Gentrification Tutte Le Citt Come Disneyland

Autore: Giovanni Semi
ISBN: 9788815258038
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Milano 2016 Rapporto Sulla Citt Idee Cultura Immaginazione E La Citt Metropolitana Decolla

Autore: Ambrosianeum Fondazione Culturale
Editore: FrancoAngeli
ISBN: 8891739332
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The Twenty Seventh City

Autore: Jonathan Franzen
Editore: Macmillan
ISBN: 1250047579
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25th Anniversary Edition Picador Modern Classics Published in 1988, Jonathan Franzen's The Twenty-Seventh City is the debut novel of a writer who would come to define our times. St. Louis, Missouri, is a quietly dying river city until it hires a new police chief: a charismatic young woman from Bombay, India, named S. Jammu. No sooner has Jammu been installed, though, than the city's leading citizens become embroiled in an all-pervasive political conspiracy. Set in mid-1980s, The Twenty-Seventh City predicts every unsettling shift in American life for the next two decades: suburban malaise, surveillance culture, domestic terrorism, paranoia. A classic of contemporary fiction, The Twenty-Seventh City shows us an ordinary metropolis turned inside out, and the American Dream unraveling into terror and dark comedy.

Buyosphere The Relationship Between Commercial And Public Spaces And The Impact Of The Shopping Mall On Contemporary Society

Autore: Anne-Dorothée Herbort
Editore: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 365614639X
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Master's Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Art - Architecture / History of Construction, grade: 1.0, University of Lugano (Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio), course: Antropologie, Architektur, language: English, abstract: A preliminary research carried out in 2009 on the shopping centre “Serfontana” located at the traffic junction between Chiasso and Mendrisio, was the starting point for the following paper. I analysed the mall’s characteristics and its attraction as a public place for teenagers. Shopping malls belong as much as urban sprawl, fragmentation and traffic congestions to the characteristics of the contemporary city. The analysis of effects and consequences of commercial spaces are therefore crucial to understand urban development, dynamics and future. Additionally, I would like to underline, that urban processes are not only influenced or fostered by architecture or landscape planning, but are also strongly engendered by social and cultural attitudes and their transformations. Hence, it is important to consider also the influence shopping malls have on society and public life. It is a critical study about facilities which are used daily and are part of the common urban landscape. The analysis implicates a thorough insight into the world of consumption in particular and the mechanism of “superplaces” in general, focussing on their impact on changes of social habits and public space. Moreover says Marco Torres in his text, Luoghi magnetici, that studying the places of great attraction and popularity, where events, leisure activities, consumption and parties are held, might give advice on how to improve the unpopular, hostile, miserable and lifeless places. Further I would like to reflect about the development of the relationship between market and public space throughout the time. Finally, scrutinising Swiss shopping malls might give indications on contemporary acquisition behaviours and future development of the contemporary city and its commercial spaces.

Roma Caput Mundi

Autore: Franco Ferrarotti
Editore: Gangemi Editore spa
ISBN: 8849299478
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Questo libro, in apparenza disomogeneo, è in realtà cresciuto e guidato da un’idea centrale. A Roma, e solo a Roma, si ha un fenomeno straordinario: la convivenza simbiotica tra storia e quotidiano, fra le rovine gloriose dell’antichità classica e la miseria sontuosa e a suo modo felice della periferia odierna. I borgatari vivono, distratti e inconsapevoli, sotto gli archi dell’Acquedotto Felice. Per questo Roma è la sola città in cui ci si può muovere stando fermi. Somiglia a un disordinato, rumoroso garage mentre è in realtà la capitale eterna dell’effimero, l’urbe per eccellenza, da cui trenta secoli di storia guardano noi, indaffarati contemporanei, con sovrana, paziente, talvolta amorevole indifferenza. FRANCO FERRAROTTI è professore emerito di Sociologia all’Università La Sapienza di Roma e direttore della rivista La Critica sociologica. Con Nicola Abbagnano ha fondato nel 1951 i Quaderni di sociologia, che ha diretto fino al 1967. È stato tra i fondatori, a Ginevra, del Consiglio dei Comuni d’Europa nel 1949, responsabile della divisione Facteurs sociaux dell’OCSE a Parigi e deputato indipendente al Parlamento italiano dal 1958 al 1963. Nominato Directeur d’études alla Maison des Sciences de l’Homme di Parigi nel 1978, è stato insignito del premio per la carriera dall’Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei nel 2001 e nominato Cavaliere di gran croce al merito della Repubblica dal presidente Ciampi nel 2005. Ha insegnato e condotto ricerche in molte Università europee e numerose sue pubblicazioni sono state tradotte all’estero.

