Great Australian Sporting Moments

Autore: Michael Roberts
Editore: The Miegunyah Press
ISBN: 0522855474
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"This is a fully illustrated book highlighting some memorable moments in Australian sporting history."--Provided by publisher.

110 Per Cent

Autore: Michael Winkler
Editore: Penguin Group Australia
ISBN: 0670075671
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Don Bradman on his 'small' contribution to cricket. Roy Masters on getting the best out of the hard men of Western Suburbs Rugby League FC. John Howard on cycling legend Sir Hubert Opperman. Cathy Freeman on lighting the Olympic flame. Phonse Kyne on making sure his players made history for the right reasons. Jeff Fenech hollering 'I love youse all!' to a packed-out stadium. Ranging from the eloquent and stirring to the downright funny, these are Australia's greatest sporting moments, seen through the eyes of the winners and losers, experts and legends of all our favourite sports. Entertaining and informative, 110 PER CENT casts a keen eye over Australia's sporting history, and confirms there's much more to sport than the score line (as long as you're winning). Adam Gilchrist · John Landy · Dallas Brooks · Frank Lowy · Alan Jones · Kevin Sheedy · JJ Giltinan · Alfred Deakin · Keith Miller · Les Darcy · Anthony Mundine · Kim Hughes · Ric Charlesworth ·Norman Brookes · Victor Trumper · Bob Rose · Bob Skilton · Lionel Rose · Marjorie Jackson · Sir Robert Menzies · Max Walker · Shane Gould · William Dean · Rod Laver · Kieren Perkins · Ron Barassi · John Singleton · Casey Stoner · Rod Marsh · Malcolm Blight · Debbie Flintoff-King · Alan Killigrew · Geoffrey Blainey · Greg Chappell · Andrew McLeod · Jack Gibson · Johnny Lewis · Steve Waugh · Leisel Jones · Lindsay Hassett · Danny Green · Louise Sauvage ·Lucas Neill · Bob Hawke · Laurie Lawrence · Mark Webber · Ray Connelly · Stuart O'Grady · Ted Whitten · Tom Hafey and more

Great Sporting Moments

Autore: Damien Wilkins
Editore: Victoria University Press
ISBN: 9780864735157
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The literary magazine Sport burst onto the scene in 1988 and has come to define a wildly creative generation of New Zealand writers. This collection of nearly two decades of writings showcases authors such as Barbara Anderson, Jenny Bornhold, Nigel Cox, Anne Kennedy, Elizabeth Knox, Emily Perkins, and Damien Wilkins.

Great Australian Sports Rorts

Autore: John Adams
Editore: Hardie Grant Books
ISBN: 174358220X
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From racing to football to lawn bowls, no sport has been left untouched. Great Australian Sports Rorts reveals that nefarious conduct has affected just about every sport in this country. And every mechanism known – be it physical, mechanical or chemical – has been employed. When a sporting contest is taking place, and there is either a reward for the winner or there is betting on the contest, it is almost guaranteed that one person will attempt to relieve another person of what is rightfully theirs. And if a degree of skulduggery is required to attain the right result or to assist in the transfer of funds from one person’s pocket to another, then so be it. Cheating: it’s as Australian as Sunday barbecues.Join John ‘Dr Turf’ Rothfield and John Adams on a rollicking ride through the sporting outrages that have rocked Australia.

David Boon S Funniest Sporting Moments

Autore: David Boon
Editore: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1743431473
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Australian cricketers have always liked to keep in shape. It's just that a lot of the time that shape is a circle. When Shane Warne waddled out to play South Africa in the 1997 Boxing Day test, his physique wasn't exactly streamlined, but his competitive spirit was still in fine shape. 'I've waited two years for another chance to humiliate you,' he growled at his 'bunny', batsman Daryl Cullinan. The bunny looked Warne up and down. 'Looks like you spent it eating'. David Boon has played 100 Test matches, scoring 7000 runs and taking 0 wickets. And, yes, he had the game's best mo. But did you know he spent his years playing international cricket collecting hilarious tales of sporting highs and lows? Now, for the first time, he has collected together almost 200 of his favourite stories across a variety of sports and has created this book to share them with you! Sit down, pour yourself a drink and enjoy being regaled by the legend himself.

Australian Tragic Large Print 16pt

Autore: Jack Marx
ISBN: 1458716953
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AUSTRALIAN TRAGIC is about a nation that began its life as a stage for misfortune - and ever since has struggled to outgrow its birthright. These are gripping tales that take us into the heart of this country: tales of genuine catastrophe, of grand chances gone astray, of fools and their plans pathetically undone, of heartbreaking sadness and violent loss, and of both goodness and human evil. From Aboriginals being curious in an American circus to the story of Martin Bryant at Port Arthur, and from Bob Bungey, who survived The Battle of Britain, but couldn't face life when his young wife suddenly died soon after he came home, to the doctor who died minutes before he was to deliver a paper revealing the secret of using monkey glands to improve human health and stamina, and sexual virility - all these stories are told in a gripping narrative style, driven by eyewitness testimony, a solid sense of place, and a mood of impending doom. And we thought we knew our history.

The John Carlos Story

Autore: John Carlos
Editore: Haymarket Books
ISBN: 1608461270
Grandezza: 80,23 MB
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Documents the events surrounding John Carlos and Tommie Smith's controversial Black Power salute on the 1968 Olympic podium, discussing how their show of defiance sparked political debates and career fallouts while becoming one of the most iconic images of Olympic and Black Power history.

Remembering Richie

Autore: Richie Benaud
Editore: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1473627419
Grandezza: 39,77 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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A tribute to Richie Benaud and a celebration of his life A compilation of the very best writing from Richie's books, along with the best tributes and obituaries from those who knew and worked with him. As a player, Richie was one of the greatest of cricket's all-rounders. As a commentator and thinker on the game he became the leading figure of his generation. As a man he was revered by cricket's multitude of followers and as a friend he was both loved and admired by his close circle of friends. This celebratory book brings together the best of Richie's writing on a range of subjects from his love of cricket as a child to his all time XIs; from his thoughts on T20 to insight into his family life, along with his most loved sayings and best known pieces of commentary. All perfectly complemented with tributes from his friends and colleagues.

Body Lengths

Autore: Leisel Jones
Editore: Nero
ISBN: 186395726X
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From the moment I am born, I am like no-one else around me. I am a fish out of water. Even in the pool. Leisel Jones is rightly regarded as one of the greatest breaststrokers ever. At just fifteen, she won two silver medals at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000; she went on to win gold at Athens and Beijing, and at London 2012 became the first Australian swimmer to compete at four Olympics. For the first time, Leisel candidly describes what it’s like to be thrust into the limelight so young. She reveals the constant pressure she was under – from coaches, from the media and from herself – to be perfect. Despite the highs of her swimming stardom, she suffered depression, and at one time planned to take her own life. In London, criticised in the media for her weight, and appalled by the bulling and dysfunction in the Australian swim team, Leisel nevertheless handled herself with great composure. She has emerged with maturity and good humour, having finally learnt how to be herself and live with confidence. Body Lengths is the inspiring story of an Australian sporting hero, told with humour, optimism and style.

100 X 100 The Best Of Everything

Autore: Bauer Books
ISBN: 9781742456317
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The ultimate list book, 100 x 100 takes ten subject areas - the visual, literary and performing arts, science, nature, history, sport, design, technology and philosophy - and subdivides each one into ten sections of 100 profiles each, giving you a phenomenal 10,000 profiles of the best of everything. Lovers of the visual