th, 1487. The title is translated as "The Hammer of Witches". Written by James Sprenger and Henry Kramer (of which little is known), the Malleus remained in use for three hundred years. It had tremendous influence in the witch trials in England and on the continent.

Changing Our Mind

Autore: David P. Gushee
Editore: David Crumm Media LLC
ISBN: 1939880785
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“Every generation has its hot-button issue,” writes David P. Gushee, “For us, it’s the LGBT issue.” In Changing Our Mind, Gushee takes the reader along his personal and theological journey as he changes his mind about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender inclusion in the Church. With 19 books to his name, Gushee is no stranger to the public arena. He is the author of the “Evangelical Declaration Against Torture” and drafted the “Evangelical Climate Initiative. “For decades now, David Gushee has earned the reputation as America's leading evangelical ethicist. In this book, he admits that he has been wrong on the LGBT issue.” writes Brian D. McLaren, author and theologian. With the support of activists, authors and theologians like Matthew Vines, Phyllis Tickle, James V. Brownson and Mark Achtemeier, Gushee writes clearly and carefully about people dear to him and his study of Scripture. Brian D. McLaren says it best: “Not only is David Gushee's work deep, thoughtful and brilliant; and not only is David philosophically and theologically careful and astute; he is also refreshingly clear and understandable by ‘common people’ who know neither philosophical nor theological mumbo jumbo.”

Bible Gender Sexuality

Autore: James V. Brownson
Editore: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 0802868630
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In Bible, Gender, Sexuality James Brownson argues that Christians should reconsider whether or not the biblical strictures against same-sex relations as defined in the ancient world should apply to contemporary, committed same-sex relationships. Presenting two sides in the debate -- "traditionalist" and "revisionist" -- Brownson carefully analyzes each of the seven main texts that appear to address intimate same-sex relations. In the process, he explores key concepts that inform our understanding of the biblical texts, including patriarchy, complementarity, purity and impurity, honor and shame. Central to his argument is the need to uncover the moral logic behind the biblical text. Written in order to serve and inform the ongoing debate in many denominations over the questions of homosexuality, Brownson's in-depth study will prove a useful resource for Christians who want to form a considered opinion on this important issue.

The Lost World Of Genesis One

Autore: John H. Walton
Editore: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830861491
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In this astute mix of cultural critique and biblical studies, John H. Walton presents and defends twenty propositions supporting a literary and theological understanding of Genesis 1 within the context of the ancient Near Eastern world and unpacks its implications for our modern scientific understanding of origins. Ideal for students, professors, pastors and lay readers with an interest in the intelligent design controversy and creation-evolution debates, Walton's thoughtful analysis unpacks seldom appreciated aspects of the biblical text and sets Bible-believing scientists free to investigate the question of origins.

The Lost World Of Adam And Eve

Autore: John H. Walton
Editore: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830824618
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The Lost World of Adam and Eve enters into the debate over the Bible and human origins. Adam and Eve emerge as archetypal but real individuals chosen for roles and functions. The details of the Genesis story take on sharper definition as they are backlit by ancient Near Eastern thinking, and invite our full engagement with the science.

The Saint John S Bible Psalms

Autore: Donald Jackson
Editore: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 0814690564
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"A full-color reproduction of the handwritten and illuminated work, The Saint John's Bible, in seven volumes"--Provided by publisher.

Eve And Adam

Autore: Kristen E. Kvam
Editore: Indiana Univ Pr
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"Wonderful! A marvelous introduction to the ways in which the three major Western religious traditions are both like, and unlike one another. Scholars will be familiar with many of the texts, while others will be both new and of enormous interest. . . . The truth is Genesis 1-3 and its subsequent chapters are so rich, so complex, and so problematic on the subject of gender, that just reading the biblical text is sufficient to start engaged, even heated, discussion. As the field of Religious Studies becomes more specialized, and the focus of scholarly works increasingly narrow, anthologies such as Genesis and Gender remind us that the interpretation and impact of religious texts can be astonishingly broad, extending well beyond the communities they initially addressed. Genesis and Gender enables us to read, or reread, Genesis 1-3 through a variety of religious lenses that underscore both the interconnectedness and uniqueness of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Easily accessible to scholars, it also has great potential for use as a college or university text." Ellen Umansky, Fairfield University NP No other text has affected women in the western world as much as the story of Eve and Adam. The story has engendered countless commentaries, has been used to argue the "fallen" nature of humankind or to explain or exploit relations between the sexes, and has played a key role in justifying the ways of God toward man and woman. This remarkable anthology surveys more than 2,000 years of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim commentary on the biblical story that continues to raise fundamental questions about what it means to be a man or to be a woman.NP The selections range widely from early postbiblical interpretations in the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha to three commentaries written especially for this volume. The editors have included early rabbinic texts, interpretations from the New Testament, and commentaries from the Church Fathers. There are excerpts from the Qur'an, from medieval Jewish commentaries, from Thomas Aquinas and other later figures, as well as representative texts of the Protestant Reformation. One section focuses on nineteenth-century America and the antebellum debate on slavery, the struggle for women's equality, and new religious movements such as Shakerism and Christian Science. Twentieth century texts from all three traditions conclude the volume. A special appendix focuses on race and Genesis 1-3 at the turn of the new millennium.NP The tale told through these texts is a remarkable one of the hold the story of Eve and Adam has had on the western imagination. The editors note that though the biblical account has been invoked throughout history to justify all manner of oppression, there is an equally rich tradition of egalitarian interpretation, well-represented in this book. Far from a collection of lifeless, historical documents, these texts are lively representatives of a debate that continues to animate men and women to this day.

King James Vi And I

Autore: James I (King of England)
Editore: Gower Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754604822
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King James VI and I provides a broad representative selection of King James's writings on a range of secular and religious topics. Each text is provided in full, creating an invaluable reference tool for 16th and 17th century scholars working in different disciplines and a fascinating collection for students and general readers interested in early modern history and literature. In contrast to other editions of James's writings, which have been confined to a single aspect of his work, the present edition brings together for the first time his poetry and his religious writing, his political works and his treatises on witchcraft and tobacco, in a single volume. While several other monarchs engaged in literary composition, King James VI and I stands out as an inveterate scribbler and is certainly the most extensively published of all British rulers.

What Really Happened In The Garden Of Eden

Autore: Ziony Zevit
Editore: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300195338
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DIV The Garden of Eden story, one of the most famous narratives in Western history, is typically read as an ancient account of original sin and humanityÆs fall from divine grace. In this highly innovative study, Ziony Zevit argues that this is not how ancient Israelites understood the early biblical text. Drawing on such diverse disciplines as biblical studies, geography, archaeology, mythology, anthropology, biology, poetics, law, linguistics, and literary theory, he clarifies the worldview of the ancient Israelite readers during the First Temple period and elucidates what the story likely meant in its original context. Most provocatively, he contends that our ideas about original sin are based upon misconceptions originating in the Second Temple period under the influence of Hellenism. He shows how, for Ancient Israelites, the story was really about how humans achieved ethical discernment. He argues further that Adam was not made from dust and that Eve was not made from AdamÆs rib. His study unsettles much of what has been taken for granted about the story for more than two millennia and has far-reaching implications for both literary and theological interpreters. /div