Evicted From Eternity

Autore: Michael Herzfeld
Editore: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226329070
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Modern Rome is a city rife with contradictions. Once the seat of ancient glory, it is now often the object of national contempt. It plays a significant part on the world stage, but the concerns of its residents are often deeply parochial. And while they live in the seat of a world religion, Romans can be vehemently anticlerical. These tensions between the past and the present, the global and the local, make Rome fertile ground to study urban social life, the construction of the past, the role of religion in daily life, and how a capital city relates to the rest of the nation. Michael Herzfeld focuses on Rome’s historic Monti district and the wrenching dislocation caused by rapid economical, political, and social change. Evicted from Eternity tells the story of the gentrification of Monti—once the architecturally stunning home of a community of artisans and shopkeepers now displaced by an invasion of rapacious real estate speculators, corrupt officials, dithering politicians, deceptive clerics, and shady thugs. As Herzfeld picks apart the messy story of Monti’s transformation, he ranges widely over many aspects of life there and in the rest of the city, richly depicting the uniquely local landscape of globalization in Rome.


Autore: Parag Khanna
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 0812988566
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From the visionary bestselling author of The Second World and How to Run the World comes a bracing and authoritative guide to a future shaped less by national borders than by global supply chains, a world in which the most connected powers—and people—will win. Connectivity is the most revolutionary force of the twenty-first century. Mankind is reengineering the planet, investing up to ten trillion dollars per year in transportation, energy, and communications infrastructure linking the world’s burgeoning megacities together. This has profound consequences for geopolitics, economics, demographics, the environment, and social identity. Connectivity, not geography, is our destiny. In Connectography, visionary strategist Parag Khanna travels from Ukraine to Iran, Mongolia to North Korea, Pakistan to Nigeria, and across the Arctic Circle and the South China Sea to explain the rapid and unprecedented changes affecting every part of the planet. He shows how militaries are deployed to protect supply chains as much as borders, and how nations are less at war over territory than engaged in tugs-of-war over pipelines, railways, shipping lanes, and Internet cables. The new arms race is to connect to the most markets—a race China is now winning, having launched a wave of infrastructure investments to unite Eurasia around its new Silk Roads. The United States can only regain ground by fusing with its neighbors into a super-continental North American Union of shared resources and prosperity. Connectography offers a unique and hopeful vision for the future. Khanna argues that new energy discoveries and technologies have eliminated the need for resource wars; ambitious transport corridors and power grids are unscrambling Africa’s fraught colonial borders; even the Arab world is evolving a more peaceful map as it builds resource and trade routes across its war-torn landscape. At the same time, thriving hubs such as Singapore and Dubai are injecting dynamism into young and heavily populated regions, cyber-communities empower commerce across vast distances, and the world’s ballooning financial assets are being wisely invested into building an inclusive global society. Beneath the chaos of a world that appears to be falling apart is a new foundation of connectivity pulling it together. Praise for Connectography “Incredible . . . With the world rapidly changing and urbanizing, [Khanna’s] proposals might be the best way to confront a radically different future.”—The Washington Post “Clear and coherent . . . a well-researched account of how companies are weaving ever more complicated supply chains that pull the world together even as they squeeze out inefficiencies. . . . [He] has succeeded in demonstrating that the forces of globalization are winning.”—Adrian Woolridge, The Wall Street Journal “Bold . . . With an eye for vivid details, Khanna has . . . produced an engaging geopolitical travelogue.”—Foreign Affairs “For those who fear that the world is becoming too inward-looking, Connectography is a refreshing, optimistic vision.”—The Economist “Connectivity has become a basic human right, and gives everyone on the planet the opportunity to provide for their family and contribute to our shared future. Connectography charts the future of this connected world.”—Marc Andreessen, general partner, Andreessen Horowitz “Khanna’s scholarship and foresight are world-class. A must-read for the next president.”—Chuck Hagel, former U.S. secretary of defense This title has complex layouts that may take longer to download.

Jewish Heritage Travel

Autore: Ruth Ellen Gruber
Editore: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 9781426200465
Grandezza: 68,13 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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Thoroughly expanded and updated, a unique travel guide to various locales throughout Eastern Europe reviews the Jewish experience in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, the former Yugoslavia, and Bulgaria, as well as new sections on Austria, Ukraine, and Lithuania, with information on Jewish communities, historical sites, hotels, and restaurants. Original.

La Citt Postmoderna

Autore: Giandomenico Amendola
Grandezza: 57,58 MB
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Anxious Politics

Autore: Bethany Albertson
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107081483
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Formato: PDF, ePub
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Anxious Politics argues that political anxiety affects the news we consume, who we trust, and what public policies we support.