Historia Del Caualier Perduto Di Pace Pasini All Illustrissimo Sig Il Sig Gio Francesco Loredano

Autore: Pace Pasini
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Il Barocco In Italia E Nei Paesi Slavi Del Sud Atti Del Convegno Di Studi Venezia 17 20 Novembre 1980

Autore: Vittore Branca
Editore: Olschki
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Memorie Storiche Della Chiesa Vicentina Dal 1563 Al 1700 2 V

Autore: Giovanni Mantese
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La Mort De Cesar

Autore: Voltaire Voltaire
Editore: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781533417718
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A Narrative Of Italian Travels In Persia In The Fifteenth And Sixteenth Centuries

Autore: Charles Grey
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1317187504
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This volume contains the translations of the following accounts: Travels in Persia, by Caterino Zeno; A short narrative of the life and acts of the King Ussun Cassano, by G. M. Angiolello; The travels of a merchant in Persia; Narrative of ... V. d'Alessandri, ambassador to the King of Persia. The first three accounts are translated from the second volume of Ramusio's 'Delle navigationi et viaggi'. Originally bound together with 49a but separately paginated. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1873.

The Ceremonial City

Autore: Ian Fenlon
Editore: Yale University Press
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This wide-ranging study vividly presents the major events that took place in Venice in the 1570s, culminating in a deadly outbreak of the plague that claimed one-quarter of the Venetian population. Analyzing reactions to this dramatic decade, Iain Fenlon throws fresh light on the historical machine that produced the distinct civic and cultural ethos of the city and uncovers new aspects of its urban topography, ceremony, and cultural life. At the heart of the book is a detailed account of four historical events: the formation of the Holy League, a coalition that brought the Republic into conflict with the Ottoman Empire; the victory of that League against the Turkish fleet at the battle of Lepanto; the ceremonial welcoming of Henry III of France to the city in 1574; and the devastating plague of 1575–77. The author considers how these events, above all the victory at Lepanto, were reconfigured in the realms of memory and myth, and he describes in detail a religious matrix that provides the key to the civic ethos of the city in this era.

The World In Venice

Autore: Bronwen Wilson
ISBN: 0802087256
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Positing a dynamic relationship between print culture and social experience, Bronwen Wilson's The World in Venice focuses on the printed image during a century of profound transformation. City views, costume illustrations, events, and portraits of locals and foreigners are brought together to show how printmakers responded to an expanding image of the world in Renaissance Venice, and how, in turn, prints influenced the ways in which individuals thought about themselves. Woodcuts and engravings of cities and inhabitants of Europe, and those of distant lands, initiated a sudden and pervasive experience with alterity that redefined the relations of Europeans to the world. By condensing the world into pictures, print enabled a radically novel and vicarious experience of others. Wilson explores the overlapping and evolving relations between space, vision, print, and identity, and engages with current scholarly debates concerning ethnicities, gender and geography, copies and originals, travel, nationhood, fashion, urban life, visuality, and the body. Venice was one of the largest cities in Renaissance Europe, a trading crossroads, and a centre of print. The World in Venice shows how Venetian identity came to be envisioned within the growing global context that print constructed for it.

Trickster Travels

Autore: Natalie Zemon Davis
Editore: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780374706661
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"[A] fascinating tale of a man forced . . . to live between incompatible worlds. Highly recommended." --Library Journal Al-Hasan al-Wazzan--born in Granada to a Muslim family that in 1492 went to Morocco--became famous as the great Renaissance writer Leo Africanus, author of the first geography of Africa to be published in Europe (in 1550). He had been captured by Christian pirates in the Mediterranean and imprisoned by the pope; when he was released and baptized, he lived a European life of scholarship as the Christian writer Giovanni Leone; by 1527, it is likely that he returned to North Africa and to the language, culture, and faith in which he had been raised. Natalie Zemon Davis offers a virtuoso study of the fragmentary, partial, and often contradictory traces that al-Hasan al-Wazzan left behind him, and a superb interpretation of his extraordinary life and work.