The Grotesque

Autore: Justin Edwards
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1134105983
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Grotesque provides an invaluable and accessible guide to the use (and abuse) of this complex literary term. Justin D. Edwards and Rune Graulund explore the influence of the grotesque on cultural forms throughout history, with particular focus on its representation in literature, visual art and film. The book: presents a history of the literary grotesque from Classical writing to the present examines theoretical debates around the term in their historical and cultural contexts introduce readers to key writers and artists of the grotesque, from Homer to Rabelais, Shakespeare, Carson McCullers and David Cronenberg analyses key terms such as disharmony, deformed and distorted bodies, misfits and freaks explores the grotesque in relation to queer theory, post-colonialism and the carnivalesque. Grotesque presents readers with an original and distinctive overview of this vital genre and is an essential guide for students of literature, art history and film studies.


Autore: Bradley Evan Saville
ISBN: 9780974072586
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The Grotesque

Autore: Harold Bloom
Editore: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 0791098028
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Explores the literary theme of the grotesque in twenty essays exploring works of authors as varied as Aristophanes, Nikolai Gogol, Edgar Allan Poe, and Flannery O'Connor.

The Grotesque In Art And Literature

Autore: James Luther Adams
Editore: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802842671
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While there has been a growing interest in the use of grotesque imagery in art and literature, very little attention has been given to the religious and theological significance of such imagery. This fascinating book redresses that neglect by exploring the religious meaning of the grotesque and its importance as a subject for theological inquiry.

Quevedo And The Grotesque

Autore: James Iffland
Editore: Tamesis
ISBN: 9780729301404
Grandezza: 46,66 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Quevedo and the grotesque / J. Iffland.-v.2


Autore: Page Morgan
Editore: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641122538
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Als die junge Ingrid nach Paris kommt, um sich von einem Skandal in der Londoner High Society zu erholen, ahnt sie noch nicht, was ihr bevorsteht: Erst verschwindet ihr Zwillingsbruder Grayson spurlos, und dann wird die Stadt von einer Reihe geheimnisvoller Todesfälle erschüttert. Ingrid macht sich auf die Suche nach Grayson und gerät plötzlich ins Visier höllischer Mächte. Hilfe bekommt sie von dem ebenso schönen wie missmutigen Luc. Was Ingrid nicht weiß: Luc ist ein Gargoyle, und sein Schicksal ist untrennbar mit Ingrids verbunden ...

The Grotesque

Autore: Philip Thomson
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1315309432
Grandezza: 64,52 MB
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First published in 1972, this book provides a helpful overview of the grotesque and its use in a number of literary genres including novels, drama and poetry. After providing a historical summary of the term, the book discusses the various defining aspects of the grotesque and its relationship to other terms and modes of literature, such as satire, the comic and parody. The final chapter presents the functions and purpose of the grotesque in literature. This book will be a useful resource for those studying literary theory and literary works which include an element of the grotesque.

A History Of Caricature And Grotesque In Literature And Art

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American Fiction And The Metaphysics Of The Grotesque

Autore: Dieter Meindl
Editore: University of Missouri Press
ISBN: 9780826210791
Grandezza: 43,81 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 1609
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By synthesizing Kayser's and Bakhtin's views of the grotesque and Heidegger's philosophy of Being, American Fiction and the Metaphysics of the Grotesque seeks to demonstrate that American fiction from Poe to Pynchon has tried to convey the existential dimension: the pre-individual totality or flow of life, which defines itself against the mind and its linguistic capacity. Dieter Meindl shows how the grotesque, through its self-contradictory nature, has been instrumental in expressing this reality-conception, an antirationalist stance in basic agreement with existential thought. The historical validity of this new metaphysics, which grants precedence to Being--the context of cognition--over the cognizant subject, must be upheld in the face of deconstructive animadversions upon any metaphysics of presence. The notion of decentering the subject, Meindl argues, did not originate with deconstruction. The existential grotesque confirms the protomodernist character of classic American fiction. Meindl traces its course through a number of well-known texts by Melville, James, Gilman, Anderson, Faulkner, and O'Connor, among others. To convey life conceived as motion, these writers had to capture--that is, immobilize--it in their art: an essentially distortive and, therefore, grotesque device. Melville's "Bartleby," dealing with a mort vivant, is the seminal text in this mode of indirectness. As opposed to the existential grotesque, which grants access to a preverbal realm, the linguistic grotesque of postmodern fiction works on the assumption that all reality is referable to language in a textual universe. American Fiction and the Metaphysics of the Grotesque will significantly alter our understanding of certain traditions in American literature.

The Grotesque

Autore: Patrick McGrath
Editore: Vintage
ISBN: 0307822974
Grandezza: 49,11 MB
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This exuberantly spooky novel, in which horror, repressed eroticism, and sulfurous social comedy intertwine like the vines in an overgrown English garden, is now a major motion picture, starring Alan Bates, Sting, and Theresa Russell.